Punk or Ryback?

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  1. This has been bugging me now, that CM Punk has lost 3 back to back PPV's (Kayfabe wise, obviously he got a beat down on heyman, but lost the match thanks to Ryback). So I figure this would be his first PPV win in awhile, but then it's got me thinking they won't make Ryback lose his first PPV as a Heyman guy will they?

    So what do you think will be the Stipulation and who will win?
  2. Punk might get the win. I don't know. The whole story is that Punk's whole besmirched lover BS with Heyman is his Achille's heel. I'd like to see Ryback get the win, I think he needs it more than Punk. Also it will really piss off the "smarts".
  3. I think we'll see a tag team match, playa. Lol, seriously. I expect Punk vs Ryback & Axel in an elimination handicap match. Axel loses first. But Heyman helps Ryback get the win. This leads to a possible Hell in a Cell (maybe a HIAC match) rematch from last year.
  4. Nah I'm pretty sure it'll remain a singles match. There will definitely be some fuckery going on though with the heels. Punk might get a few shots in on Heyman like he does and then catch a wicked Meathook from Ryback.

    I have a feeling this feud is going to end like some old school NWA shit where CM Punk has to wrestle Brock Lesnar at Mania and Heyman is in a cage above the ring, JJ Dillon style. If Punk wins, he gets a match with Heyman.
  5. Punk will likely lose. Why? Because that is whats good for business:pity2:
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  6. Time to play the game! *brings out shovel*
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  7. Punk will probably get screwed over by Heyman & Axel, this feud will continue to Hell in a Cell or possibly Survivor Series.. Punk will get his steam back by the end of the feud.
  8. Surely Ryback won't lose his first PPV as Paul Heyman's newest client. Curtis Axel didn't and the dude's had a bad enough string of losses over the past year as it is (ironically, beginning at HIAC last year against Punk.)

    The way I see it going (and the way I hope it goes) is that Ryback beats Punk at Battleground and then they meet once more in a cell match at the HIAC PPV, which brings their feud from one year ago full circle. The stipulation of that match is that if Punk defeats Ryback, Punk then gets a Hell In A Cell match with Paul Heyman and it'll be just the two of them locked inside the cell, with Heyman having nowhere to go. And Punk FINALLY gets his hands on Heyman in a setting where no one can come to Heyman's rescue, and Punk whips and beats the shit out of him and slams him against the cell, hits him with the steel steps, beats him with a kendo stick, etc. Then when Heyman is on his last legs, Punk puts him down with the GTS (can he even lift him? Ryback couldn't even lift him last year on that house show...) and pins him. Ryback and Axel have to come out and pick up the pieces after the cell is up and Punk is gone. And that's the end of the Punk/Heyman feud, at least if they never intend on doing a Punk/Lesnar rematch...
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  9. Heat is like a balloon. Once you pop it, it's gone. Punk needs to keep getting his ass handed to him until they're ready to blow the lid off the angle and pop that balloon. It's very simple. That's kind of one of the most basic tenets in booking wrestling.

    It concerns me when I see posts like this...

    ... that not everyone understands that.
  10. It's a bit of strange what will happen build up though I would want CM Punk winning and would bring a twist if CM Punk won as he'd have to break through Ryback and his sleeve Curtis Axel, it's going to be a amazing match.
  11. Punk will win.
  12. I really enjoy the actual matches in this feud, but the promos bore me to death. They're both great and all, but it's a very old school angle. I like it, and I'm not knocking it, but there aren't any real surprises here. Ryback was a nice twist, but it's still the whole "babyface chases a heel manager and must destroy his minions to get to him" thing isn't new. It's basic Dusty or Sting vs Four Horsemen sort of shit.

    I'm happy they're doing it for the kids who haven't seen it before, but I happily hit fast-forward on the 10-15 minute promos and get right to the beatdowns.

    I wish Heyman and Punk would just end this whole thing and tongue kiss in the ring for like 30 minutes in the middle of Philadelphia. Philly fans would love that. It is the city of brotherly love after all.
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  13. This is a pretty good idea from the realm of dream booking. The only change I would throw in is that Ryback doesn't beat Punk clean at Battleground, thus allowing Punk a chance to save some face in the eyes of the fanbase. Other than that, I really like this idea.

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  14. Yeah I like KL's idea. I do think that somehow Brock will come back into the fold for a rematch with Punk around Mania or the Rumble.
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  15. I do find it hard to believe that Punk would take four PPV losses in a row, but having Ryback job immediately after his alignment with Heyman doesn't feel right to me either. I think the Punk loss might be the lesser of two evils since Punk defeating Ryback in a HIAC match the next month sort of compensates for it, and I wouldn't bet on Ryback defeating Punk cleanly at Battleground anyway.

    Otherwise, their Battleground match might just have to end in a count out/disqualification/draw/etc. to allow both men to save face. Maybe Punk can have Ryback pinned and then Heyman jumps in and breaks up the pin fall to cause the DQ finish. It shows Punk probably had Ryback beat but because Heyman broke it up right after the two count, you can't be sure that Ryback wouldn't have kicked out anyway... kind of like when Heyman broke up Punk's pin fall over Brock at Summerslam, even though if you look hard enough, you can see Lesnar starting to lift his shoulder up just a millisecond before Heyman came to the save anyway. That's one way of doing it anyway. I'd probably just prefer if their match got out of hand and they fought to a double count out or a double disqualification or something, though.
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  16. It's a great story. Punk's on a losing streak but it really isn't a losing streak at all. He gained something in each loss: the respect for coming so close to beating a monster like Lesnar, the sympathy for being screwed out of MITB, and the pure vengeance for that screwjob that happened at Night of Champions. They're going to have to be really creative to give Ryback in a satisfying way to keep this story going on, but with how this feud has gone so far there's no reason to believe it won't happen.

    As Kevin said beating up Heyman inside Night of Champions is a perfect place to cap off this feud. Wonder if at Survivor Series Punk will step up to face Hunter again? Would be cool to see his 2011 anti-establishment character merge with his current badass one. Would be awesome.
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  17. Punk will win
  18. Ryback should win dirty at Battleground. If they want to keep the feud going for Punk/Lesnar or something, then they'd probably have to do some more screwing around, but I think it should end at HIAC (perfect stipulation for the end of this). Ryback wins dirty at Battleground and then Punk beats him at HIAC (which is pretty cool considered the roles were reversed last year kinda) and then he beats Heyman up in side the cell and it's over.
  19. Punk vs Ryback HIAC again?
  20. I think it'd be fine, since they've completely changed roles. Last year Punk was the coward running from the monster Ryback but now everything has changed. The fact that we're having this match two years in a row this way actually makes it better for me.
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