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  1. Am I the only one that thinks the promo's from Punk are getting worse? He clearly doesn't want to be doing this programme, he just doesn't seem into it to me.

    The promo's are just being dragged out because they don't really know what to do. If they had gone with the whole respect angle instead of a fucking four man there would have been more to discuss.

    Now it's just a case of 'x' more weeks until Mania for me. The urn thing got stale after week one and the promo's are just generally boring.

    Is it just me?
  2. Punk's been stale for a while now.

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  3. Just had to slip the spoiler in there to save your ass :lol1:
  5. At least he's actually saying something. Undertaker just stands there and barely says anything. That didn't matter this last Raw since he let his fists do the talking but what about the previous two weeks? And probably next week, too...

    This feud had potential to be something more than what it's been. CM Punk is all about respect. Undertaker is one of the most respected men in the WWE. It writes itself. I know the 'Respect' angle works better with the American Bad Ass version of Undertaker, but still. (And no, I don't think Undertaker should have brought that character back for this feud.) That angle still works when Taker is playing a more humanized version of the Dead Man character like he did last year and in 1997/1998. I do like them incorporating Paul Bearer's real life death into it but now it's become too centered on the stealing of the urn. It also makes it all too obvious that Undertaker is winning, and there's bound to be some very casual marks who could have bought into Punk winning otherwise who probably have little to no doubt themselves now that he's losing.
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  6. You're right.
    The story to this match has become too centred on Punk stealing the urn. It should have been about respect I think the angle would work so much better. I feel that the creative team have let both Taker and Punk down and of course us the fans.
  7. This feud blows.
  8. Well that ownly have 5 week to start this up. And WWE creteness the day what can u do? I think that when for the Urn Angles over the "Respect" Angles b/c I think that wanted Punk to have something to make Taker want to beat him at WM more then he already has before. People need to remember that Punk a heel right now and he need to look that way going into to that match. I think u all right just use to Taker facing someone who another face like he been the last 4 WM. If that would have done a "Respect" Angles it would have been chese b/c that would have been more about Punk winning a match against Taker. And really would not do anything for Taker. Taker would have no reason to face Punk it would made no sesen. The only way that could have done a "Respect" Angles is if CM Punk was still the WWE Champion and Taker come back to vs. him for the title to show him really RESPECT! But that did not have been thanks to the rock! So for this Angle that needed to do something would piss Taker off to want to get even more even then before with CM Punk and what could that be? HIS URN!
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  9. Great post by Gohan there.
  10. But would the urn even be in play had Bearer not died irl? What was the plan before that?
  11. The urn bullshit doesn't even come off as edgy or anything, just kind of cheap.
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  12. Of course Punk isn't fed up; he's feuding with one of the top guys in the company. He is obviously into it, but it's hard carrying the promotion side of things with Undertaker. WWE have not done enough creatively with this feud. I've summed it up here: http://wweforums.net/thread-22464.html

    Nice BITW post there Dolph's.
  13. Yeah, Punk's promo on Raw really felt like it dragged on and on. And indeed the feud being more about the urn than anything else is a bit... meh.
  14. The match was already made before Punk ever took the urn and before Paul Bearer even died. Punk could have simply challenged Undertaker to put his streak on the line and Taker could have simply accepted the challenge. You're saying that's a cheesy backstory for the feud beginning but Punk winning a random fatal four way to 'qualify' for fighting Taker isn't?

    Of course it would do more for Punk than Taker, that was part of the point. It doesn't need to do anything for Taker, he's already the legend here. I don't mind Punk pissing Taker off with the theft of the urn but that's all there is to it, which makes it less interesting.
  15. Here's to hoping Punk takes a few months off to reevaluate his character. :true:
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  16. While I agree with the part about him feuding with one of the top guys in the company and Punk liking it in that regard, are we sure he's really that into it? To me he puts more into his promos when he's really feeling it and into it. Maybe this is because of his injury/injuries or because of creative keeping him restricted, I don't know. But I thought in a previous interview, Punk himself indicated this wouldn't be a match he'd be that much into -- a match when everyone knows the winner going into it, etc. So I honestly figured he wasn't much into this feud or too pumped for it based on his previous comments and the situation.
  17. Nice awards that you have there.

    HAHAHAA zing.
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  18. Everything after the first week feels exactly like padding. I don't feel like anything has progressed in the slightest since the very first week, and that's a problem. I'd say the main reason for this is that this feud lacks any meat to it and it's completely one-noted. That's why I actually agree with deth/Goat that the urn thing just comes off as cheat rather than edgy. I'll compare it to the heart attack angle, the reason that didn't just feel like cheap heat to me because Lawler was one of the most prevalent figures in the early stages of Punk's heel turn. It was a built upon side feud, it had a little more to it than simply, "Punk being a dick." I understand the mind games aspect and no I didn't feel this at first but the urn is the whole epicenter of the feud and it's not a stable on.

    To summarize, WWE is substituting solid storytelling for cheap heat in the urn, which WWE is centering the entire basis of the feud around and doing it poorly. The result is a build that felt like it was over on the first show, resulting in the post-weeks feeling like padding that's only point is to remind you that they're wrestling at Mania. One way to fix this feud and give it some meat would be to do what Lockard suggested awhile back, having Punk mentioning the past crimes (for lack of a better word) that Taker committed. Of course the ship has sailed on that one, but it would've been nice.
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  19. Man I don't know why that somebody has never thought to throw away the Urn.
  20. There's still one Raw left so there is still time (ok, we know it won't happen, but still.) It would be all the more fitting for it to happen on the last Raw before Wrestlemania because it's the last chance to build the match, and Punk can summarize everything up from stealing the urn to reminding everyone of Taker (and Bearer's) past deeds and saying that this Sunday, Undertaker gets his ultimate comeuppance by losing his streak and Bearer will be there at ringside to witness it (as ashes in an urn lol.) Punk can then say he'll dump the ashes out afterwards and get rid of the urn forever, and thus put the final nail in the Undertaker's career.

    I don't mind the urn stuff, it makes Punk look like a dick but it only makes the feud decent at best. Undertaker has barely spoken a word the entire time, and since we just came off an awesome build last year with the "End Of An Era" stuff and Taker reaching 20-0 and there being no real doubt as to him winning this year, they really needed something else to make this feud seem special and they just don't have it. I think Punk (or anyone) stealing the urn would have worked better in, say, 1993 instead of 2013. Back then, Taker still derived his supernatural power from the urn and stealing it was like crippling him and controlling him in a way.
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