Punk v Taker - A real possibility?

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  1. Currently I think Punk will hold the title until Royal Rumble, lose it to The Rock and then Rock/Cena part 2 will happen at Wrestlemania 29. I'm not too fond of that idea but I see why it's necessary. This leaves Punk no where, so who can he face without seeming like he's taking a step down? Undertaker.

    Lesnar/HHH part 2 seems to be happing at Wrestlemania too, so that surely leaves Punk/Taker?

    What do you think?
  2. I'm not a fan of the idea, but it would brilliant for his current "Respect" thing. If he beat Taker at Wrestlemania people would respect him. Obviously he wouldn't be going over though.
  3. Dunno, I think it's more likely Punk beating Taker than it was HHH or HBK, lol.
  4. It's probably more likely yeah, but I still don't think it will happen. The streak will live on forever and shall never be broken. :sad:
  5. You do know there's a thread saying that Punk/Taker has been discussed? :urm:
  6. I've probably posted a meaningless post in that thread and forgot about it. :haha:
  7. Let me guess, Meltzer? Yeah, not discussing that.
  8. I believe it was PWI actually.
  9. Source me up baby.
  10. The respect angle would play in well with a Undertaker match yeah. But I'll wait and see if they start hinting at it.
  11. Like this?

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  12. I don't want to see this. Personally, I think it'd be disrespectful to Undertaker if he lost to anyone and ended the streak.
  13. I guess that'd be OK.
  14. Who said Punk has to win?
  15. If Taker was to loose to anyone it should be Cena tbh. I know everyone would hate that, but it makes sense.
  16. I don't really understand how they are going to use all these guys on the same card. Could you really imagine Brock or Rock (unless they happen to be against each other, of course) not in the main event? Oh well, not complaining I guess.

    I really hope they don't use those 6 in that way, just a total waste. I mean, what's the point in making stupid rematches where the winner is painfully obvious? HHH and Cena would obviously go over due to the storyline, and Taker's never gonna break the streak for a guy he's clearly never really liked. So what are we gonna achieve here? The only person that will be affected by this at all is Brock who will lose lot of credibility. HHH, Cena and Taker will presumably come out with the win and will gain the square root of f - all.

    IF pushed right, I think Ryback would be PERFECT for the streak. You have a chance to create a star right there WWE; he doesn't have to go over, he just needs to compete and he will look like an absolute tank.

    I will be absolutely raging if they just remove Punk from the Rock/Cena story. We all got bored of the fued before their 'once in a lifetime match', so I could see another few months of that being absolutely excruciating. Besides, Punk's basically been Raw since turning heel, the crowd fucking despise him, so not adding him would just be utter madness. In saying all this, I would have much rather seen Punk take on Rock one on one at 'Mania, however that seems to be out the question now they have this WWE title match at RR - so a triple threat seems like a good compromise.

    Well, my plan for Brock would have been to have him face an aggressive face Daniel Bryan, where DB would have been booked as an underdog throughout only to eventually topple Lesnar and become the star which he can be, however this is obviously totally unrealistic given the direction Bryan's character has gone in.

    As for HHH, he can just piss off. All he will do is take up TV time and centre stage somehow or another. He's pretty much available whenever WWE want him to be, so why waste him on a card which is already full? I honestly don't see the use in HHH at all, he's incapable of making a fued interesting, he won't put anyone over, so why can't he just go away and do his corporate shit?

    But anyway, yeah, this would be my card. I know it's probably not as attractive as what WWE will create, but it will produce new stars, they can save all the money matches for WM30.
  17. Brock/DB is my dream match at the moment. I think he can work with Brock fine in his current tweener role.
  18. Bryan is far too much of a comedy character at the moment. There's absolutely no way he could be made to look like a serious threat to Brock in 6 months.
  19. No he's not at all imo. He's been booked as the angry guy who's competitive with his tag-team partner and keeps winning (but loses against ADR on SmackDown -.-). Ofc they can book him against Brock, you can book both Bryan and Kane extremely easily in that feud.
  20. Could you honestly take Bryan serious against Brock whilst he runs out to the ring shouting no with his 'goat' beard? I think it would look ridiculous.
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