Punk Shoots on Part Timers

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  2. I can see where he's coming from and I'm sure a lot of the roster feels the same way, but at the end of the day it is a business and it's all about the money.
  3. The only guy with balls to say it lol
  4. As always, I respect his outgoingness. Some may see him as bitching but I think it's great that he comes out with this stuff.
  5. Amen, Phil is the Best in the world! He have the truth in his hand! Cm Punk>>>>All Part-Timer wrestler.
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  7. Oh God. Yes, please, CM Punk working 15 days a year??? :fap:
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  8. Hate all the background noise, but nice interview as per usual. Kudos to Punk.
  9. Biggest balls in the industry.
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  10. I honestly think that he stays up at night and listens to himself talk.
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  11. CM Punk faps to videos of CM punk fapping
  12. I understand why you might dislike what he said, but do you think it's pretty cool that he actually has the balls to say what he thinks? I can't imagine Cena or anyone else in Punk's position doing the same. It reminds me of the older days.
  13. What he is saying makes a lot of sense about wanting to get the 15 apperance contract and getting paid the same if not more.
  14. I can see why he would feel frustrated by this. He's working more than the part-timers that show up for only a handful of the times he works during the year. I would want to be paid differently too if I was being paid the same as someone who wasn't putting in the same level of work.
  15. when CM Punk draws PPV buys he can get the PPV star treatment. Until then he can keep crying while pretending he doesn't understand the business when he very clearly does.
  16. He doesnt draw ppv buys? The top heel doesnt draw ppv buys? I fail to see where your going with this. Care to elaborate, im interested
  17. The PPVs they were centering around Punk didn't draw. Summerslam during the "Summer of Punk" his big rematch w/ Cena was a box office flop @ Summerslam.

    It was shown over and over again over his reign as champ that he isn't a guy bringing eyes onto the product. He doesn't get TV viewers and he isn't selling PPVs. It is probably why he wasn't getting top bill for most of his reign before they turned to the 'respect' angle.

    The only time Punk kills PPV buys is if you give him The Rock to work with, as the Rumble did well as you would expect.

    I guess saying he "isn't a draw" period is a bit harsh. He isn't a draw on the level of the guys he is bitching about, and he knows that as well as we all do. So my point was until he reaches that level, which he likely never will, he can stfu and stop pretending he doesn't understand why the superstars get superstar treatment.
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  18. Wonder if his opinion woukd change if he gets to the stage where he makes a few returns?
  19. I blame that on bad booking. That match was thrown together rather quickly for no reason. Even Triple H being inserted as the ref in that match just seemed bleh.

    I also would point out that Punk wasn't really getting good feuds during his reign, I mean c'mon, AJ love triangle, not exactly good fodder for the fans. I think what went wrong is that when Punk won the belt, the focus was still on Cena, but I do he doesn't draw as much as the others, or at least as he should be.
  20. Blah, blah, blah.....

    Those ''part timers'' were full timers at one point as well, Mr. Brooks.

    When the dude retires, he'll sure come back to grab the spotlight from the future full timers.

    Dude speaks his mind, but has to think about who he's talking to and remember that he'll be a part timer eventually, as well.
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