Kayfabe Put it on the Tab. First Name.. Part 1

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  1. *The scene is set inside a shady bar with bikers, their crew and what can only be described as their play thing all sitting in at the front of the bar, with some of the others playing pool and watching. With the locals standing and sitting at the side intimidated to order a drink at the front. The jukebox playing the same country music over and over. This is the type of bar where you go in for a laugh, and come out in stitches. Then all of a sudden the front door flies open and catches everyone's attention. The Scat, who has a video camera in his hand walks straight up to the bar with urgency. Everyone has their eyes on The Scat and the bikers aren't too impressed with Scat who they see it as disrespectful to their turf. Everyone can't recognise it's The Scat because he has his navy blue cap, black duster and shades on, with his usual jeans and boots. As if they would anyway. The Scat waits knowing people are staring at him and not giving the impression that he's intimidate. The Barmaid finally gets the time to serve Scat.*

    Barmaid: You know this is the Broken Jack right ?. Some of the locals don't take kindly to *looks up and down at The Scat.* tourist.

    *The Scat stays silent and looks over at the biker man playing pool who hasn't stopped staring. After a good 20 seconds of staring.. The biker man continues to play pool. The Scat looks back at the bar maid, with the bar maid looking slightly impressed.*

    Barmaid: So what can I get you honey ?

    The Scat: Bottle of Budweiser.

    *Barmaid goes over to the fridge and grabs the budweiser chilling in the fridge and takes it up to the counter.*

    Barmaid: that'll be ..

    *The Scat interrupts.*

    The Scat: Put it on my tab, first name Bill... Last name Bronson.

    *The barmaid nods and The Scat walks over to an empty booth and sits himself. The Scat puts the cam recorder on the table and the beer on to the opposite side, takes off his shades.. gets comfy and press records.*

    The Scat: My friends and ememies. We are now in the age.. the era. That our opinions can be heard. We no longer have to sit in silence because this, this little bit of technology can have our voices be broadcasted across the world. But i'm getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning. A couple of months ago... I signed with Precision. Everything I've said about my demons and that was true. I came back because It's a new company it's new management and I felt I could recapture that brilliance I had for what seems like forever ago before I broke my elbow. So I made my return... I got an amazing reaction from you guys and for that I will forever treasure. I knew I had to start from the bottom and I was fine with that. I didn't want any special treatment because i've went far too long having special treatment and everything was sweet. But what I soon started to realise was the backstage politics and the little cliques don't fall far from the old companies tree. It seems like if you're not an ass kisser or apart of one of the higher ups cliques then the company machine will hold you done and give you opponents that will just no show and be classed as a no-contest.... Hi Blade..

    Part 2 will air shortly

    OOC: no one get uptight or any that shit... Just wanted something to do and tried something different.
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