Punk talks about new title design

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. SEScoops
  2. I hope it's introduced to TV soon.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing it at SummerSlam. My interest is piqued now.
  4. After seven long years (in Rocky's voice)..... haaaa!
  5. He gets to introduce it right after Summerslam, just in time for Cena to win it at NOC lol.
  6. I see it getting revealed at either three of these times, at Summerslam, the Raw after Summerslam, or Night of Champions. At Summerslam because it's one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views WWE has, the next one would be Survivor Series, and that's a long ass wait. The Raw afterwards, because maybe CM Punk, John Cena, or Big Show wants to reveal it after their victory to symbolize a new era in WWE championship history or something. At Night of Champions because it's a Pay-Per-View based on championship, and the WWE Championship would steal the show if the new championship was reveled.
  7. I hope to see it soon, It's been ages since them pictures were uploaded to the next, I want to see the finished product!
  8. I’m really looking forward to the debut of the new belt. When the spinner belt was first released it was the most awesome thing ever! But it’s become really annoying now. Something that should have been a gimmick for a short time has now become what is supposed to be the most prized possession in the WWE. After hearing about WWE’s contract with mattel that would supposedly stop them from changing the title design until 2015 i kind of gave up hope of it changing, but hopefully since theyre talking about the new belt, this wont be true and there will soon be a new and better wwe championship. I would be fine with it debuting at summerslam after punk retaining the title and claiming that he’s the best in the world and doesn’t want to be associated with such a pathetic title, and that he’s decided to bring in a new belt to bring back the legitimacy to the title as right now it’s a vagazzled piece of shit that not even Gollum would deem to be precious.
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