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    WWE Forums supports push notifications to your smartphone and many other devices through two services, Pushbullet and Pushover. You can setup your account to receive push notifications under "External Accounts" in your account options.

    The following alerts are supported:

    Conversation - When a member sends you a private message
    Post - When a member quotes you or replies to a thread you are watching
    Post Rating - When a post of yours receives a rating
    Profile Post - When a member posts a message on your profile
    Profile Post Comment - When a member comments on a profile post you made, or one you have participated in
    Thread - When a thread is posted in a watched forum, or a member you follow posts a thread (see: People You Follow)

    Alerts for other forum features can be added upon request.


    pushover.png pb1.png pb2.png

    Setting up Pushbullet
    Supports Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Windows (see: Apps). Free.
    • Go to External Accounts
    • "Associate with Pushbullet"
    • Sign into Pushbullet with Google or Facebook
    • Click "Approve"
    • Choose what devices you want alerts sent to and what type of alerts
    • Done!
    Setting up Pushover
    Supports Android, iOS, Desktop. Paid.
    • Go to External Accounts
    • "Associate with Pushover"
    • Register a Pushover account
    • Insert given User Key
    • Choose devices, alert types and alert priority (optional)
    • Done!

    If you need any assistance, you can post here for help!
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  2. Okay so I've been using this for the last 24 hours on my old Android, and it is awesome. You can customize all the notification sounds either from this site or in the app. Alerts are sent instantly to your phone, and I mean instantly. As soon as I clicked "Like", the alert was there.
    You can choose what you want alerts for, I am guessing PM's only will be a popular setup. Customization options:


    And here are some screenshots from my phone,

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Love it.
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  3. I just actually downloaded Pushover a few days back, I'll have to test it out here Tuesday/Wednesday when I'm at the hospital and have a use for it.
  4. Gonna test this out now. @Solidus do you know if vibrate works? As in if your phone is on vibrate will it vibrate for every alert or is the app classed as music so it's either sound or mute?
  5. It works, and can be disabled if you don't like it.
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  6. Someone like/quote a post please
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  7. Holy shit that was instant. Was spamming alerts page and it was so quick.. Guess I'll have to get the full version now :obama:

    Good work Soly
  8. I might make this legends only. I can have 7500 alerts per month sent before I have to pay.
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  9. Would be a good feature to have to hopefully get a few more to buy legend.

    7500 is quite a lot considering not many people are using it atm, or at least haven't posted to say they are.
  10. This is now a legend only feature. I need to get a page up with a list of legend features, there's a lot of them.
  11. Hmm didn't realise it was only a free trial.. :sad:
  12. Yea, I'll buy it when it's on Windows Phone, worth it for me.
  13. I'll have to find a premium version somewhere, it's really good
  14. Never got conversation alerts working though.
  15. Yeah I didn't know if it was just my settings or if I was just skimming over the alert for it but I thought I didn't see any
  16. Do we have any members using this? I have for 2 years now.
  17. I haven't been using it. Forgot about it, tbh.
  18. I didn't even know about that. I'll definitely use it.
  19. Updated!

    Now available to ALL members and Pushbullet support is added.
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  20. Just got pushbullet for chrome, PC and phone... I really, really like the look at it. This is gonna be a big improvement from the slightly weird tapatalk notifications from the forum's app, but I'm also looking forward to using Pushbullet generally, for texting from PC, sending files to phone etc etc etc. Thanks for introducing me to this! As others have remarked, it's fast as fuckkkkkk
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