Ring of Honor Pursuit night 1 results

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. Spoilering these since I'm a nice guy :otunga:

    Show Spoiler

    Nov 15, 2013
    DEARBORN, Michigan
    Eestimated Attendance: 300-400
    Bobby Cruise came out and said they are taping 2 episodes of TV

    Jay Briscoe def Silas Young with a Jay Driller
    - Jay Briscoe laid out an open challenge and Silas Young answered it
    - During the match Silas tried to use a hammer but was stopped by Mark

    Three way: Cedric Alexander pins Tadarius Thomas after decimating Bobby Fish with a dropkick

    ROH World TV Title: Matt Taven def Zach Gowen to retain
    - match had lots of pinfalls telling the story of Gowen not giving up
    - Post-match, Taven, Truth & Scarlett grab a crutch & attempt to add insult to injury. Tomasso Ciampa out to make the save

    TV Ep 1 Main Event

    Jay Lethal def Eddie Edwards w/ Davey Richards with a lethal injection

    During intermission it was said that the Alex Shelley DVD set sold out at the venue. Had to send people to the website to buy it.

    After intermission Nigel brought in two UK "fans" who Truth Martini harassed by saying the woman could be a Hoopla Hottie which led to the man defending her honor. An arm wrestling match was done right after where Martini won. Martini was then slapped by the woman right after.

    R.D.Evans with Veda Scott def Hakim Zane with a 2nd rope gut-buster
    - Veda Scott called out Tommaso Ciampa who was attacked by Matt Taven with a crutch from behind

    Three way: Caprice Coleman got the pin on Kyle O'Reilly while ACH was on the floor
    - C & C obviously getting a lot of momentum on this show

    Mark Briscoe vs Elgin went to a no contest when Silas Young came out to attack Mark. Jay made the save but was attacked by Elgin which led to Mark moonsaulting to the floor

    Roderick Strong def Davey Richards w/Eddie Edwards with a roll up pin after an ankle lock

    Main event for Ep 2

    ROH World Title
    Adam Cole def Jimmy Jacobs via Canadian Destroyer after evading the Contra Code
    - post match BJ puts over main event & Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs talks about not being booked in July & now main eventing tonight. Jacobs thanked the fans for the support

    I'll definitely check these matches out. Either on TV or on DVD. ROH dropping the once a month TV tapings was a very smart move for the flow of the product it seems.
  2. So these are the full episodes? Every match from the event will be aired on TV?
  3. Considering the standard ROH event is four hours no. They tape roughly 2 episodes per show so some matches will be DVD only I think.
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  4. Still awesome event, Not sure if to buy it on PPV since I want to buy GBH.
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