Punk to choose his next opponent?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. https://www.tout.com/m/dv2lxp
  2. What's goin on with his hair lol, anyway this could be interesting, could be a great match if he chooses the right people but tbh knowing WWE it will either be Show or Kane. :eww:
  3. Punk wouldn't choose those. I'm scared he's going to "feud" with AJ though.
  4. Yeah probably not, maybe Miz? I guess I'll find out tonight. I hope he doesn't feud with her, when she first became GM I was happy, I thought it would be a serious feud with Bryan to help elevate him some more but she's just buried him and gone on to different people, bring Big Johnny back please.
  5. its going to be A-Ry calling it!
  6. Miz is IC champion but it wouldn't hurt if it was Miz. I'd love to see Miz tear into Punk.
  7. Please, please, please! I swear, there's only me and you likes him on here. Or is it just me and you obsessed with him? :hmm:


    Same lol, I just can't really think of credible heels for him to face, looking forward to tonight anyway.
  8. Interesting, may be Daniel Bryan or some loser for the cheap heat. Or else this respect thing is really shitty right now lol.
  9. Doubt AJ will allow CM Punk to do a damn thing. Probally he'll choose a lower midcard guy like Tyson Kidd, then AJ will come out and say no, and choose someone big, maybe a Mark Henry return? or something. Either way, I doubt he'll get to choose with that douche bag of a General Manager there.
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