Punk talks to SI about being pissed off and some other stuff

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  1. I appreciate his feelings, but he can't actually think he should go on after one of the biggest stars in the world (Rock) and WWE's poster boy.
  2. I think its good he believes in himself nothing wrong with him wanting to be on top.
  3. Love his comment about Total Divas and reality shows in general.
    Also, I know some people commented last year that it doesn't matter at which point during Mania Undertaker's match actually is, his match is still the main event. So in a way I can see where Punk is coming from. Plus like louis mentioned about believing in himself -- I know in past interviews Punk has said something to the effect that you have to think you're the best and all that to make it in the business, and that if you don't think you're the best you shouldn't be doing it, or something like that. Also, Punk mark or not, I'd still rather see him or DB or a top-notch current full-time wrestler in the main event as opposed to having Cena take that spot time and time again, or a returning part-time Superstar. WWE won't do it because they want to push their poster boy and cram him down our throats or push and promote one of their former big-time, well-known stars, which I understand from the business point but don't have to like it. As just a wrestling fan, I'd rather see someone else. But like he said, it helps him get pissed off, and that's where he needs to be.
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  4. He's pretty dead on about reality shows, but that's just common sense really.
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  5. insert negative comment about punk here
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  6. His match with the Undertaker was lackluster imo. Cena/Rock wasn't a great spectacle of technical prowess, but it certainly was better than Punk's match imo. There was no way Punk could follow what Taker & HHH did at 28, it was absolutely great to be a part of.
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  7. This comment should get some nice replies. I will "watch" this thread. :obama:
  8. [​IMG]
    Basically how it'll be
  9. Really? I agree that it was no HHH vs Taker match but :dafuq:
    I loved that match and thought Rock vs Cena was just another Monday Night Raw match.
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  10. Punk/Taker was so meh
  11. laughed my ass off on title alone. Good post. Old man.
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  12. Dolph's is the slow white guy on the left
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  13. laughed my ass off on title alone. Good post. Old man.

    Austin will go over, and would all love it.
  14. I'd rage, but tell me what you didn't like about it, so I don't say something stupid while raging. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. I think the problem was that the storytelling wasnt there. You wanna look back at the past 4 wm matches taker had and they were all storytelling matches. I think his match with punk tried to do it, but i was there live for both his 29 & 28 matches and there was a significant drop in the thrill of that match.

    I didnt believe once that punk would beat taker and i think i should have. There were good spots in the match, dont get me wrong, but it was not mania quality.
  16. Good interview, I suppose. It's kinda hard for me to really say I enjoyed an interview when everything said was something I already knew about Punk. Probably my fault for watching/reading so many Punk interviews in the past but I'm not really commenting here because of the interview. I'm just going to throw in my two cents on the Punk/Taker discussion.

    It wasn't very good but it was certainly better than Cena/Rock. Mostly because of how meh it was (I don't care that they didn't make me believe Taker was losing, I have never once believed Taker was losing in any of the Mania matches of him that I saw). Really thought the match shitted on Punk's finishers, I remember Taker sitting up during the Anaconda Vise (which caused me to burst out laughing [which couldn't have been their intention]) and the fact that Taker just walked off the GTS immediately and hit Punk with Tombstone. Plus, the GTS to Tombstone counter was pretty sloppy from memory. Thought Rock/Cena was much worse though. It had a good amount of energy once it finally got going and it actually attempted to have progression in their match, a build (most didn't . . . and this match failed but I could tell they were actually trying). But they repeated spots way too much (that blow for blow spot was done three times, two is too much) and the mass-finisher fest felt like self-parody to me instead of a WWE Championship match (and what's suppose to be one of the most important ones of all-time).
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  17. One of the things I love most about Punk is him speaking his mind and keeping it real, but some of what he says here is just silly. He should have main evented Wrestlemania 29 with Undertaker? That match wasn't main event quality. It wasn't the match that was drawing more people in than anything else so it shouldn't have headlined, simple as that (especially since we're talking about Wrestlemania here, not some random B PPV.) Maybe if it had something else going for it, like a decent build for starters, or the drama that Punk could actually break the streak, but it had neither. It was a good match, but that's simply not enough to close out the biggest show of the year.

    His comments about how it would be unacceptable for Austin to wrestle anyone else than himself are also ridiculous. I'd rather see Austin/Lesnar personally and that would probably be more interesting considering Lesnar is the ultimate believable heel to go against Stone Cold. Punk is too beloved at the moment to really play the heel against Austin and I don't see him turning bad just for a one off match with Austin. Wouldn't feel right for a bunch of reasons, nor would a face/face feud. I'm fine with Austin never returning, personally. I don't really think he wants to anyway.

    His comments on Reality TV are spot on, but to me, Reality TV is no different than any other programming on television. It presents itself as being authentic and 'real' by using people who aren't known actors playing the parts (since that's the genre of choice) but everyone knows it's just entertainment. What's funny is that's exactly how wresting used to be, and to this day, there's non-wrestling fans who still mock wrestling fans because they genuinely think we all still believe that wrestling is real on some level. (Not that I like reality TV, just saying.)
  18. Punk/Taker was meh as fuck considering how good many of us thought it'd be, but to say it was worse than Rock/Cena is so off.
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  19. Did that interview in character because he's been quoted several times saying that he was disappointed in his match with taker.
  20. Tbf... the point of this match...was to take it easy on Taker... the past 2 wrestlemania's with HHH were wars in themselves

    This year, Punk deliberately took it easy and the result was a far fresher Taker than 2 years past.... he wrestled a bit more and allowed us to to see Shield break in half for free on Smackdown...I win...you win... and Michelle wins
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