Punk or Cena? Who's winning?

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  1. Simple, who do you think is winning and why? This is the hardest title match I've had to predict for CM Punk for a while. Mainly because he is now a full heel and is fighting in Cena's backyard (Boston).
  2. I think Punk is winning because everyone thinks Cena is winning because it's his home town, and Isn't CM Punk meant to be the one debuting the new title?
  3. I want to see Punk win. Just because it's Cena. But Cena will win and it will be glorious.
  4. CM Punk should win it. I can't see Cena disposing his own creation for another championship. Plus, Cena has way to many championships to his name, someone else needs the gold more then Cena, and no that person isn't The Rock.
  5. Punk hopefully. I hope Punk keeps it to the Rumble, that way he can have the longest title reign in 25 years or something. Wrestlers also have a bad track record of winning in their hometown so that's not really a good reason to think Cena could win.
  6. Their building it up as an important part of the feud, which is why I thought it was important, especially as they've also brought up Cena's poor recent record against Punk. Without anyone else their (like in a triple threat situation), it's hard to protect Cena as they so love to do.

    I also think Punk is winning because of the new title design, but still, it's hard to call.
  7. This is going to be epic, and I can't wait. The two biggest stars in the company. And as already mentioned, these two have an insane amount of chemistry together. Should be a good one. Right now, my prediction is Punk retaining.
  8. It's simple.

    Cena is in his home town. There is a new belt in the making. Cena always says ''The Champ Is Here''. He hasn't had the title in a while.

    1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 :boss1:
  9. What's the track record with faces winning in their hometowns?

    I'm picking Cena, but as you say this one's incredibly hard to predict. But when in doubt, Cena wins.
  10. Punk will win and job to Rock at RR.
  11. I pick Punk, because itll be hard to make it seem like Cena needs to become supercena, which is the main way he actually wins. This will be a shit match, thats for sure.
  12. This just seems too easy... I hope this is all a swerve (like Cena's obvious year-long title reign last year) and the predictability will make a title change more shocking and give the company a new main-eventer.

    But look at it this way: If Punk wins, who will he feud with at HIAC/Vengeance/Survivor Series?
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  14. My brain says Cena. My heart says Punk.

    It's probably the first time in a while where I could see either guy winning and going forward with a compelling story. It's also very unpredictable, so that's good. In all honesty, it doesn't matter who wins (to me anyway) because I see the storyline getting advanced.


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  15. Punk is winning and then he will debut the new belt!!!111111
  16. Hopefully. :otunga:
  17. Cena and one more face.
  18. I could easily see Cena/Punk in a HIAC match. Their feud is deserving of one.
  19. Hate you, and i hate the CM marks. I say give cena the belt for a month, then back to CM at HIAC/whoever is 3rd member there. Tired of this Cm trash here hoenstly.
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