Punk Promos = Swagger Jacker?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Danielson, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. You honestly be the judge. Hmmm swore I heard something similar monday. :pity1:
  2. What's new? His entire gimmick is Bryan Danielson 2.0
  3. WHAT A PUSSY! lol
  4. Here those chants at the end?
  5. I don't know, just mad about it right now. I'll probably be over it in about twenty minutes.
  6. Moved to RAW.

    And yeah. Punk's current gimmick is basically Danielson 2.0, like deth said.
  7. It's slightly annoying that it's so blatant.
  8. Am I missing something...? You can probably find 100 promos similar to Punk's respect heel run. This is professional wrestling.
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  9. Wow, I agree with you again :willis:

    But yeah, I appreciate that Punk marks can be unreasonable, that Punk is overrated by some etc, but it's getting to the point where people are literally putting effort into finding little things that he does wrong. It's so irritating.
  10. Well if you watch the video, it's pretty much the same thing. I'm the best in the world, you people don't deserve me. Etc. etc. So if you didn't watch the video, then yes, you missed something. If you still have that belief then we have conflicted views on Punk. Sure, you will find some that are the same. The key points though are the"best in the world" stuff though. Blatant swagger jakckin'
  11. I don't think i've ever said anything bad about punk on here. I just know for a fact that he stole the best in the world gimmick from Daniel Bryan. The same thing he says, danielson used in ROH. That's not just me putting effort into finding things. It literally happened and I went to shows in AKron when bryan did it. I witnessed it.

    Maybe other people look for the little things but when a guy like @stopspot agree, it deservevs some merit. He knows a lot about guys early on in their career.
  12. That wasn't a personal attack on you by the way, just a general comment.

    It's a pretty generic gimmick that has been done by tonnes of wrestlers over history. I think all this really shows that WWE/Punk have just been lazy with this heel run and haven't been at all creative with his character.
  13. Yes, I agree. That same speech that he gave during "summer of punk" was used in ROH. Almost word for word. It's just reused stuff that a lot of us have heard before. It's fine, I like punk, I really do. I 'm not trying to belittle him.
  14. Every single heel who thinks they are the best would have cut this promo. I don't think anyone here is a fan of Punk because of his respect promos - although he delivered the washed up predictable content really well imo - but you can find hundreds of promos similar to Punk's. Jericho has done this for years too, did Danielson rip it from Jericho? Should we make a thread calling Danielson a thief? Of course not, all three of them are gifted wrestlers who have used the very popular best in the world gimmick. We just remember them more because of where they had it and how good they were with it.

    I doubt Punk sat down and memorized Danielson's promo, because this isn't even a good promo lol. I love Bryan but Punk takes him to the cleaners on the mic.
  15. Aside from Bryan calling himself the best in the world, I don't see a real similarity between their promos. Punk is more condescending when he speaks, it might be a similar gimmick, but it's not similar as far as promos are concerned.
  16. If you want me to provide you all of the "best in the world" stuff from ROH let me know. I don't want to waste my time providing them if you're not truly interested.
  17. You always agree with me :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P. Just your football opinion is as credible as JeebaK's so I sometimes have to school you :pipebomb:

    (dw I'm joking, don't own me :(()
  18. Okay, good post Crayo. Maybe it seemed as though i'm trying to discredit punk, which i'm not. I just wanted to show some stuff about Danielson from early on in his career. The things Danielson has said are similiar in the past. It's fine though, that's not even a big deal. It's that he gets made out to be original that bugs me. I'm glad you mentioned that no one is a punk fan because of his promos, because if you are, it's sad.

    I'll move on to another point, since i'm clearly not going to win the argument on his promos. What do you call it when he steals The Savage elbow drop? How about in ROH when he used Triple H pedrigree and called it the pepsi plunge but did it from the top rope? Some may call it "paying respects" But others may call him a swagger jacker. I don't think either of us are wrong in our opinions. I know their are only so many moves you can do but I think it is an interesting topic to think about.

    BTW I agree with you that punk is better on the mic.
  19. What's wrong with jeebak's football opinions :sad:

    And of course I won't bby xx
  20. To your first point, I said that no one is a fan of his respect promos, the crappy content he has been dishing out for a few months now. It's crappy because of how repetitive it was, but that was WWE's fault and Punk's gimmick, he couldn't change that. Though I think he did extremely well given the material he was given. I am mainly a fan of Punk BECAUSE of his promos in general, I'm a huge promo guy and Punk I think is the best mic worker on the planet at the moment, so naturally I'm a fan of his. But yeah, no one can call these promos original.

    To your second point, I have no issue in the world with him "stealing" other wrestling moves from past wrestlers, it just shows respect. Didn't he first use it when Macho died? 99% of wrestling moves are used by other wrestlers, that makes no difference to me. Hell I wish more wrestlers done it, Punk's Pepsi Plunge was dope imo. If you can put your own spin on it and expand your moveset at the same time, why not? Plenty of wrestlers do it because practically every move is used by another wrestler somewhere.

    Dolph is using the super-kick, is that wrong? Did he "swagger-jacker" HBK? I'm a huge fan of his super-kick to be honest. Not attacking you either, it's just different opinions that's all :emoji_slight_smile:.
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