Punk planned to win Royal Rumble.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2013.

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  2. My god... I think the entire IWC just jizzed.
  3. Well this guy will be a legend after he retires and he needs an epic RR moment. He needs to win one and I think it's about damn time. Also there are rumors that there is only 1 year left in his contract. Is this real?
  4. :yes: I'd love to see that happening! Who knows... Maybe Cena vs Punk at WM? Maybe Bryan vs Punk at WM?

    I hope it's Bryan vs Punk at WM
  5. Bryan VS Punk at WM, that will be a CLASSIC. And it will be in the same category as Shawn Michaels VS Bret Hart.
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  6. not entirely...
  7. It would be pretty cool, if ya know, let people new win the Royal Rumble?
  8. I wouldn't mind Henry v Punk, but if he was against Cena...........

    Well, anyways. Cena v Bryan is the best choice for WWE unless.....wait it won;t happen. nvm
  9. You wouldn't be for Punk winning the rumble?

  10. Wouldn't be against it per se, but I certainly wouldn't jizz because of it.
  11. Maybe that's just me then. :pity:
  12. I'm sure most of the IWC would lose it, but I am the leader of the vocal minority who don't slurp Punk's dong.

    He's already been a lot better on this run than he ever was as WWE Champ, though, so he is on the right track to shaking me as a hater.
  13. Punk is big enough not to need the Royal Rumble to have a WWE title feud, but if it's the only way, and makes sense from a storyline perspective, then I am all for it. I guess it would be against Cena in their final battle; a feud that I would be pumped for (even if we have seen it numerous times).
  14. They could have Stone Cold come back as a Part Timer and beats Cena at Royal Rumble and then Punk wins the Royal Rumble. But this will never happen....
  15. When I first started watching again since the 90's, Cena/Punk was the best feud I've seen. I really can't see why people hate Cena the most when he's gold when up against the right opponent. I also don't see how Vince isn't high on this feud either (from what I read). It's a genuinely good feud.
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  16. Well, no problem with him winning in itself. Just hoping it isn't against Cena.
  17. Eh, not against it, but it seems to early to tell. I would a wait after Survivor Series to start making guesses, it's not even Summerslam yet as well.
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    He enjoys it considering how often they've wrestled (it was even listed as #20 on WWE's The Top 25 Greatest Rivalries In Wrestling History DVD), it was just reported that he was tired of it and didn't want to see it again for awhile after they fought on Raw five weeks before Wrestlemania this year. The feud has been somewhat oversaturated at this point and could use a good, long rest before re-visiting it.

    When Paul Heyman said on Raw that he knows Punk's dream is to headline Wrestlemania, I couldn't help but think "what if Punk actually DID headline Wrestlemania's 30th anniversary next year?" as a funny thought to myself. But with Rock/Lesnar planned and with my own personal hope for Cena/Undertaker, I dismissed the thought.

    I wonder what the chances are of a Punk/Bryan match. Not the main event but maybe a semi one. Maybe a title unification match. Maybe the WWE Title ends up vacated and is put up for grabs in the Royal Rumble match (first time that's happened since 1992) and then Punk and Bryan are the final two men and go over the top rope at the same time and are both declared the winner (first time that's happened since 1994) and it's decided that they'll headline Wrestlemania XXX against each other to determine who the undisputed WWE Champion is.

    A great triple main event for Wrestlemania XXX would be John Cena/The Undertaker, The Rock/Brock Lesnar and CM Punk/Daniel Bryan in a world championship unification match.
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  19. :yes: :yes: :yes:! IT ABOUT FUCKIN TIME! HE SHOULD MAIN EVENT THIS YEAR! this all but end the stone cold wm30 match. But I wonder who he will face? and no it not be bryan for people then that. Punk should face a main eventer at the level as him. bryan get but he is not punk yet in term of meaedde star like cena,hogan,rock,stone cold. even if punk going for wwe title that does mean he going to in "these" main event I mean he was wwe champion going wm28 and he did not main event. just b/c he in the wwe title match does mean he going main event. in less face who at his level. maybe rock again were rock win the title and the punk beat at wm30 to get the troch from rock? maybe not with his moive though?, john cena? that maybe finally heel and do a bret hart type cena and punk doing a hbk like wm12? and punk win and get torch from cean one and for all?, brock 2? I not people may not like but that already did it with hhh so I would not put pass wwe to do it here! but for this to have been brock would half to beat punk at summerslam so then punk can be him at wm30 for the wwe title and brock can win the wwe title ec ppv.,shumus? he turn heel win the wwe title and punk beat him for it I always when to then wrestle but this one I may not like, batisa? were heard roomer of his returnd maybe come as a heel win the wwe title and punk beat him to win it!? u guy got any other theory?
  20. brayn will not feud with punk at wm. and rock will not face brock he got plan to for termnier 5 film start jan. 2014 he will not be able to do wm. and if he did I still brock vs. taker will be the match it more draw. I think knowing wwe that will have cena face punk for the wwe title! punk win cleanly and the "torch" WILL FINALLY BE PAST!
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