Punk takes shot at UFC Star Jon Jones

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. TMZ
  3. Great. A fake wrestler decides to take a shot at a real one, I wonder who'll come out of this looking like more of a twat?
  4. Fair play as drunk driving is a idiotic thing to do!
  5. Punk is a fake wrestler? He looks real to me!
  6. At least Punk didn't intoxicate himself and took the wheel, thus becoming a danger for every one that was near him. :sad:
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  7. This.

    His comment had nothing to do with the fact that the guy's an MMA fighter. That's inconsequential to Punk's tweet. His tweet was more of a remark on the idea that a guy who, just a few months back, was arrested, tried, and convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol is being rewarded by Nike. I'm willing to bet that Punk doesn't care if the guy drinks or if the guy drives, but is unhappy that we're rewarding someone who took the terribly irresponsible action of mixing the two less than six months ago.

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  8. lol Punk's not afraid to say anything on twitter.
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