Punk returning babyface? (Dirtsheet rumor)

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  2. Yeah that was expected.

    But punk as babyface....tweener ftw
  3. It's pretty obvious he's returning as a baby face, especially since he's returning in his home town of Chicago (no better way to begin a renewed face run than to start it off with the biggest reaction possible.) People always like to talk about how WWE doesn't always listen to it's audience and tries to force things on them and us who to cheer for and who to boo, so let's be consistent - there's no point in trying to make people hate Punk when audiences clearly want to cheer him. The guy got reactions during his entire heel run, even against The Rock.

    I just hope he adopts his 'tweener' personality from the summer/fall of 2011 when he was knocking John Cena and The Rock and Triple H and owning Kevin Nash on the mic. Please no smiley dick baby face persona from 2012 that lost any sort of edginess he had from the summer of Punk. That period was when he was his most popular, which should be a sign of what worked best for Punk.

  4. YES YES YES! I hope though Brock win the world or wwe champion at MITB! It would make the summerslam much better! Tat can have Brock return at MITB like miz did last year and be in the MITB Match have him win it then later that night cash mitb contract it to win the world or wwe champion!

  5. we could any up having a punk vs. brock for the world and or wwe champion after all! If brock win 1 of the mitb contract at the mitb ppv win it and then cash it in to win the the world and or wwe champion!

  6. We'll get Punk/Brock at Summerslam probably because Punk gives Axel his first pin fall loss at MITB (which story line wise will serve it's purpose as a way of humbling Axel a bit) and then Heyman will call upon Brock to destroy Punk while HHH returns to exact revenge on Axel at Summerslam as well.

    Plus, Brock is not gonna be put in a match that risks serious injury to him like a MITB match would, same reason The Rock didn't wrestle in the Elimination Chamber match in February and fought Punk in a one on one rematch instead. WWE won't risk their investment like that.

    No world title will be involved at this point.
  7. Wont happen Brock does not want to work with Punk.

  8. dude the guy under contract wwe could do what that want! and i sore brock would love to be in a mitb match. as he would not have to do that much since that 7 other guys in the match. and don't he can't b/c cena won last year.

  9. Brock's been in cage and ER's matches lol, he doesn't give a shit about being injured or whatever and I doubt the company do too, plus he wouldn't hit anything bigger than his matches so far. Also your comment about Rock is lulzworthy, that probably wasn't the WWE but the movie people. His insurance would have been sky high to wrestle in an EC match, especially with Hercules just around the corner for filming.

  10. I was picturing Brock taking a huge bump off a ladder and whatnot. Either way, probably not the best point for me to raise (except to say Brock is obviously not winning the title before Summerslam) , but The Rock point is still solid, though slightly off-topic. I'm pretty sure movie producers didn't want him wrestling in a dangerous environment but that ties into WWE not wanting him to either. Pretty sure they wouldn't want Rock in an EC match anyway considering that him being injured would fuck up the WM main event with Cena, which they're not willing to risk. I also doubt Rock in a EC match would make people want to see Hercules more.

    He got himself injured just doing his own finisher at Wrestlemania (which kept him off of Extreme Rules or even doing the angle with Brock the next night on Raw) so it's safe to say his risk of injury in a chamber match played a part in him not being booked in one either way. And them booking around it so that Rock didn't take any big bumps on the chamber's metal grating on the outside of the ring itself would have seemed cheap (though safe) since people want to see those dangerous and hard sort of bumps, and that would be a huge part of promoting The Rock as a part of one, especially since it would have been his first chamber match ever.
  12. :yes: I loved babyface Punk while it lasted, and hopefully this will start a Punk vs Axel rivalry.
  13. You must be the only one.
  14. If he returns as babyface sarcastic asshole 2011 Punk, I'm all for this. If it's smiley cena jr. 2012 Punk that can gtfo and fast.

    Hope he gets good writing this time. Got tired of waiting for Punk to finally give us a good segment on Raw just for his segment to be just as bad as the rest of the show.
  15. So he'll be having the summer angle? Nice. I don't see WWE or Punk wanting to go down the same route as his last babyface, where he turned into a generic overpowered smiley-face who cut pathetically poor jokes. I'm all for him returning as the anti-hero he can play so well though. I know Punk has the tools to play it, and I hope he voices his opinion if WWE start booking it horrible, but I am still a huge mark for heel Punk. Shows how far Punk has come though, and how good he is for someone his size to have so many huge angles revolve around him.
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  16. Also, is it just me who is kinda sat the awesome duo of Heyman and Punk is coming to an end? They were so perfect together. I still remember how much I marked as Heyman drove off with Punk after Punk attacked Cena.
  17. By the way, this is a Meltzer source. Heard it on WOR last night :smug:
  18. I'm annoyed it's ending but I'm glad they're not holding onto it too long.
  19. So that means Punk's retired.
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  20. Don't get our hopes up now..
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