Punk vs Ambrose

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Who would be the face in this feud? Who would you want it to be anyway? Can a heel vs heel feud exist? Or should it go down the route of anti-hero vs heel?

    Anyway, anyone else as pumped for this inevitable match up?
  2. Heel vs heel feuds work as long as both characters have a lot of depth and some layers/"shades of gray" to them. The build would be excellent, and if you had the match in a smarky city both guys would have fans, similar to a face/face matchup. Considering the Shield at this point in time, I think it would be easier to make Punk the sympathetic figure between the two. Just have Punk turn on Heyman and align with the Shield leaving Punk high and dry, gets the shit beat out of him a few times.. even if he is still a heel he could garner some sympathy and get people back on his side.
  3. It would be an awesome fued. Dean would undoubtedly be the more heel like in this fued - I honestly don't think he's capable of being anything otherwise until he's more established. Besides, Punk is still capable of getting a tonne of pops even in places not that smarky. At the Rumble he pretty much got 50/50 with The Rock which is pretty incredible. Have him stand up to Ambrose's psychotic antics, be less slimy, and he'll definitely get more crowd support.

    It's a great opportunity for a heel vs heel fued, shame WWE would never, eeeeeeeever have the balls to do it.
  4. So yesterday it was The Rock, and now you're saying Chris Jericho catchphrases? Mid-life crisis at 16.
  5. Won't you please, shut, the hell, UP!

    Oh and midlife crisis? My Rock gimmick was over as fuck on Skype.
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  6. If we aren't cool with dropping catchphrases mid-post then I don't want to be here anymore.
  7. Has heel vs heel ever worked? Where is the investment if you have no one to back? It's a face /face feud for us as we're fans of the guys however.
  8. I lol'd. Nearly spit out my juice.

    Not posts. He was doing it ALL day in Skype, but did cut the best promo ever on Xanth.

    Agreed. I never really understood them either. Punk being the badass anti-hero type role could work in a feud like this. Or just stick to his current character without being a pussy.
  9. I agree it shouldn't be relied upon as the selling point of a PPV if you mean lack of drawing power would be the issue, but I think if you're just talking about crowd reactions it can work well. If the crowd is lively and the characters are interesting then they will definitely back someone.
  10. Crowds need to cheer someone though, and it would end up one of the heels getting the face treatment. Not good for their heel persona.
  11. I can recall heel/heel action during the AE. HHH/Taker had some nice interaction as heels when they were in the Corporation/Ministry respectively, but eventually merged into the Corp. Ministry, where they still had unsettled issues resulting in further feuding and matches.

    I love it personally. I agree from a business standpoint you are sort of spinning your wheels, but I guess if both guys come out of it more popular than you are doing your job in the long run.

    DX/Hart Foundation almost fits the bill, depending on when you think DX officially 'turned face'. Either way DX were heels in Canada and the Hart Foundation heels in America. Great times
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  12. Don't see the issue tbh. Ziggler, Punk and Jericho all got massive pops on some occasions but they are/were still great heels.
  13. Unintentional though. A heel vs heel scenario could easily end someone's heel run, but you could argue that would happen inevitably anyway. With heel vs heel, it needs to be booked smartly, and I just don't have faith in WWE.
  14. Lmao agree with that bottom bit. But I think in this case, assuming it is shortly after he goes solo, it would help Ambrose out a lot. Punk wouldn't completely no sell Ambrose's shit like a face would and it could put him over pretty well.
  15. Who would be the face in this feud? Punk
    Who would you want it to be anyway? Punk
    Can a heel vs heel feud exist? :yes:
    Or should it go down the route of anti-hero vs heel? :no:

    Anyway, anyone else as pumped for this inevitable match up?

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  16. TBH I adore Heel vs Heel feuds, they are always interesting and entertaining to watch, both of the superstars are at their best as Heels, yes the fans have to cheer someone over the other, but who cares, just imagine the promos....

    Those 2 guys are the best mic workers in the company right now (yes they are both better than Rock currently), just give them a mic and let them have complete freedom, the last thing we need is to restrict them on the mic by being face.
  17. I suppose Punk would be the face, anti authority or any other character. It could work, the concept is a bit weird but nothing wrong.
  18. This could be one of my favorite feuds ever .
    I would like a heel vs heel feud , but if this ever happens , punk will be the face .
    I would sit on my sofa and enjoy this
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