Punk still treated like a face

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 30, 2012.

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  2. They probably are going to give him a slow-burn heel turn :cornette:
  3. Yeh but when Daniel Bryan was heel, he still got loads of cheers. When Cena turned heel, he had loads of cheers. The main reason Big Show was hated was because of all the cena fans.
  4. Thanks for posting these. I know previously posts were made to give the results of house shows, but I'm not sure if they stopped being posted or if I've just overlooked them. Either way, I appreciate info like this and agree Punk will most likely continue to receive lots of cheers unless they have him do something drastic.
  5. I think it's always hard to get the fans views of someone to change just like that, while he turned heel at Raw 1000, it was only 1 weeks ago, so expecting fans to boo him now is a bit of a tough ask, as I can't see him getting booed for a good while, if at all to be honest. As mentioned above, I think he'll be a heel that still gets cheered weekly.
  6. People love heels lol
  7. Well, let's see his explanation tonight to see how it goes. If he'll be some sort of tweener, full blown heel or what.
  8. Just a house show people.
  9. Even the fact that no one really likes Big Show in general :jeritroll:
  10. I can actually see him getting louder pops than before, people love him too much as the pissed off prick.
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