Push Kidd on SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Nuff' said really. Push this guy. He was the only guy who performed in that tag-team match, well, The Uso's were both impressive. But Tyson was the boss there. Push this guy on SD.
  2. /me doesn't know why they haven't already pushed him.
  3. ^This. He has been boss off NXT and Superstars whenever he's been on it. Paying his dues. Putting younglings over and getting even better in the ring than the GOAT he already is. And getting real good on the mic.
  4. Kidd and Gabriel should be the big competition when Prime time players get the titles IMO, i love high flyers and they both were the main reason the #1 contenders match was so sick....Huricanrana wha?!
  5. Unless Kidd and Gabriel get an actual gimmick instead of the "High flying kids who don't actually fly high together" then I would hate for them to be the contenders. Kidd's mic skills have improved, Gabriel is unbearable on the stick. If you're going to have them stay together then give them an actual gimmick, have them dress the same, a custom entrance, lots of tag-team moves.

    Otherwise, Justin can go away and Kidd can push for the IC title or something.
  6. Vicki needs some new talent.
  7. They had synced colors at NWO so they aren't that far away from that. I say go with the gimmick you and I discussed a couple of weeks back Crayo. The thrill seeking adrenaline junkies. Them doing extreme sports and such. Give them a manager to handle the mic (God I'd mark for Regal since he is so high on these two)
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  8. Rep points for the Regal comment, if only he wasn't stuck on NXT we might see some young talent actually get promoted (outside of PTP)
  9. Yeah that was one boss idea. I'd love that. Also, same coloured trunks doesn't count. It's still just two oily men with skimpy trunks on. I like Hardy style attires, something original.
  10. When he came out to Damien two weeks ago, I thought he was actually going to feud him, I was marking until he got attacked by him when he 'turned his back.' Then he just practically jobbed to Damien last week, I think he does deserve a push and should receive it as soon as possible. They can push wrestlers like Tensai however can't push young talent with such great skills like Tyson Kidd.
  11. As almost every time you post, i agree. Funny they talk about getting new superstars off other sports, i cant wait to see Jaime Moyer in WWE (hes upper 40's) and maybe MJ will come to WWE with Tyson(dont mind tyson) and then Kidd/Slater and the other younger talent can wait until they are well past their prime to finish jobbing to people like Cindi Lauper
  12. He's not marketable. Vanilla midget fasho
  13. Says the guy with Diaz as his pic underneath. Talent all day, just needs a cruiserweight/US title opportunity to shine. Also a manager.
  14. What does Diaz have to do with a wrestler from NXT and Superstars?

    Diaz is a good draw btw, his fight with Condit sold a lot of PPVs
  15. Plus drawing in MMA is all about being an entertaining fighter, which Nick is where as in Pro wrestling it's more about storyline development and evolving your character which I'm unsure Tyson could do well enough.
  16. Is all about booking. We can make Ryback interesting with almost no dialogue. We can make Kidd interesting. Respark his and Henning Jrs NXT feud on Smackdown and have at it for about two months.
  17. Diaz is awesome but not a big guy, terrible reference but seemed like comparable sizes at the time.
  18. Comparing Ryback to Kidd is pointless. Many fans will always be drawn towards giant muscle heads who can throw around their opponents.
  19. I agree the majority is booking, but Tyson lacks the star quality to be a draw IMO. A decent midcarder sure, but he shouldn't be doing much more.
  20. And I ain't saying he needs to be more. He does have what it takes to elevate the mid card or tag team division. Give him the right bookings for those divisions and I am sure he could be one of the corner stones of them.
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