Summerslam Punk vs Cena at Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Quite obvious this will be the case, who's going over? I guess the obvious answer is Punk since his heel turn, if so how? He's already beaten Cena last year, it's quite rare to make him look like a weakling this often against one guy.
  2. Yeah, Punk will probably go over, but I don't think it'll be clean since it's against Cena and he's the heel (although I could see it happening), however, not many ideas on how Cena loses. Maybe interference?
  3. How does Cena look like a weakling against Punk, he won after distraction at MITB and had his foot on the rope at Summerslam lol. Punk will go over via Show interference probably setting up Punk and Show Vs Rock and Cena at SVS IMO.
  4. Who else remembers that though? I forgot about the second, and the first is NEVER mentioned on TV. Cena has openly said "he beat me fair and square" many times now about Punk. I actually praised him on it IIRC.
  5. Cena could win tho
  6. Cena will win!!!
  7. This would make a nice sig.

    Anyway, I'm smelling a triple-threat with Big Show involved. We can have the whole "Cena has the strength of ten men and the braindead commentators can't believe what they just saw!" crap we always see with Cena and Show in the ring, Punk throws Cena out and steals the pin.
  8. I could see Cena winning. I don't really care who wins though tbh
  9. CM wins, and the wwe gets even shittier.
  10. Well, there's always a chance of Super Cena going over everything and everyone.
  11. Well they do seem to love killing Punk's momentum when he's really flying so I wouldn't be surprised if Cena wins, but I'm expecting the same thing as Seabs tbh.
  12. -Punk winning via Big Show interference.
    -A triple threat with Show with Punk winning.
    -Cena winning and then losing it the very next month.

    Punk should continue to escape with the title till the Rumble, in my opinion.
  13. There's no way if Punk is facing Rocky at the Rumble that Punk will lose his title imbetween, just stupid to turn the title into a hot potato again for a meaningless reign.
  14. I could absolutely see them doing that though, regardless of how illogical it seems. Wouldn't be the first time.
  15. CM pisses his tights and Cena makes 12 year old jokes for 15 minutes. The crowd Oohs and awwws. Then, show shows up and cries about his situation, and cena makes fun of him. Cena then kills them both, and then a BAstar add comes in.
  16. They added Big Show. This is gonna suck now.
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