Punk sh*ts his pants on Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 4, 2013.

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  2. He isn't the first wrestler to shit himself in the ring.... I wonder if they'll rib him in a subtle way next Monday on Raw over this (like one of The Shield members telling Punk that he'll 'shit himself' at TLC when he finds himself staring across the ring at all three of them.)
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  3. Probally saw his mother in the crowd :jeritroll:
  4. Haha, that is hilarious. Now I have a solid reason to tune into SmackDown this week.
  5. Poo poo punk, I get it!
  6. Does CM stand for Crap Maker now?
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  7. I remember when Psycho Sid shit himself against the Undertaker many years ago. takers face was priceless.
  8. Hunter shat himself earlier this year when he was attacked by Lesnar. It was very visible.
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  9. I wish i never clicked to read this thread.
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  10. Poor Punk probably ate something dodgy and thats why he shit himself Cena has said he shit himself under the ring as he had food posioning
  11. Funny, I read that and assumed he was kidding. He also tweeted last night, "This poop just ain't fun anymore." The tweet about, "Just shit my britches on Smackdown. Please RT." has since been deleted.
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  12. Probably lying to try and get people to actually watch the abomination that is SmackDown.
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  13. On the subject of people defecating themselves in front of a live audience in the wrestling business, I feel the need to mention that even the great Vince McMahon once shat himself according to a story that Kevin Kelly told on a podcast awhile ago... The story goes that Vince was about to head to the ring to cut a promo and the urge to hit the bathroom just suddenly came over him. Then, as he was headed towards the ring, he couldn't hold it in any longer and ended up shitting himself right as he was walking down the aisle and was left with no choice but to just stand there in the ring and give a promo in front a live audience while feces ran down his leg. Later backstage, he changed his undergarments and then put his shit-stained underwear on a stick and chased Pat Patterson around with it...
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  14. SCSA shat himself before too me thinks.
  15. Andre did, too. Which is probably the worst possible person who could accidentally let his bowel movements get out of control, as his feces was probably as big (or bigger) than his opponent in the ring was.
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  16. people are going to tune in to SD just to see punk's shitty trunks? :pity: his fanboys know no bounds
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  17. hahahaha first time I've heard that.
  18. Hey, whatever gets Smackdown's viewership up, right bro?
  19. THAT^S THE SHIT! (got it?). It will make me watch SmackDown this week
  20. this is probably a way to help Punk get over with kids. they love poop jokes
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