Punk ranked #1 in PWI 500

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Great to hear. Well-deserved ranking.

    One question: Who's that "Chris Benoit" guy who won in 2004? I've never heard of him.

  3. Think it's a typo.
  4. Didn't he win a rumble or something?
  5. Nice for Punk, I'm sure he deserves it.
  6. Good for Punk. I still miss his long hair though.
  7. I agree, I think he was awesome with the long-hair, long beard.
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  8. I loved that look too
  9. BEST IN THE WORLD!!! (Now with proof)

    WWE should use this as part of Punk's character.
  10. Glad for Punk, he's up there with some really great names.
  11. What number was Roode? His title reign was infinitely more entertaining
  12. Not sure yet, I think CM Punk is just announced as Number 1 so far.
  13. Well deserved imo. He's not really the best in the world but he's probably been the best this year. I wish they would use this (as someone said above) as part of his character, that'd be awesome.
  14. This is a kayfabe friendly publication if I remember correctly, him being the WWE champ probably played into more than any performance.
  15. Yea the #1 criteria for this is basically kayfabe success; you can tell that by Diesel winning in 95 when everyone hated his title reign
  16. Full list will be released on Thursday.
  17. Meh, doesn't mean much. Kayfabe.
  18. CONGRATULATIONS on the accomplishment!
  19. Entering the year as WWE Champion, going into a feud with someone like Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, and others while having a crazy bitch that wanted to marry you now your general manager, becoming a tweener, and still WWE Champion, I can see why he got number 1. Personally I would have picked someone else, but Punk is a legit person for this spot. Congratulations.
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