Punk talks Retirement, JTG, Nash's comments, Retirement and more

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  1. SEScoops

    Decent read to be honest.

    He also called out the mark out man:

  2. What a boss :lol1:
  3. "His WrestleMania 29 Opponent: Punk was asked if he would rather face The Rock or John Cena at WrestleMania, and Punk said he wants to face The Rock so he could try to have a better match with Rock than Cena did and then be able to tell Cena that Punk’s match was better. Punk made it sound like Rock and Cena are the top two possible opponents for WrestleMania next year."

    This interested me the most. Kayfabe or not kayfabe, that's pretty awesome.
  4. When will he retire? Next year? :urm:

    I think Cena and Rock will face each other at WM, so I don't know about it.
  5. I think he'll retire in a couple of years, have him on commentary after that. That'll freshen things up.
  6. :obama: It's pretty cool that he'll give young talent a chance instead of burying them It's very respectable.
  7. I'm Triple H, and I don't bury people.
  8. :haha:
  9. :bury1: NEITHER DO I FELLA
  10. Oh my how is ego is growing by the day. I think he's fibbing us, actually.
  11. Punk said he has had one surgery and he never wants another surgery ever again. Punk said that he doesn’t want to say when he might retire because the answer would “depress the hell” out of everyone.

    This is 100% true. If Punk quits wrestling, wrestling will no longer be interesting to me.. and that's the truth. Punk is the only superstar that can make Raw entertaining, apart from John Cena.
  12. We better appreciate Punk while he's here, because the next ting you know, he might have hung up his boots. It's a sad thought really.


    Not even The Miz? :dawg:
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