Punk v Reigns

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. I wasn't really paying attention during this match, but I hear it has recieved lots of criticism from fans. Was it really that bad?
  2. It dragged on, and on, but i personally still enjoyed it. I marked my ass off for the NAO and enjoyed it more than the Pipers pit segment, that's for sure
  3. It was good. If it received criticism, it was only by complete morons.
  4. Personally I really enjoyed the match. Both Reigns and CM Punk seem to compliment each other well in the ring. I like that the match went on for a while since it gave Reigns the opportunity to showcase his ring skills and hype up any future matches. Also, the ending was nice because I think most of us expected one of The Shield members to cost Reigns the victory and thus push The Shield further into a breakup. However, Reigns winning clean has a different effect on the future of The Shield and will most likely propel Reigns into more singles competition and some title contention as well.
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  5. Reigns VS Ambrose on PPV.... I'll buy that fuckin' PPV.
  6. Best match of the night, for sure. Got out of my seat and screamed so loud when Reigns speared Punk. I enjoyed it!
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  7. You're goddamn right! The near falls with the Superman Punch & that kick to the head that Punk does were both nail biters. I knew Reigns was gonna fuckin' destroy him with a spear though, and destroy him he did.
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  8. Clunky at times and dragged a bit. Reigns is still green but improving. And Punk continues to operate on only about 50%
  9. lmao no, Real Americans Vs Rhodes Bros >>>>>>>>>>>
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  10. Agree. The best tag match the division has to offer.
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  11. And people say the future isn't bright
  12. Yeah I gotta agree there actually. No one can touch Cody and Goldust lately.
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  13. Who are these people? Let's fucking mock them.
  14. Agree but gayest post ever.
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  15. Wasn't the worst match ever. Did help with the NAO knocking about though for a few easy pops.
  16. It was an awesome match to see. I'd like to see more, but I'd like to see it when Punk is 100%
  17. Didn't get to see it yet, but Reigns going over Punk clean sounds like a great plan for Reigns if they are planning to push him as the top guy. And if the New Age Outlaws were there, then that added that more equal feel to the match to contain the match from Rollins and Ambrose, which makes Roman look even better. It showed that he didn't need the Shields help to beat one of the top ten longest WWE champions in WWE history. Gonna watch the match when I can still, but glad that Roman still got the clean win. :obama:
  18. Nothing to complain about from my end. They got time to work a nice match (about 12-15 minutes, I believe), had plenty of dramatic moments and near falls and the ending was logical. Reigns became the first Shield member to defeat Punk in singles competition, and yet there's a chance that Ambrose might still try and say that it's because he had Punk "distracted" on the ring apron for even just a couple of seconds that Reigns was able to hit the spear (and thus feels he owes his victory partially to him.)
  19. I couldn't even manage to get through Punk's matches with Ambrose, watching this would make my erection disappear forever.
  20. Reigns looks like a star and performed well enough. Punk is a repetitive borefest but Reigns was good.
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