Punk preps for the Rock by facing.....Al Bundy...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Punk getting his ass whipped by Al Bundy :haha:

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  2. That is fucking amazing. Al Bundy ftw.
    Married With Children is one of the best shows ever.
    Kelly :fap:
  3. The most amazing thing about this is that ed oneill does jiu jitsu, that's awesome lol
  4. Awesome find Stop.

    Didn't know Gracie was in Torrance, CA. :Hmm: I have a brother who lives there. :gusta:
  5. Married with Children>

    Didn't know Bundy was a black belt. Awesome stuff.
  6. Bet Punk whipped all their asses.
  7. White belt doesn't look that intimidating to me.
  8. Shit, Bundy is a black belt?
  9. White belt means ultra noob. Trust me. I've been there.
  10. Yeah, it's the first one, I know. Which is why I doubt he kicked everyone's asses like that mark Crayo is implying. Bet Bundy made him tap like a bitch :haha:
  11. Bundy > > > Punk
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  12. You think O'Neill looked and Punk and said, "Let's rock!"
  13. Don't know who the hell Al Bundy is. Only commenting because of the bastard on right who stole my woman. EVE! :why:
  14. :shock: Are you serious? WATCH MARRIED WITH CHILDREN NOW! :ANGRY:
  15. Marriage...children...I'm too young for all that
  16. maybe this will change your mind :smug:

  17. What some blonde chick with her han...oh...i see, must be cold in there :ksi:
  18. You will :fap: to Kelly, there's no choice.
  19. Kid haven't seen Married with Children? Have you even lived?
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