Punk takes shot at AJ

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  2. Styles >>>>>>>>>>>>> Punk
  3. Punk > Styles.

  4. Surefire way to always be right: ask Jonathan his opinion, and you know the opposite of what he says is true.
  5. Styles > Punk.


    @[Dolph'sZiggler] @[Crayo]
  6. Quoting the double fail
  7. Bitches that disable tagging are bitches,
  8. Watch your tone
  9. Punk at his best is as good as anyone, so Punk > AJ I'm afraid.
  10. Punk doesn't belong in the same discussion as AJ if you are talking about it from an in ring perspective.
  11. I'm going to agree with this. Two different styles. Not easy to compare. AJ is more of a highflyer with a much smoother moveset than Punk.
  12. I thought we were on about as an all-rounder, concentrating on JUST in-ring then I agree with you guys, though I haven't really seen enough of Styles to make any sort of reasonable judgement.
  13. I've said it a few times but Punk is overrated as an all arounder IMHO. He is better on the stick than AJ, but all things considered I would rather have AJ in my company if I was a booker or promoter.
  14. made me lol >.> :haha:
  15. No chance for me. IMO Punk has a better, tougher look than AJ does, he can be 1000x better than him on the mic if not restrained and, although he isn't as good as Styles in the ring from the little I've seen of him - he's vastly underrated and has amazing physcology, it's just the botches that are his issue.

    I don't no what it is, but I also find Punk more likeable as well, but that's a personal thing.
  16. Punk UNDERRATED in the ring? lmao, no. If anything he is vastly overrated in the ring. He is a good, solid worker. People make it out like he is top 10 in the world or some shit, which is hilarious.
  17. I've not heard many say that? He's quite often bashed for his in ring skills from what I read.

    Look back at his championship reign; pretty much all title matches he has had have been at least ***1/2 plus. When it comes to big matches he can be a really good worker.

    (I was going to say he can prove it tonight, but DB could probably carry me to a good match)
  18. He's underrated here now imo apart from the fanboy Randy. But outside of here he's not underrated at all.
  19. I think some guys like myself tend to highlight Punk's weaknesses and downplay his strengths to counterbalance the morons who act like he is perfect and actually the best wrestler in the world. I do this with most things that I find to be overrated. It's like when people say Lil Wayne is the worst rapper ever. Is he bad? Yea, he's pretty bad, but people exaggerate how awful he is because so many of his fanboys suck him off like he is a modern day Tupac or some shit
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  20. Exactly, great post. Though his haters here I think are more influential to most members so that's probably why the general vibe here over Punk is more negative than positive.

    A more on-topic note, I'm interested in why these two have beef. Punk seems to always respect the indies -- where both he and Styles flourished -- and Styles is apparently one of the nicest wrestlers you'll meet (judging by TNA fan reports I've read over the years).
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