Punk responds to criticism

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Probably worth noting #SnowAngeling was the #1 trend yesterday or the day before.
  2. I thought he was responding to being a hypocritical sellout.

    Nothing to see here, move along people.
  3. He's already responded to that.
  4. I sort of remember some cheap cop out excuses, but barely.
  5. I blame WWE for dropping the ball with Punk, not Punk himself personally. None of us know what it's like when you're that high up the card conversing with WWE management constantly.
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  6. really? link?
  7. Obviously WWE is more to blame, but Punk is clearly a hypocrite for how things unfolded. You can say his shoot was kayfabe, but obviously he believed what he was saying. But now that he is one of the chosen ones he is fine with it. So basically his problem isn't that WWE is run like shit, but that he wasn't getting preferential treatment like Cena or HHH. Now that he is, he just smiles and cuts corny promos and is a company yes man like the ones he bashed.
  8. PWMania
  9. How do you know he's fine with it? If he's completely fine with it then I agree, he's a hypocrite. None of us know if he's fine with it apart from him and his close friends.
  10. Doesn't sound like he addressed anything but just says "Hey guys, I busted my ass so I deserve to be able to sell out!"


    He's fine enough with it to go along with it. I know you love to compare everything to SCSA, so do you think he would have sold out and turned into a smiley 2012 babyface just to make it in the company?
  11. I don't love to compare everything to SCSA but addressing that point, times were different and Punk is definitely not in SCSA's position. No one in the modern company would put the finger up at management and say I'm not coming back until....

    As for "fine enough to go along with it", how do you know he's not just temporarily going along with it until the next big storyline comes? How do you know change hasn't been promised to him? WWE can't go from X to Y in a day, week, months. None of us know the conversations Punk has had. I do know that Punk on twitter is completely different when he addresses WWE etc than he is on RAW. He himself at a house show when he was champion addressed the crowd and said he's still pissed off at WWE. There's enough evidence to support Punk isn't happy just because he's top dog atm. I wouldn't expect Punk to shit on WWE after all the stuff he's done to get success. As RVD said, you need to be a dick to get success.

    Point is, you know nothing about it, neither do I. Labelling him just seems illogical and childish to me, but that's my opinion.
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  12. Dolph's right, in his promo he complained about not being on cups, in matches, and on posters. He's got that now and he's turned into another Cena
  13. Thanks for reading nothing I've said.
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  14. i wrote that as you were posting, don't get your panties in a bunch
  15. You bring up what if scenarios about 'behind the scenes' or 'what happens next' and ignore what you see on TV every week.

    I bring up what I see on tv every week and ignore what might possibly be happening behind the scenes. I draw conclusions based on what I see, you try to stay optimistic based on what could possibly be happening. Just a differing philosophy, I don't see how it makes me childish or illogical.
  16. I don't have panties on... :dafuq:

    Kayfabe lives then? If we judged everything on what we see on RAW, then we'd all think Bryan is an egotistical moron. Yeah I know you're talking about how he's changed into something he said he hated a year ago, but do you honestly think Punk said "Hi WWE management, I'm the guy who shooted on you all, turn me into Cena please?". To be a top face, kids need to like you. WWE have yet to grasp that being the generic smiley face isn't the only way. I for one certainly enjoy Punk's babyface promos a hell of a lot more than I enjoy Cena's.
  17. Like I said, you can hide behind Kayfabe but we all know when he did the worked shoot he was saying things he really believed. And now he has become what he hates, even if it's just his on screen character and the real life Phil Brooks hates what he is doing, he is allowing himself to do it.
  18. I agree that he believed in it. But how can he change it if he was back down the midcard or even fired for refusing to do what WWE wants? You would rather see no Punk at all in WWE than this Punk? If Punk is just riding the wave until the change arrives then what better wave to ride than getting stupidly over with everyone and being a top dog in the company?
  19. Do you really want me to answer that?
  20. Lmao I was expecting that. I dunno, this Punk is getting too much hate because as Seabs said, it's a high ceiling. He's set the bar so high we can't accept nothing less, at least not this much less. But this Punk as a face > Any current face atm. He still has that attitude (all be it much less) and some of his jokes are decent. All we can ask from the current faces. Plus, his matches. If Punk wasn't here, Punk/Jericho and Punk/Bryan classics wouldn't have happened.
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