Hockey Punk talks hockey (Tribune interview)

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  1. Q&A with WWE wrestler, Blackhawks fan C.M. Punk

    Full interview
  2. He just gained a few more respect points from me :yay:
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  3. Slow news day I guess.
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  4. Considering it's "The Chicago Tribune," and the reporter covers Blackhawks' games, as well, and the Blackhawks are in the playoffs, and a native celebrity who is a Blackhawks' fan returned and won at a PPV event the night of a playoff game.... probably not. That's just expected reporting. :pity:

    Haters gonna' hate. :boss1:
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  5. Always good news! :yay:

  6. It's so relevant to wrestling though, I mean look at how he mentioned his..,, love of hockey. Seriously this is useless discussion in the wrestling section, learn 2 sports section. `Slow news day even this classes as wrestling discussion.

  7. So use the powers bestowed to you by the almighty Crayo to move the thread. Do you already have a yeast infection?
  8. Probably.

  9. Seriously. :haha: I thought if it involved a Raw Superstar it went in the Raw section, etc. My bad, oh mighty powers that be.
  10. Best be aswell.
  11. As a huge Blackhawks fan myself, I love going on Twitter and seeing all of CM Punk's hockey tweets during the game. I think it's awesome that he's such a huge hockey fan!
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  12. His excitement can be contagious. :emoji_slight_smile: I'll see his ecstatic or tense tweets during the games lately and sometimes feel more excited or more tense/nervous because of them.

  13. I'm definitely with you there! I like seeing the pictures he posts too when he does go the games. Overall it's just a different side of him that I enjoy seeing outside of the CM Punk we're so accustomed to in the ring.
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