Push 1 Depush 1 Fire 1.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Simple enough thread you pick one wrestler to push, one to depush and one to fire. Give reasons why.

    Roster is here

    My choices would be :

    Push - Alex Riley, sure he's not great in the ring but he's essentially The Miz with a WWE looks great on the mic with so much potential growth.

    Depush - Big Show, I'll admit I'm not overly keen on him but he could be used in a role of putting over talent solely because of his size.

    Fire - Khali, he can barely walk let alone wrestle, he has no upside beside potential marketing in India, which could be achieved by signing someone who can actually work.
  2. Exactly the same as you, but to continue it I'll pick different ones.

    Push - Curt Hawkins & Trent Barreta as a team

    Depush - Sheamus to give prestige to the IC title (as Rhodes moves on)

    Fire - Mason Ryan
  3. Push - Tyler Reks, not because he mailed me or anyone in this forum but if he wouldn't do that then I wouldn't realize what a talent he is because right after he did it I went on and looked at one of his matches on Youtube and found a very good match which impressed me on Tylers part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDM9anVdA-g

    Depush - Daniel Bryan - He doesn't deserve the position he's at right now but I gotta admit that he is one hell of a talent, Dolph Ziggler should replace his position as I see much potential on Zigglers side.

    Fire - Khali, what you said.

    (Crayo can we have a reason for Mason Ryan? I cant see him being fired because why should he?)
  4. Push Ricardo Rodriguez
    Depush Miz
    Fire Jerry Lawler
  5. Push - Justin Gabriel. (He has a lot of technical skills in-ring, and he is a great high flier, and very entertaining to watch).

    Depush - Chris Jericho. (He's leaving in a couple months, for yet ANOTHER let down for the WWE Universe).

    Fire - Big Show.. (He's an uninteresting giant buffoon who aggravates me when he performs in the ring.
  6. Definitely fire jerry lawler.
  7. Push - Christian
    Depush - Miz / Cena
    Fire - Jericho . Stop the mockery of him already, yet another total failure of a return for him, like it was against Orton. Its about time wwe lets him out of his misery and fire him, he hasnt got the talent, charisma or star value like The Rock or Stone Cold or even Undertaker to come back for a few months and boost ratings.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Why depush Cena? He's making too much money for them to be a midcarder.

  10. Because its not like vince is going to be sharing his money with me? I dont give a shit how much money he is making, i care about how much hes entertaining, and his act is getting boring, Kane feud wouldnt last long and he will back to the title race which would suck.
  11. You could theoretically depush Cena from the top guy in the company to a regular main eventer without him falling down to midcard status
  12. Push - Cody Rhodes (Boy, did he grown on me or what? I despised him in 2010, and two years later he's stepped up a notch completely and is one of the best things on SD)

    Depush - R-Truth (He just ain't upper-card or main event material)

    Fire - Khali (Do I need to say anything at all?)
  13. Agree with Rhodes, I didn't like him either. Didn't think he had the pedigree to get to the next level but his mic work and ring work are exceptional now.

    Interesting with R-Truth. As a heel I thought he should of been pushed more and seen as a psychotic legit contender instead of a comedy crazy guy, he got some serious heat.

    As a face though you're right, he needs to be in the midcard or tag-team division and I think they're doing that.
  14. Thank you for this thread. Great idea.

    Push: Drew Mcintyre, the guy has all the tools to main-event, although he may need some mic-training and definitely needs some kind of character change that isn't ridiculous. He did get heat on the rare occasions that he got the mic and in the feud with Kofi, Teddy, and Matt Hardy. (And you know who all else I'd put on this list, Gabriel, Kidd, Brodus, etc.)

    Depush: Pretty much every main-eventer right now. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk deserve their spots based on pure talent, but they need their characters to be re-built as they'd be a whole lot better not being generic WWE guys. Jericho needs to step aside for a younger talent (although they need to build one first), and Big Show is, well, Big Show. No complaints with Orton and Sheamus, even though they need less Superman booking as well.

    Fire: Khali, this guy brings nothing to the table. As much as I bitch about this company, the roster itself isn't bad at all.
  15. Push: Mason Ryan, Drew McIntyre, Uso's.
    Depush: Miz, Brodus Clay.
    Fire: Khali

    Can't choose I'm sorry.
    Why fire Lawler? Damn, he's one of the best and a classic!
    And why fire Mason Ryan?
  16. More important question, WHY PUSH MASON?

    Lawler is god awful at commentating. The worst commentator in WWE.
  17. Push: R-Truth - Personally, I love watching him in the ring. His dance like moves are pretty impressive and he has some nice moves. I think he is among the top 5 mic workers right now and he's my third favorite wrestler. Watch this promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sx--piMaC8

    De-push: Del Rio: He's terrible. I can't stand watching him in the ring and his mic work is horrendous. All he does is get cheap heat and tell people his name.

    Fire: Khali, it's obvious. He can't wrestle or talk.
  18. Del RIo > Truth in the ring.

    Truth was a beast on the mic as a heel, as a face he's completely boring. I've never seen heel/face affect your mic work but in his case it does.
  19. No way, Truth is elusive and has variety. Del Rio is completely generic wrestling. Yes, Truth is somewhat boring as a face. To be honest, him as a heel is one of my favorite 'storylines' ever. It was fucking great.
  20. Del Rio is arguably in the top 5 wrestlers in WWE. He's a much better wrestler than Punk. Sure his gimmick is boring as hell atm and he gets no reactions, but technically he's a much more sound wrestler than Truth.

    And yeah, I loved Truth's heel run. The promo he cut on the top of the ramp was insane.
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