Punk to be moved to SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 26, 2011.

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  2. I do not think he is needed on Smackdown. Unless he is going to go there and become WHC. It would ruin his run on RAW with the temp GM. So I can not see this happening and if it did it would be bad.
  3. Only way I see this happening is if Orton goes back to Raw. I can't see two of the top 3 babyfaces on the B brand.
  4. Yeah I was thinking the same. Smackdown have Cody, Orton and more power houses. Punk is not really needed on Smackdown.
  5. Perhaps an Orton heel turn :emoji_heart:3
  6. This would ruin everything that is going for Punk atm. Honestly hope it's bullshit.
  7. Agreed. I doubt it's going to happen, but SmackDown does need spicing up.
  8. If Smackdown went live, changed nights, and added a few Raw talents or returning talents, it'd be that much better. But you DON'T need Punk!
  9. Would it be a bad idea to have smackdown be the younger wrestling based guys brand led by punk though? He could be the leader of the changes he's been preaching about?
  10. It wouldn't be a bad idea, but if they are keen on making CM Punk the top face it isn't happening >.<

    He needs to be in the spotlight, no better way to do that than having him on Raw.

    Also, Orton is pretty much in that spot right now. And you also have Christian who will be returning soon?
  11. Completely agree. SmackDown needs to be on Tuesday or Thursday and be live. I heard WWE is trying to do this. Hopefully on the WWE Network it will be.

    I see your point here, Ortno moved to SmackDown and he's top dog there. Punk would be too, it certainly wouldn't harm him. But Punk needs RAW at the moment to turn completely into that top dog, especially after Cena's turn.

    Agree. SmackDown need to use them better though, Orton and Christian are no lesser stars than Jericho and Edge, but when Jericho and Edge were on SmackDown it was thoroughly entertaining.