punk vs lesnar?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Gav back in the championship, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. how does everyone see this going if it were to happen i think it would be interesting to see what side haymen takes
  2. I really don't know.

    Honestly.. I don't think Lesnar is in for another title reign. He's just in WWE for the money, and a few appearances a year. He really doesn't like WWE's schedule and the traveling. Also, it would be a heel vs heel match, which you don't see that often. I don't think it will push anything in the situation both wrestlers are in. Both Punk and Lesnar are both very over with the crowd, so it isn't really necessary, in my opinion.
  3. They could easily turn Bork face if they needed, but yeah I'd be against it as well. Punk against Brock just isn't believable due to Punk's look.
  4. Punk looked fine against HHH, Batista, Joe and Cena imo so he can work against super heavyweights, his expressions and body language work it for him, plus if Punk is heel you have the Heyman factor as the disruptive outside force, he's the one who can manipulate him into a mistake.
  5. I thought he looked awkward against Batista. Maybe it's just because I was younger but I always felt that Batista should been winning that match easily due to the size of him, and I would say Brock's larger than Dave.

    If he were more of a technical kind of wrestler, like Angle or Bryan then yeah I could maybe see it being more believable. I can't picture Punk hitting half of his moveset on Brock, it would just look funny.

    I agree that the Heyman factor could make it work though. If they went through with the whole stable thing and had guys like Ambrose intervening then it would look fine IMO.
  6. I think they will join forces to be honest. Heyman guy stable
  7. I agree with this statement.

  8. It won't happen unless one of them goes face, and that's not happening anytime soon. And if it did happen, it would work better if Punk was the face, because a guy Brock's size just makes the heel position better for him since you can market him as a monster and all that.
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