Punk talks to ESPN about Lesnar/piledriver

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 4, 2013.

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  2. Oh my god, a Punk/Lesnar team, just, wow :fap:
  3. Why are all superstars breaking the kayfabe?:wtf:

    It would be pretty cool a Lesnar/punk reign but I don't want the to be stuck at the tag team division
  4. Punk and Lesnar winning the tag team titles, what a step down. The only way I'd like to see it is if they did a Two Man Power Trip kind of angle like Austin/HHH where they tried to win all the titles - world title, midcard title, tag team titles. Hell, Punk and Lesnar could win BOTH world titles and BOTH midcard titles. And the tag belts on top of it. But that's taking the fantasy booking too far perhaps. But it's still to be decided on-screen if Lesnar can even be lead to care about championships since he's "above" the WWE itself.
  5. It'd be really cool, maybe they could get the title belts.

    And they break kayfabe because they have no life and try to ruin our life too :dawg:
  6. That Piledriver was great, I marked.
  7. Brock/Punk VS Primo and Epico for the Tag Team titles at SummerSlam would be MOTY. :FAP: :LOL1:
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