Punk's best and worst look?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Punk changes looks from time to time. Which looks is your favorite and which is your least fav?

    For me my personal fav for him was his General Zod look from 2011 mixed with Straight Edge Jesus.
    Least fav has to be his current hobo look. He looks dreadful now

    Honorary shout out to indy nipple ring Punk, that was a good look for a young Punk.
    Hey Gohan, when you gonna get nipple rings bro?
  2. Best look: [​IMG]

    Worst look: His current one right now.
  3. Long hair and big beard >>>>>
  4. I liked his Wolverine look a few months back. Now he never looks like he's made an effort.
  5. WWEF has stooped to a new low.

    @Crayo I would like to suggest de-modding Stopspot as punishment.
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  6. I'd have to say his best look was in 2005, and early 2006. In my opinion, his worst look would have to be the way he looked in 2011.
  7. The long hair with the blonde in was dope.
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  8. His best is either the long hair that he had up until 2010 or the shorter hair as seen in the first pic.

    His worst look was his bald look that he had from late 2012-early 2013. He looked like a cancer patient.
  9. I prefer his blondeish black hair long hair and his debut look. My third favorite outside of that tie is the Jesus look he had with long hair and a long beard. My least, is whenever he was bald.
  10. Thought I was on Wrestling Forum for a minute....
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    Liked his "Nexus" look. That kinda blond spiky hair.
    The worst one for me was when he was in the developmental system (What is called NXT nowadays). He used to look..."Too gothic"
    Oh he looked awful during NOC12-WM29. Dat bald :willis:
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  12. nobody else even bats an eye just OH YEA CM PUNK HAIRSTYLES MUCH DISCUSS TOTAL INTERESTING
  13. Best look? How he looked at WM 28.

    Worst? His wolverine look, man them mutton chops freak me out

  14. Wolverine look is good but much prefer him with long hair :woo:
  15. Punk's looks are all greasy short order fry cook IMO. He needs some steroids in his stocking from Santa.
  16. Spongebob?
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  17. Purple hair from the summer of punk, yes homo.
  18. Punk with long hair>>>>>>
    Punk with no hair (bald)<<<<<<<<<
  19. Punk with long hair>>>>>>>>
    Punk bald<<<<<<<<
  20. NEVER for last question!

    Anyway CM Punk BEST look was when his hair was short and jelled like the one you show in the 1st photo just b/c well he look like me. and it was easyer for me to look like cm punk.

    Wrost look would have to be when he had the freakis bread when he leaded Straight Edge Soicty and had a bread like Fidel Castro that freak me out. and then when Rey cut long cool hair off it make it wrost with a bold head and that Fidel Castro bread EH just glad he does not have it anymore. also him wearing a mask during that time did not help either.
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