Punk vs Ryback vs Cena

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  1. Is it a pretty much confirmed triple threat or do you think he'll genuinely choose one? I can see it being a triple threat to keep Cena there (for the buy rates and storyline) but Ryback/Punk will do most of the working. Also it gives Punk another way out of making Cena look weak.
  2. He was scared (you know) to choose just one, i'll doubt he'll choose both. Unless McMahon does.
  3. I think he'll be forced to fight both John Cena and Ryback, he won't make a choice to choose either because he is scared of Ryback and doesn't want to fight Cena. If it does happen, then two years in a row we'll have a triple threat Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  4. Def watch if it was that Triple threat, since rybacks my fav superstar at the moment.
  5. FEED ME PUNK! Either Ryback vs CM Punk or a triple threat match.
  6. Ryback is obviously being primed as a reserve plan if Cena cannot wrestle at HIAC (which they reportedly aren't sure of yet). A triple threat is likely since it would allow Ryback and Punk to do most of the work if they have to have Cena in the match at all.
  7. But I can't see Ryback getting his first loss like that. I don't know.
    Unless it's like Ryback is about to win and hits the ShellShock on Cena, Punk throws Ryback out of the ring and goes for the cover.
    The reason why Cena is getting covered is so they add that Ryback hasn't been pinned or something along those lines.
  8. Triple threat matches usually don't count for loses if one guy loses, as CM Punk said they'll probally have Punk or Cena pinned just to have someone eat the pin and have Ryback there to get more spotlight, which doesn't bother me if they did. Just don't want to see Ryback actually win the championship yet since he's still young and has plenty of time to get that championship.
  9. A Triple Threat would be nice. Punk pinning Cena after Ryback does the damage could be pretty cool, I don't want Ryback's streak to end on a Triple Threat though...
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