WrestleMania Punk upset about not being in the WM Main Event?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 6, 2013.

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  2. CM Punk is a slob. Suits are pro as shit
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  3. Don't think he's upset, he's telling the truth, a Punk/Cena match is better than the Rock/Cena match we've got this year imo. He's maybe telling to the camera and the world what everybody's thinking
  4. Punk talks about knowing the business so well then he should stfu and realize Rock/Cena draws 10 X more than Punk/Cena
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  5. I liked the exchange with Punk and Henry about the Cesaro shirt but he should have dressed a bit more appropriately, it's just good etiquette. I know people will say oh that's not him and he's a wrestler but if he signs for the WWE he knows he should act somewhat professionally, it's much more than wrestling now.
  6. Who likes to dress like a homeless person for a big event like that? It's not even about kissing anyone's ass.. wearing a suit and looking great is just a good feeling. Punk probably looks like an asshole in a suit though hahahaa
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  7. [​IMG]

  8. I find irony in Punk getting punished by Undertaker for not wearing a suit once upon a time, and then promoting the Wrestlemania where he's fighting Undertaker while not wearing a suit like everyone else.
  9. knew it
  10. Oh god. That shit looks straight off the rack at JC Penny. turrible
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  11. We need a Barkley smiley for turrible, I'll find a pic but I can't edit for shit.
  12. Space Jam <3
  13. He doesn't seem upset though
  14. weather he's upset or not, he has a good point. The main event shouldn't be the exact same match as last year's WM, especially when they kept saying "once in a lifetime", and cm punk was wwe champ for 431 days, so on a certain level he deserves to main event WM, and in my opinion the Rock never even deserved a title shot. I mean really, he only fights at ppvs, and he hadn't had a match in like 8 months, and again, he is the lowest working superstar in this buisness.
  15. Punk wishes he was Rock.
  16. Even if he did main event Mania, he'd just find something else to complain about.
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