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For forum rules, some of which may overlap here, see this thread Forum Rules & Warnings
In-Game/Character/Match Rules
  • The overall limit of CAW's is a 90, however it, and the rest of your attributes, must be realistic to your character. Nobody wants a 5 foot 5, 200 lb CAW with the strength of Brock Lesnar, the speed of Neville, submission ability of Daniel Bryan and the hardcore ability of all of ECW, wrapped in one tiny package. You will not be allowed in/will face consequences if this rule is broken. Don't Max out everything.
  • The Samoa Joe OMG Moment (Powerbomb into a Boston Crab) is banned. No exceptions to this rule.
  • Manual Leverage Pin is banned; if a Leverage Pin occurs as a result of a reversal, that is allowed and may be used to end a match.
  • Hammer Throw is banned; it can be used as an unfair advantage and as a cheap way to win a match.
  • Van Daminator is banned; the move is a glitchy mess at times, so to avoid any occurrences, it is not allowed.
  • Pins MUST occur after a finisher; unless in the case of a Leverage Pin reversal occurring. You are allowed to pin off of someone else's finisher in the case of a multi-man match.
  • If in a Ladder/TLC/Tables Match; one finisher must be hit before you are eligible to either climb a ladder to win or before you are eligible to put your opponent through a table to win.
  • Unicorn Stampede is banned; it provides an unfair advantage and does a disproportionate amount of damage.
  • The "Killswitch"/"Unprettier" is banned; it does an ungodly/unfair amount of damage when used with the "Pin Combo" skill.
  • Steel Cage Superplex OMG Moment is banned; It is an instant-win move, therefore making it unfair, thus it is banned.
  • Ring Breaker OMG Moment is banned; see rule above this one.
  • King of Swing OMG Moment is banned; see reasoning for Van Daminator.
  • Use of the Custom Match Rules feature is prohibited unless otherwise specifically stated by the guidelines of a show or myself.

PURE Rules and Code of Conduct

  • Missing a match, without prior notification and a forfeit, will result in a loss and exclusion from the next PURE World Championship tournament; missing a second match will result in exclusion from the next show altogether and a missing a third match is ground for a potential suspension. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in termination.
  • If you decide to create a promo for any purpose, you may NOT use someone else's character without explicit permission; breaking of this rule will lead to exclusion from the next show altogether. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in not only a termination, but a permanent ban from PURE: Professional Wrestling.
  • Cursing in promos is allowed, but explicit actions/material is prohibited; Taken from this forums very own Efed, "RWK", OOC - The Code Of Chivalry (Rules and Regulations) thread: (Appropriate action will be taken depending on the severity of the situation)
1. Rape or implied rape
2. Killing or implying people are killed...

3. Pornographic content/[overly erotic content] (i.e sex/implied sex or nudity beyond the typical in a wrestling ring...don't count Edge and Lita's ["Live Sex Celebration"], times [have] changed.)
4. Racism: It's a very touchy subject and while it at times is addressed in storylines, it needs to be done tastefully.
5. *Anything else [PURE] sees as too far that isn't covered here*
  • Real world wrestlers/real world promotions do NOT exist here; PURE and any other league/efed (past,present or future) mentioned within this section are in a universe entirely of their own. Mentioning them Out of Character is allowed, but they should never be spoken of while in character. Breaking this rule will result in a review of your place in PURE.
  • Promos are NOT necessary, but are encouraged; in past incarnations of the WWE Xbox League, promos were a vital and detrimental part to being booked on shows and earning championship matches. in PURE, it is all about competition, where "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". Not doing promos won't hinder you, but it provides entertainment and interest for those in and out of our community. And you never know, it might lead to something special for you in the future.
  • Don't bash another forum member/player; this should go without saying. Don't be a toxic member of the community because not only does it make you look bad, but it makes PURE and the forum as a whole look bad. This can lead to not only a ban from here, but from the forum altogether.
  • You are not allowed to use multiple accounts in PURE; aside from this being a forum rule, it needs to be stated. There have been incidents in the past where individuals have used multiple/fake accounts to get ahead in leagues and/or efeds. This will not be tolerated here and upon discovering you have broken this rule, you will be immediately and unceremoniously banned from the forum.
  • You do NOT need to use a face texture on your CAW; it is not needed. It's your CAW, make him look however you want (within reason). Just make sure it isn't too generic or too "out there".
  • Promotion/advertising of another League, EFed or forum that is not associated with this forum is STRICTLY prohibited; other promotions that you or your character is a part of can be mentioned/talked about in/out character, but this should NOT be used as a platform to outright promote or advertise anything else you are in outside of this forum. In the case of a partnership or alliance between PURE/this forum and another forum/league/efed, it might be allowed, but MUST be brought up to me first to clear it.
  • Help, don't harm; if you see someone struggling in any aspect, instead of bringing them down or making them leave, try to help them out. Give advice, show them the ropes and help them become a better player and/or forum member.
  • If you have an issue with tournament brackets, blame RNG; PURE World Championship tournaments are randomly generated in the first round. I am NOT manually putting matches together (unless otherwise stated). This is done to keep it spontaneous, challenging, fun, ever-changing, non-biased, competitive and give everyone a chance.
  • Issues with a match or with another member of the PURE roster should not be brought up in public; if you are having/have an issue with anything, feel free to message me on Discord or, what I prefer, send me a private message on here.
  • Double booking is allowed; if you wish to have a non-tournament match put on the card, all involved must send me a group message with the reasoning behind the match.
  • Finishers are unique; No two people can have the same finisher, unless both roster members agree it is acceptable. This is to keep characters/move-sets unique and to avoid everyone in PURE from getting annoyed with multiple characters using the same move and creating arguments.
  • Secondary Championship Guidelines; There will be a secondary championship in PURE, this championship will NOT be tournament based. It is a championship that can be defended at any time and doesn't need to be booked on the card to be defended, but I must be notified of the match and the winner. If you hold this secondary championship, it is REQUIRED to be defended at least once a month, or you will be stripped. ALL rules will still apply to this championship. This championship can be defended in any match type against any member of the PURE roster and any number of participants.
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