Punk's whereabouts

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Guess his time off is one week? :lol1:
  2. I really wanted him to take some more time off
  3. He'll address it, and then probably leave again. I can't see him sticking around for the near future with banged up knees etc.
  4. I thought he was gonna leave WM like taker did two years ago. Not just returning and saying fuck you wwe universe I'm not returning till you give me respect is bah..
  5. Ouch. Hoping he'll heal up well and be alright soon. Maybe he'll just get mic time to say his post-WM piece but not be in a match, then take time off from house shows (unless they do still have him do the international tour) to give his body time to heal before he goes back to much in-ring action.
  6. I hope he heals up soon and will be alright. His match with Taker was the highlight of WM so I can't wait to see what he has to say about all of that when he makes his return to Raw next week.
  7. Yeah, I also think he'll get time off afterwards.

  9. He definitely needs some time off. The longer, the better.

  11. Dude needs to chill out for a while and return at the Rumble or something.
  12. Yeah as much as I'll miss seeing him, I want him to rest up so he can heal. At least a month before he makes another title run.
  13. Place would have erupted for Punk, kinda disappointed they didn't send him out tbh.
  14. Yeah, take some time-off Punk, and take Cena with you while you're at it. Maybe also Rock.
  15. Why didn't the table break? Was it suppose to?
  16. Probably a screw that was screwed in too tight or something like that. It was most likely meant to break.
  17. But Vince doesn't care about his employers, he cares about money and Punk gives money
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