Punk taking time off after WM

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  1. Pretty much confirms 21-0 IMO.
  2. I've been saying this for awhile. It will freshen Punk up after going through a string of losses following his 434 day title reign.
  3. Yeah 21-0 otherwise he would be showing off till next Wm
  4. It's good for his body and for storylines. I hope he returns in great physical shape with a good story waiting for him.
  5. I expected this, hopefully he can come back as a Tweener after his rest period.
  6. There was doubt?

    Great news for obvious reasons. Going to be interesting post-Mania/Rules when the only real big player still hanging around is John Cena. Or maybe boring is the right word?
  7. They can elevate The Shield/Cesaro and bring up Wyatt and/or Ohno.
  8. Hope he returns as the pre-worked shoot 2010 jobber Punk.
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  9. So do I, his straight edge savior shit was dope.
  10. lol not really. All I remember of that run was his Big Show and Rey feuds though, both of which slurped dong.

  11. His best WWE work IMO was around this time.
  12. Punk/Hardy was pretty damn good, my favourite Punk era.
  13. Poor live event crowds. :pity: Good for Punk though. Hopefully he'll finally be able to rest and heal like needed.
  14. Yea that was before I watched again. I mean, yea, solid feud, but anyone could have gotten heat from kid Hardy marks if they brought up Hardy's IRL demons. Not that difficult, although the gimmick clash was a nice touch.
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  15. Whilst that was good, I'm unsure how you can call it his best work. He has cut better promos than those two recently, and his feud with Cena topped Hardy's imo. CM Punk is one of the stars for me that just keeps getting better. He took the main event push and turned it into gold. I much prefer these promos:






    I'm aware most are from summer of Punk, but I actually prefer most of his promos from the respect gimmick than those as well. He just keeps improving.
  16. I'd say the matches were better for Punk / Hardy tbh bar MITB the Raw match was good too but NOC + Summerslam felt better to me, plus I loved the twisted dynamic they explored, how the junkie was a role model whilst the clean guy was despicable, it held references to the society we live in and it's plastic idols which I found interesting. Plus it was the first time Punk felt big time in the E, which is something I can't hate on. Summer of Punk grew stale pretty quickly IMO whilst the Straight Edge Savior managed to feel fresh. The respect gimmick was better than the shooter Punk IMO.
  17. Love this, gives a chance for new talent to rise to the top of the roster. I love post-'Mania season for this reason, much fresher.

    Although, I hope he's back in time for the house show I'm going to.
  18. To be honest, we only had like a month of shooter Punk before they turned him into cheap-shot kayfabe-breaking smiley face Punk which was completely different. The promo where he is sat in the ring post-suspension is the gimmick that I loved during the Summer of Punk, and he didn't break kayfabe or anything during that promo.

    Though I do prefer the respect gimmick, and now I prefer the despicable heel even more. This is why I'm a huge fan of the guy.
  19. That feud was pretty damn sweet, got me back into wrestling.

    His feud with Mysterio had some high points too, like this:


    Too bad the SES had such terrible booking, could've gone much further. Just god damnit Big Show.
  20. Punk singing happy birthday to Rey's daughter with his Manson beard was full of win.