Punk v Cena - 4 or 5 stars?

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  1. The match was awesome, the crowd were awesome, there was drama, suspense and the like. How do you rank it out of 5 stars?
  2. I have to give 4, the finisher thing is becoming a bit plain in my opinion. I expected way more moves.
    Cena's suicide dive was epic, but that's about it. He tried to set up the 5 knuckle shuffle for about 3 or 4 times, which became annoying for me. So 4 it is, good match, enjoyed it, but the finisher thingy bugs me a little.
  3. That was a great match. I guess it was good that the match ended in a draw. I think it was better than last years match they had.

    I'd rate it 5 stars.
  4. 4.

    wtf was that moonsault.
  5. I'd give it no more than **** or ****1/4.

    The finisher spots don't bother me if they're done correctly (see Angle/HBK WM 21), however they were set out really badly in this one. The first GTS and AA were totally not needed and could have been removed completely and replaced by another move. They placed the next ones well when Punk hit the GTS followed by the Rock bottom only for Cena to kick out. Then they just threw a random AA in there for absolutely no reason which just ruined the whole flow of the match at the time which was "Punk throws everything at Cena - who SOMEHOW kicks out!" sort of thing. I actually felt like they could have left out the AA completely from this match with just the one GTS.

    However, aside from this I really enjoyed this one. There was some very good back and forth stuff. Both guys used moves we've never really seen them use before. The suicide dive spot was really cool and worked brilliantly with the psychology of the match I thought, Cena doing everything possible to beat Punk. The crowd were electric, the ending was VERY good and was actually a pretty awesome spot in itself, and they're getting the Roode kind of thing going with Punk where he will do anything to retain his title.

    Big fan of the match, but not 5 stars for me.
  6. 4, should have known itd be the same fuckup as the DB punk match with the tapout. Still a good match.
  7. 3.5 max for me. No way it was better than there matches last year.

    The beginning was good, but the finisher spamming sucked. I liked the dusty finish booking doe
  8. I liked the match 4 star for me. Went on too long I think.
  9. MAKE IT SHORTER AND PUT RYBACK MATCH IN :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Exactly, I wanted a Ryback match. ::upset:
  11. The finisher spots were there on purpose, not to spam it to increase match quality and shock. Both of them launched multiple finishers and the match ended in a draw. It was booked as Punk being shocked as the BITW couldn't put Cena away, but then Cena being shocked that he can't put Punk away, thus resulting in a fair draw. It puts Punk over massively whilst keeping Cena looking like the strong superman we've all become accustom too.

    The actual match was flowing beautifully and Punk was on his game -- one of his best WWE matches imo -- and was dishing out some nice new moves and submissions. The Rock Bottom was an awesome touch.
  12. That's what I hate about the finisher spots though. It feels fake when they both hit the same amount of finishers just so they can be even. The Rock Bottom and the GTS before it would have sufficed.

    By the way what was the name of the submission Punk used early on? Thought it was awesome.
  13. Only poor thing is that it had to end with an top rope belly to back slam.. Never would've expected that tbh.
  14. I loved that personally. Was an awesome spot and was the best way to end the match with both competitors looking strong.
  15. Dude you've been disagreeing with me all day :upset:

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  16. Nothing personally Jose :smug:

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    Or is it? :hmm: :tough:
  17. If it happened all the time -- like it does in TNA -- then I would agree. The good thing about WWE is things like that are so rare, it's either Wrestlemania or nothing. If you see someone hit with an AA, Brogue, RKO, you can guarantee a 3 count. If it happens sparingly it sells it well in my opinion.

    Also this isn't a shot at TNA, I think most TNA marks agree with me that it happens way too often and is normally much worse.
  18. I'm glad it doesn't happen all the time, and I've not seen TNA enough to comment on that. However don't you agree that the finisher spots were way overdone last night? It just makes them look weak if they fail more than once IMO.
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