Punk vs Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. What's going to happen next week to make this a triple-threat then? If it's going to be made into a triple-threat at all that is. Some are under the assumption that Undertaker is going to return and feud with Punk, but after this week's RAW I find it hard to believe they would eliminate Punk from this feud so suddenly.
  2. I see it going kind off like Orton vs Rey vs Angle was set up back at Wrestlemania 22. Punk playing the part of Orton, stealing the win via cheating. Cena in the role of Rey then gets added back to the match later on by a face authority figure. Rock is playing Angle in this scenario.
  3. Suddenly? He's been in the feud quite a while..

    If they go down the triple threat route, then I see it being a double countout/DQ or some bullshit finish.
    If it's Rock/Cena and Taker/Punk then I see Cena getting a fluky win (roll-up), Punk going apeshit and Taker returning. Not sure what Taker's reasoning would be, but then again I don't get paid to write the shows.
  4. So predictable and pissing people off?

  5. I didn't realise I have to explain it.

    This week on RAW he was involved in a head to head with Cena and then a head to head with Rock after attacking Cena; he's clearly a big part in this feud CURRENTLY. If Taker were to return and set up their Wrestlemania match, he would have to obviously leave this feud and that would be SUDDEN considering the week before he was the most vital part of it.

    Hope I've cleared it up.
  6. But if Cena wins clean, what can Punk have to complain about? That's a quick and sudden way to get him out the feud.

    My opinion of this is that they made the match next week to give Taker another week to see what's going to happen. If he can't, then do a fuck-finish and have a triple threat. If he can, Cena wins clean.
  7. He's a heel, he can complain about anything. I don't get how you don't understand that. It's like earlier when you said rock/Punk have ran out of material; statements like that just baffle me.

    If they wanted him out of the feud and had no plan for a triple-threat, why would he be in every single segment dedicated to the WWE title match on this weeks RAW? More importantly, why would he be the main factor in all of them? He goes head to head with Cena in the opener, then attacks Cena and has a face-off with Rock in the main event. That seems like an awful lot of unnecessary face-time and build in a feud that he won't be apart of.
  8. Because WWE aren't openly admiting that Taker could be returning, are they? So obviously they have to continue the build encase Taker doesn't return...
  9. Can't we have. Fatal four way hell in the cell match. Throw Ryback in too.
  10. If they had no plans for Punk in this triple-threat, he wouldn't be the key man. Taker isn't some child, he knows whether or not he is capable to compete at Wrestlemania. I doubt it's a case of:

    "Taker, you ready?"


    "Okay, we'll keep Punk the most vital part in this feud until you let us know."

    "Cool thanks bro"

    The only logical explanation for Punk to be involved is if that Taker costs him next week. It keeps Punk looking strong and continues the story of him not losing to Cena, and then gives Punk a reason to be pissed off and want to go at Taker instead (can also mention streak vs streak). That's lazy booking still though. I definitely don't want that to happen at all.
  11. Undertaker vs Kane would be better.
  12. But then what logic would it be for Taker to cost Punk? Unless Taker is heel :lol1:

    If Taker returns this is going to be a shower of shit-fest with no logic. And that's exactly why I hope it happens.
  13. Are you serious? Taker's current gimmick is picking opponents he sees worthy to attempt to end his streak. Punk has had the best kayfabe calender year in the company. That's why Taker could interrupt.

    I just sincerely hope he doesn't. Take the year off, heal those bones, and return at Wrestlemania 30 for your last match against Cena.
  14. Taker a heel for costing Punk? lolno.

    Punk's heel run has been about his ego, his apparent lack of respect. Taker is a legend in the business, both in and out of kayfabe. Taker can cost Punk the match because he feels that he can shut the "brat" up. What better way to shut someone who's been portraying the egotistical traits Punk has than offering them a shot at what may be the biggest thing in wrestling? It's something that he knows that Punk cannot say no to without admitting that he is not as good as he claims.
  15. No but what sense would it make for Taker to interfere in a match. It'd be different if he interfered before the match.
  16. I see. You explained it better :otunga:

    I guess that makes sense then.
  17. Have to explain everything to Jonathan lol.
  18. To be honest, I've found the complete story boring since after Rumble so I skim through their scenes.
  19. I feel they've put too much emphasis on Punk being involved at this point. I really don't see Taker showing up and getting involved with Punk. He'll come back at WM XXX and maybe take on Cena or Punk to take out the "new generation" before hopefully retiring.
  20. Random double countout/DQ, enter Vince or random authority figure to make it a Triple Threat. Either that or Taker returns and we know where it goes from there.
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