WrestleMania Punk-Taker match in serious doubt.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by #HEEL__SRV9010, Mar 15, 2013.

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  2. oh boy. If the match is scratched. Will Kane get heat for this?
  3. He shouldn't.
  4. To get a discussion going. If Punk is scratched off. Who can fill in for him at such short notice?
  5. Daniel Bryan? :yay:
    Lesnar? :gusta:

    Yeah, that's not happening.
    Maybe Randy Orton will bring back the Legend Killer gimmick? Though that seems unlikely as well.

  6. Somehow, I'm very much doubting the entire original post.
  7. How? Punk is pretty injury prone and the reports about the ref throwing up the X are legit so there is the possibility.
  8. Yeah, I believe the reports about him quite possibly being injured on Monday and the trainers checking him out. However, THIS particular update I'm inclined to not believe. The first part of the original post that reiterates what other news sources reported, sure, but not the rest of it about Twitter and the "WWE source," etc. It just seems sketchy to me, for a few reasons. So, yeah, I call shenanigans on this particular update / "report."
  9. If Punk isn't able to make Wrestlemania, I wonder if they'll put anyone against Undertaker. I kinda like Taker walking into WM30 against Cena with the big round 20-0 number anyway.

    Regardless of the report being true or not, I think Punk will still pull through for Wrestlemania. He could obviously use that time off afterwards that I've been saying for awhile that he should take.
  10. If this is true to me its a shame. Secondly its also a shame that Kane and Taker are in the twilight of there careers as with this scenario. Kane could easily turn heel and we could have had brother vs brother. Bus as I state with both getting on not sure how this would go now. But at same time you could use it to disband D-Bry and Kane as well in the coming weeks.
  11. I don't think he'll miss the PPV at all, but I'm wondering why the tweet was deleted.
  12. This sucks. I was waiting to see CM Punk defeat him.
  13. Cortisone shot, knee wrap, adrenaline, PPV bonus. He'll be there.
  14. As much as I hate to say it, Sheamus seems like the biggest possibility. It seems like they're building towards the triple-threat IC title match on Raw this week being done at WM as well, but they can easily take Jericho out of that and into the Shield match to take his place.

    If this is true... umm... kudos to WWE's scatterbrained booking leaving them easy backup plans?
  15. Rain, this is the IWC. We don't give WWE credit for anything here.
  16. The rumour isn't true.

    We noted yesterday that CM Punk may have been injured in Monday's RAW main event against Kane. Word is that it was an injury to his arm that is said to not be severe. There were rumors yesterday afternoon that Punk is suffering from a knee injury but those are not true

  17. :smug:

    Crayo -- The tweet supposedly being deleted was one of quite a few things in the OP that made me doubt its validity.

    Anyway, as far as just generally discussing "If this match gets scrapped, then what?" and not taking the OP into account, like Lockard mentioned I wouldn't mind if they just left Taker out of it this year altogether. They wouldn't do it, I'm sure, since he's such a huge draw, but it wouldn't hurt for him to sit this one out since he's been recuperating from surgery (or surgeries) and so that he could have the even 20-0 going into the even number of WM30.
  18. Well damn, not even tounge-in-cheek with an insult thrown in? :okay:

    Missed that page of the IWC handbook, Crayo. Won't make the same mistake again.
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  19. :no: :no: :no: CM PUNK NEED TO WRESTLER THE UNDERTAKER! Just don't have him wrestle until the event!There doing with Undertaker anyway!
  20. Agreed, they shouldn't risk one of the mainevents now. There isn't much to gain from it.
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