Punk to wrestle at NXT tapings

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  1. Short, simple and to the point:

  2. wonder who he will fight :burns:
  3. Maybe he'll wrestle the NXT champion.
  4. It'd be great to see him wrestle Rollins indeed. But I don't know, he may just wrestle a dark match.
  5. Punk = RATINGS

    FEED ME MORE! :emoji_grin:
  6. I'd love to see him and Rollins in a ring together. Hoping it won't be a dark match, but you never can tell.
  7. Oh great, bring sheamus in so the fans can have even more conversations on how crazy it was the wwe star won. Punk sucks, get him off my NXT, he has 9 segments a week as is. :finger:
  8. Where does it say he'll wrestle? Him appearing could be simply for an autograph signing like they do at FCW.
  9. Fucking a seabs. Go accept my trade and stop correcting me already.
  10. I'll look at it when I get my laptop sorted, NFL.com will rape my tablet.
  11. If you open the source, it says in the title that he's wrestling.

    If he is, it's great. NXT can do no wrong atm.
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  12. What other new wrestlers are there on NXT? TBH I haven't watched NXT and I only know that there's Seth Rollins. That's all I know.
  13. tons. Sit down and watch the episodes that are out. Best show WWE has
  14. I wish I could but everytime I do it's blocked in the USA maaan it's like :blown:
  15. Because WWE doesn't want it to air in USA. Get ahold of international links or download it.
  16. Do you know where I can find international links? Youtube is flooded with USA blocked ones. But why wouldnt WWE air NXT in the USA?
  17. Because they want it as a Europe only product since it has been a huge success in Europe and other countries than USA, where it never went off TV.
  18. I'm with Asskicker on this one. I need to find a source for watching NXT.

    Anyway, new info posted today on Punk's "appearance" at Thursday's NXT taping, but this time it does say appearance, so not sure if he'll wrestle or not. We shall see, I suppose.

  19. CM Punk vs Seth Rollins would be nice. Seth doesn't have to win, it just has to be a good lengthy match, to show that becoming the NXT champion is one step away from becoming WWE Champion. I think also, every end of the month the NXT Champion and the WWE Champion should have one match at NXT. I think that would be a cool idea to have.
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