Punk or Bryan

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  1. CM Punk has been WWE Champion for almost a year and then right after a world heavyweight title reign, Daniel Bryan steps in and challenges Punk. Punk wins Bryan is sad and he goes home to his girlfriend crying about it. :finger: Mr. Bryan Danielson!
  2. Kayfabe lives?
  3. Then the Undertaker will disappear them both with his magical powers.
  4. PUNK


  5. Seriously wish he kept that look, he looks like such a badass there.

    Anyway, Bryan is BITW.
  6. Punk looks more badass with the slicked back al capone hair.
  7. Re: RE: Punk or Bryan

    I think the same tbh, he looked better with it spiked but not more "bad ass" the slicked job is his main event superstar look.
  8. Especially when he was turning heel and after he clothesline to the rock when he was facing the crowd, that look was priceless. It's such a badass look and I remember it was in his titantron.
  9. Eww. He looks dirty and scrubbish with that look.
  10. Is there a more perfect look for someone who so anti WWE? He was so different to the typical pretty boy look. Plus his core gimmick has always been the Punk who beats to his own drum. The little things like the hair doesn't mean much on its own but when its coupled with an attitude it could contribute a great deal.
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  11. Hell yeah he was cool as $h1t woo woo woo u know it
  12. The first look accomplishes that. He'll never look like a WWE star with his tattoo's and straight-edge gloves etc. His hair just looks horrible.
  13. Then Kane comes and he goes over to the announcer table and grabs Michael Cole. He throws him into the ring and chokeslams him. Then Cena comes and strips Michael Cole down to his underwear and beats the hell out of him.
  14. I honestly don't thinking going with the pretty boy hair does tbh or at least not as well as the slicked back. Kind of like if Austin had kept the blonde hair as SCSA it would have just been off although it could be a case of me struggling to see beyond what happened.
  15. Bryan all the way. Punk became interesting again with the heel turn but after what I saw on Smackdown I think we are in for a pretty bad ass Bryan character.
  16. Wait Bryan's in a rage mode right now?
  17. On Smackdown this week Bryan showcased a much more aggressive look to his facial expressions as well as slightly in his moveset. He seems to be going to play a aggressive character.
  18. The badass can only be as good as the booking though. Let's hope he gets in a decent feud.
  19. Is a bad ass look. I liked his long hair the best though for sure. Punk and Bryan are my two favorite wrestlers, but I would go with Punk obviously :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. Do you prefer his long blonde from RoH or his long black from SeS?
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