Royal Rumble Punks' Pipe Bomb 16/01/12

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  1. Very impressive. What do you think will happen at the RR?
  2. If it's discussing RR it should be in "PPV & Events", want me to move it there or do you want it to discuss his mic work from that show? :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Both, and yeah, could you please move it to "PPV and Events" for me? :emoji_heart:
  4. Done. As for the Rumble, I'm actually predicting that he successfully screws Punk with Jericho involved. Tough one though.
  5. What if Punk ends up retaining the title, but he has Y2J destroy Punk afterwards, thus starting a feud?
  6. Credits to CM Punk for having a brave outburst. Really showed him who's boss.

    I'm sorry but Johnny's last name sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.
  7. :rofl:
  8. Would be cool, but I'd prefer Johnny Ace not to control Jericho. I'd rather him be his own man masterminding it, but have Steph as the control figure he needs.
  9. So Jericho would be like another Lesnar then, (Paul Bearer wise)... Stephanie being Jerichos head honcho?
  10. I'd want it as Jericho using Steph to get what he wants (championship, "best in the world") and Steph using Jericho to get to the top of the food chain (power wise).
  11. That's going to be hard if Jericho is only in the WWE till Summerslam.
  12. Not really. He'll have what a 3-month reign? That'll make RAW very interesting post wrestlemania.
  13. I honestly wish Rock would come back permanately to the WWE. It makes me mad that it's just a one time match. Rocky is a badass lol. That's why Cena and Rocky is a fantasy match for me.

    But, imagine Rocky vs Jericho. That might even be bigger than Cena vs Rocky.
  14. It will never be bigger than Cena v Rock, nothing can be.

    As for Rock coming back full time, think we'd all like that. He's a massive movie star now though, so that'll never happen either :emoji_cry:.

    During Thursday’s WWE investor conference call, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon spoke about The Rock’s impact on the company’s second quarter financial results, namely WrestleMania 28, which generated over $28 million in revenues.

    McMahon announced that The Rock will be appearing at “multiple” pay-per-view events aside from WrestleMania 28.

    The Rock announced last month that he’ll be appearing at the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series in November to confront John Cena, who he will wrestle at WrestleMania 28.

    He's due atleast one more appearance on PPV imo. Jericho vs Rock also happened multiple times already. I personally want some interaction between Rock and Orton since Randy was a part of Rock's last WM match before he challenged Cena.
  16. I'd probably want Punk v Rock for the mic segments.
  17. Orton has faced the Rock before? I can't say I remember it. (At WM anyway)
  18. It was a 3 on 2 match. Rock and Foley vs Batista, Flair and Orton. It was a pretty good match overall.
    Video of the match is in the spoiler.

  19. Haha poor Lillian... Got caught stareing at "the peoples package" LMAO!