Punk works stiff with Jericho

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. :damn:
  2. Punk working stiff with someone doesn't surprise me. Doesn't surprise me that Jericho just shrugs it off either.
  3. You'd expect two veterans like Punk and Jericho to work pretty stiff, I'm sure Jericho posted a similar picture after their match at ER?
  4. Pretty sure all chops do that to you. They need to sound loud and they only hurt a tiny bit, so I doubt this is Punk working stiff.
  5. Those are some pretty big welts. Let me give one to you at full force, and you tell me if it only hurts a little bit.
  6. It hurts, but the pain lasts around 3 seconds... You can give as many as you want. The only time it gets seriously painful is if you do it at a high frequency in the same spot of origin; it stings real bad then.

    It really isn't that painful. Slap yourself as hard as you can in the chest.
  7. :lol2: Nice try. Fly on over here and we'll give it a try :ksi:
  8. Need someone a lot stronger than you to even make a mark.

  9. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.....
  10. You eat pieces of shit for breaksfast?

  11. Best. Movie. Ever.
  12. ......................NO! :nogusta:

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    Thanks for getting the reference Danny :obama:
  13. :obama: I only know good references and you post the good ones.
  14. Knife edge chops aren't shit. Just like kindo stick shots aren't shit. They make a noise and leave a red mark. Anyone who wants to come over and practice their knife edge chops later hit me up.
  15. No way dude they hurt more than life itself. So life threatening and stuff, back down.
  16. :WILLIS: Your sarcasm does not amuse me
  17. You smiled slightly. Don't lie to yourself. :rock:
  18. My penis moved, that's it! :angry:
  19. I still have an invite extended to anyone with a kindo stick that wants to exchange blows.
  20. Name a time and a place. I'll be there. :tough:
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