Punk's opponent at HIAC

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  1. I can't really think of anyone who is capable of making the step up for what - due to the storyline - has to be the main event (IMO) in a Hell in a Cell match. Randy Orton is probably who they will go for but the issue they'll have with him is that Orton/Punk should be a pretty big story considering it involves two of the biggest stars that are active in the roster today. It just feels unnatural to me that Punk and Orton fued for 5 weeks then have a Hell in a Cell match, then it just randomly ends to allow Cena to step back in again. I guess WWE will just have to persevere whatever way they go.

    Who do you think it will be?
  2. Punk's opponent at NoC?

    sheamus! champion vs champion title match and then punk will win and then both titles will be merged and that is when punk will debut the new title!!! then that will cause controversy because ziggler still has the briefcase and then the GM says ziggler can now challenge for the WWE title!!!
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    I agree! #VinceMcMahon4WWEChairman
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  5. Punk's opponent at NoC?

    At WWE.COM article about cena they said he is Injured. So Punk will have a new opponent
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    Winner of stating the obvious competition goes to the above poster!
  7. Punk's opponent at NoC?

    be nice to the newbies ryan!
  8. Punk's opponent at NoC?

    Fix your title noob
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    Was just making sure you were all on your toes.
  10. Title is still the same.

    Cena will be fine by then, no one will step in.
  11. Cena, why would it be someone else?
  12. If it's not Cena, it'll be Orton.
  13. The plans are to keep Cena out off ring duty up until HIAC according to PWInsider so make of that what you want.

    If that is true he will probably do mic segments to build the feud whilst Punk eats jobbers
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