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    With the independent scene growing in the professional wrestling business, new cult promotions and regional associations bring up new talent from the depths. Talent which has never been seen before in the wrestling world until these small companies brought them out of the dark and into the spotlight.

    These wrestlers are a prime example of what can be seen in the next generation. Pro Wrestling Articulated will bring them to life, but eventually somebody must take these workers to the next level, or else Pro Wrestling Articulated will be forced to adapt and grow.

    And so these businesses created their own stars, instead of scavenging what was left behind by the next level in the wrestling pyramid. But what’s next for these stars. Can they make it to stardom elsewhere? Or maybe they will find it here, at the fastest-growing, home-grown talent producing company in The Americas: Pro Wrestling Articulated.

    Xander Wolf [H]
    Finishers: Xander’s Sabre (Fireman’s Carry Cutter), The Wolf’s Tone (High Angle Neckbreaker)
    Signatures: Straight Jacket Spike DDT, Headlock Driver, Suicide Dive
    Gimmick: Converted cage fighter, holds the belief that his boxing background puts him above others.

    Yuri Yamashitya [F]
    Finishers: Endorokku (Arm Trap Cross-Legged STF), Shima Doraiba (Cross-Legged Fisherman Slam)
    Signatures: Shi Kikku (Roundhouse Kick), Doragon Muchi (Top Rope Front Flip Hurricanrana)
    Gimmick: Japanese wrestler who fights with honour and fairness, doesn’t believe in non-Pure styles.

    Ethan Barnett [H]
    Finishers: G.N.G.B (High Angle Shoulder Breaker), Barnett Buster (Twisting Belly-To-Belly Slam)
    Signatures: Curb Stomp, Punt Kick
    Gimmick: Irish Traveller, openly admits that he is a ‘hardy sham’ and the toughest man in PWA.

    Tyson Snow [H]
    Finishers: Tuffuckin Kick (Superkick), Twist & Shout (Fisherman Twisting Neckbreaker)
    Signatures: Drive-By (Drive-By Kick), Calloway Clothesline (Flipping Clothesline)
    Gimmick: One half of The Entourage (OEBA), a group which ‘terrorizes’ the PWA. Tyson is the young buck, but highly energetic and willing to put his body on the line for what he perceives to be the greater good.

    Tenzi Vega [H]
    Finishers: Viva Los Vega (Two-Handed Sit-Out Chokeslam), Piledriver
    Signatures: Uranage Side Slam, Double-Underhook Backbreaker/Butterfly Backbreaker
    Gimmick: One half of The Entourage (OEBA) (see above). Tenzi views himself as the coolest and most badass man in the wrestling business, and carries a cockiness around him because of that.

    Blake Sullivan [F]
    Finishers: G.T.L (Starship pain), Jersey Shore Jump #2 (Avalanche Flip Bottom)
    Signatures: 450 Splash, Backstabber
    Gimmick: Brother to Shannon Sullivan, Jersey Shore rave enthusiast who values having fun.

    Shannon Sullivan [F]
    Finishers: Superkick, Jersey Shore Jump #1 (Coast To Coast)
    Signatures: Standing Flip Bottom, Standing Moonstomp
    Gimmick: Brother to Blake Sullivan, Jersey Shore rave enthusiast who values having fun.

    The Wandering Widow [F]
    Finishers: Tatsumaki (720 Rope Assisted Tornado DDT), Shooting Star Press
    Signatures: Stinging Pulse (Eat The Feet), Inverted Frankensteiner
    Gimmick: Mute luchadore from Tianjin, holds the powers of The Widowers in his mask.

    An.E.Mal [H]
    Finishers: Dark Soul Driver (Reverse Death Valley Driver), Dark Soul Slam (Angle Slam)
    Signatures: Predator Press (Gorilla Press), Death Roll (Over-Head Belly-To-Belly Suplex)
    Gimmick: A creature beyond your darkest fears, a monster from the nightmares of beasts.

    D-Rott [H]
    Finishers: D-Rott Driver (Omega Driver), Ghetto God’s Right Hand (Diving Fist Drop)
    Signatures: Flipping Neckbreaker, Backdoor Entry (J.T.G’s Shout-Out)
    Gimmick: Californian gangster, racist and stereotypical.

    Qupid [F]
    Finishers: World’s Sexiest Splash (Top Rope Body Splash), Qupid’s Arrow (Scissor Kick)
    Signatures: Bow Of Love (Rope Handstand To Elbow Drop), Spider Suplex (usually followed by World’s Sexiest Splash)
    Gimmick: The God Of Love, simply put.

    Big Bruce Cooper [H]
    Finishers: 400kg Squeeze (Bearhug), 400kg Splash (Rope Assisted Body Splash)
    Signatures: 400kg Oklahoma Slam, 400kg Senton
    Gimmick: Self proclaimed ‘’Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet’’, billed at 400kg. (Note: His real weight is, of course, not 400kg, but closer to 400lbs).

    El Muerta Negro [H]
    Finishers: The Black Death (Corkscrew Moonsault), Coup De Grace (Running Knee)
    Signatures: Killing Combination (Elbow, Knee, Fist & Leg Drop Combo), Triangle Dropkick
    Gimmick: Another mute luchadore, brings death and dishonour to PWA.

    Guernica [F]
    Finishers: Tijuana Thunder (Tiger Bomb), The Dive (Diving Headbutt)
    Signatures: Tijuana Twist (Twisting Tiger Suplex), Golden Kick (Savate Kick)
    Gimmick: World renowned Mexican luchadore, best known for his Golden Eagle character. He wants to keep the traditions of wrestling, and goes against any un-pure wrestlers.

    D’Shawn De Niro [F]
    Finishers: The Godfather Part II (Backstabber), Taxi Driver (Death Valley Driver)
    Signatures: Money Shot (Heart Punch With Theatrics), Red Carpet Kick (Missile Dropkick)
    Gimmick: Movie star, claims to be related to Robert De Niro; acts heelish but loved by crowd

    Tesla [H]
    Finishers: The Tesla Effect (Arabian Facebuster), Tesla Shock (Double Arm DDT)
    Signatures: Electrify (Calf Kick), Circuit Failure (Sleeper Hold)
    Gimmick: The mind of Hydra, a sub-team of The Entourage (OEBA)

    The Peacemaker [H]
    Finishers: Peace Of Mind (Jacknife Powerbomb), War & Peace (Dominator [Lashley])
    Signatures: Unforgiven (Corner Big Boot), No Mercy (Oklahoma Slam)
    Gimmick: The artillery of Hydra, shows a distinct lack of peace despite the name...

    Jackson Finn [F]
    Finishers: The Finn-isher (Air Raid Crash), Fin(n) (Gory Bomb)
    Signatures: The Souvenir (Running Forearm Smash), Sunset (Springboard Clothesline)
    Gimmick: Scottish purebred, fights for the fans.

    Mystere Murphy [F]
    Finishers: Mystery Solved (Jackhammer), Case Closed (Clothesline From Hell)
    Signatures: The Clue (Neck Chop), The Mystere Myst (Burning Red Mist)
    Gimmick: A mysterious man, loved by younger fans for his ominous nature.

    Mr. Steve Ashley (Owner)
    Kelechi Mvovo (Medical)
    Jamal Majaraj (Medical)
    Sergei Cislar (Medical)
    Evan Hayes (Referee)
    Alexa Van Der Ewell (Referee)
    Eddie Morris (Writer)
    Marius Karius (Writer)
    Drew Jackson (Production)
    Jimmy King (Production)
    Maria ‘Boop’ Forde (Announcer)
    Hazam ‘Burj’ Khalifa (Announcer)
    Cian Keane (Road Agent)
    Aaron Adams (Road Agent)

    The Entourage (Of Extraordinarily Badass Anarchists)
    Tyson Snow & Tenzi Vega
    Tag Finisher: Tuffuckin Kick (by Snow) into Viva Los Vega (by Vega)

    Shakin’ Sullivans
    Blake Sullivan & Shannon Sullivan
    Tag Finisher: Assisted (by Blake) Jersey Shore Jump #1 (by Shannon)

    Tesla & The Peacemaker
    Tag Finisher: Classic Doomsday Device

    New Dawn
    Feb: Battleborn
    Mar: Day & Age
    Apr: One Night Only - Mexico
    May: The Desired Effect
    Jun: Hot Fuss
    Jul: Crossfire
    Aug: Kickstart | Anniversary (Starting Point)
    Sep: One Night Only - Canada
    Oct: Locked In
    Nov: Bustin' Out
    Dec: Frostbite​
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    A statement has been released on The PWA Website, ProWrestlingArt.TV. They have announced a number of things concerning the structure of their upcoming first show, PWA Kickstart. The show will take place live in The Buccaneer Arena, Urbandale, Iowa on July 17th 2016. Mr. Steve Ashley has announced the following in this statement:

    1. The PWA National Championship will be awarded personally by Mr. Steve Ashley in a crowning ceremony to who he deems worthy of holding the belt.
    2. Two of the most mysterious masked men in PWA will face off as El Muerta Negro faces The Wandering Widow in a singles match-up.
    3. A number of video packages will be played throughout the even to promote future events and fighters who will make an appearance at later shows.
    4. Big Bruce Cooper will make his own statement, live inside the ring.

    The statement can be seen in full below:

    ''To The PWA Fans,
    With the final preparations being made before our first show, PWA Kickstart, we would like to notify you of the details of the event and create some publicity by telling you some of what you will see. We know you need to know what you're seeing, and we care. We're going to give you a reason to come to Kickstart, and all future shows across America

    Firstly, just a reminder that PWA Kickstart will take place in The Bucaneer Arena, the home to the Des Moines Bucaneers Hockey Team. The arena is in Urbandale, Iowa, and you will find it on 7201, Hickman Road. We would like to thanks Buccaneer Hockey LLC for allowing us to use their wonderful arena for our first show. We have been allocated to use 200 seats in the East side of the arena, and tickets will be $8 for adults and $2 for Under-16s. The show will take place on July 17th. The show starts at 8:00p.m Central Time, but entry is permitted up to an hour early.

    At the show, our owner Mr. Steve Ashley will be crowing his first Professional Wrestling Articulated National Championship to a person of his choosing during a crowning ceremony. We do not know who will be crowned champion, or when this event will take place during the show, but we know that Ashley will pick somebody personally to be champion. It will interesting to see who he thinks PWA's #1 will be. Find out live! Order your tickets ''here'', and print out the receipt. You will receive your ticket at the entrance to give to the ticket keeper.

    We are also proud to confirm that one of the matches taking place will be El Muerta Negro versus The Wandering Widow. We are proud of these two fighters representing our company in front of a live crowd, and we are sure that we will entertain everyone who is there! We are also aware of a number of video packages that will air on ProWrestlingArt.TV and live in the arena on the big screen! We hope that these will give some insight to the viewers about what background our fighters have, and make them look forward to their appearance at future shows.

    Finally, we are pleased to announce the appearance of ''The Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet'', Big Bruce Cooper. We are delighted that such a uniqe person with such ability will be making his name in Pro Wrestling Articulated.

    Once again we ask you to check the details above for going to see our fighters live! If you are unable to make it, you can also watch our stream live on ProWrestlingArt.TV! We look forward to your enjoyment!

    Kind regards,
    The PWA Production Staff''

    Booker's Notes:

    Shows will be entirely self written. Promos and segments will be entirely written out. General audience and commentary interaction will be summarised. Matches will have their entrances and opening part written out and then there will be a short summary for the middle part of the match, before a fully written ending. That's the best way I can describe it. One match will be entirely self written, as I wrote it before I decided that writing out every match would be too much hassle. The other matches will be in the format I just said.

    After shows, I will gauge reaction by posing questions and asking for a rating (whether it be 1-10, Terrible - Perfect, a general thought) which I can use to help change the show to your liking. I know activity isn't at it's highest here and that praise/criticism/comments aren't given out regularly, but if you guys could even just take a few minutes to skim through it and leave a comment, I'd be most grateful.

    The show actually will be out July 17th. Get hyped.

    Tagging those who may be interested: @Roadster @Crithu @King B @Ricky Daniels @NLSuplex
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  4. looking forward to this dude
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    The PWA Kickstart theme plays throughout The Buccaneer Arena in Urbandale, Iowa as Pro Wrestling Articulated’s first show kicks off to a crowd of 141 fans crowding in one side (the opposite side to the cameras) of The Arena. This crowd gives a roar of approval as a brief but flashy lights display occurs at the top of the stage. The lights then all focus down on the curtain as the crowd begins to calm down.

    Today’s hired commentators, Maria ‘Boop’ Forde and Hazam ‘Burj’ Khalifa, welcome the viewers on ProWrestlingArt.TV to the show. They repeat the information that has been given to PWA fans in the recent press statement on ProWrestlingArt.TV. They have been notified that PWA’s Owner, Mr. Steve Ashley, will be crowing his first PWA National Champion tonight; personally choosing who he believes can lead this company forward.

    They have also been informed that ‘The Heaviest Man In Wrestling’, ‘400kg’ Big Bruce Cooper, will introduce himself today, while other fighters will make appearances in video packages, which will hype their future appearances. Finally, they mention that one of the matches they have today is El Muerta Negro vs The Wandering Widow.

    The crowd take a minute to milk down, but eventually they calm and the show begins:


    ‘On Top’ plays as Mr. Steve Ashley comes out from behind the curtain, becoming the first person to appear on camera in a PWA ring. He receives a mixed reaction of cheers and boos from fans who do not know quite what to expect from the owner: ‘’The Popular One’’ or perhaps ‘’The Evil Boss’’. Ashley walks down the ramp, and uses the steps to enter the PWA Ring. He is handed a microphone by ‘Boop’ Forde (who gets sarcastically applauded by ‘Burj’Khalifa). Ashley surveys the crowd in front of him and begins to speak.

    ‘’After all this time, it’s finally arrived: The highest quality wrestling in The Americas. Pro Wrestling Articulated...’’

    Ashley trails off as the small crowd gives a round of applause and lets out some shouts of positivity. Ashley lets a grin appear on his face, but quickly puts it away as he starts talking again:

    ‘’I want Pro Wrestling Articulated to become the number one place for new superstars to make a name for themselves. I wish to turn this place into the pinnacle of technically advanced, athletically superior fighters; a place where everyone will look for next big thing’’

    The crowd listen on curiously in silence as Ashley continues.

    ‘’And this is where it all starts: PWA – Kickstart marks the first time that all of you people see the rising stars in this business. This is the starting point we have marked, and soon it will turn into a place of history, because you will look back and say ‘’I was there’’ when PWA first started’’

    ‘’But moving on for a moment, a lot more needs to be done than talking about the future. What really matters, for now, is now. And that is why I am marking the beginning of PWA right ‘now’: by announcing the first PWA National Champion’’

    The crowd cheer.

    ‘’I know the people in this company very well, and I know inside my head who I want this company, as well as this championship to be taken forward by. There is only a single person backstage who is worthy of holding the honour of becoming the first PWA National Champion; and I would like to take a moment to invite that man into the ring right now.’’

    ‘’So, witnesses of the new age, I present to you the first PWA National Champion, and the future of the wrestling business. Please put your hands together for this man...’’

    A sense of intrigue develops inside the arena as ‘JWAFOM’ plays through the speakers in the arena. The people eagerly wait for the man that Mr. Steve Ashley has held so high in regard. ‘’The Future Of Wrestling’’, ‘’The Only Worthy PWA National Champion’’.

    Then, out steps the familiar darkened figure of Xander Wolfe. It makes sense for Ashley to be talking about this man in such a good light, because in recent times we have seen that Xander Wolfe is a true athlete. A recent article was released on ProWrestlingArt.TV/notes showed off just what he could do, and the article quickly went viral on wrestling communities such as Reddit [r/Squared Circle], as well as on websites such as PWInsider, PWIllustrated and even got featured on Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Needless to say, the man has potential.

    Wolfe walks down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope and into the PWA Ring. Mr. Steve Ashley hands him his own microphone and Wolfe gladly accepts. He has a nice, big smile on his face as he begins to talk.

    ‘’Thank You, Sir, for the opportunity to be the face of this company: the future of wrestling.’’

    ‘’I think it says a lot about me; the owner saying that I’m the only person worthy of leading this company into the future. And Boss, you’re damn right. I know in my head that I’m the only one with the size and strength, with the athleticism, with ‘the look’, of carrying this title forwards.’’

    The crowd start to realise where this speech is headed, and let out a chorus of boss towards both Xander Wolfe and Mr. Steve Ashley.

    ‘’Like it or not, that’s the truth. Love it or hate it, this is how it’s going down. I’m taking the PWA National Championship and I’m going to show the world who I am. If you don’t think I’m the future, then you’re damn deluded, it’s as simple as that.’’

    Wolfe shares a glance with Ashley. The Boss is applauding and smiling, but the look in his eyes is telling Xander to hurry.

    ‘’So, without further ado, I wish to be crowned the first ever PWA National Champion’’

    The crowd boo as the commentator who handed Ashley a microphone earlier now hands over The PWA National Championship: A brown leather strap with a circular golden plate on the front, with the PWA Logo imprinted and the name ‘Xander Wolfe’ engraved in the bottom. He hands it over the Wolfe, who once again gladly accepts. The two shake hands, and Xander turns around...

    ...and is met by an unfamiliar theme song! Suddenly, Yuri Yamashita bursts through the curtains with a microphone in hand. The crowd let out a pop as he strides left and right across the ramp before making his way to the PWA Ring. He slides under the middle of the rope and rises to meet his superior, Xander Wolfe. The two stare off, prompting a huge cheer from the small crowd.

    Yuri raises the microphone to his mouth and speaks:

    ‘’You call yourself the future, but you’ve already seemed to forget that Mr. Steve Ashley only cares about ‘the now’; and right now sir, you’re in deep trouble’’

    ‘’But allow me to introduce myself. I am Yuri Yamashita, the voice of fairness. And this, this is not how champions are made. Champions are made through courage, and heart, and desire, and the will to keep pushing. But you, you have just been handed this opportunity. That’s not a true champion. That’s a coward.’’

    The crowd pop as Xander shouts ‘’What do you want?’’ repeatedly into Yuri’s face. The Japanese pure-bred speaks again.

    ‘’So, Mr. Ashley. If you want to see who the real one worthy of leading Pro Wrestling Articulated into the future, I think you should lend me the favour of a title match between Xander and I, right here, and when it matters: right now’’

    The crowd pop as Yuri drops his microphone. Xander gets all up in Yuri’s space, trying to intimidate him, shouting ‘’Is that what you want?’’ repeatedly. Just when it seems like Xander is about to snap, Mr. Steve Ashley steps in and tells Xander that he will deal with this. He turns and speaks to Yuri:

    ‘’So you want to ruin my plans for a first true champion, just so you can take the glory. I must say, I’m impressed by your Japanese balls. You think that you can come in here and demand that I take away a belt from one of my employees in the name of ‘respect’? That’s ludicrous, Yuri!’’

    Ashley seems to think that this is enough, but Yuri remains in the ring, keeping stern and steady eye contact with The Boss.

    ‘’You really have a problem, don’t you buddy. I can’t say that I want you here for long, but I’ll give you a chance to fight for your survival before you face your imminent destruction. Tonight, I’m pitting you against another man. Similar to Xander, but he will turn you into dust if you so much as touch his ginger hair. Should you survive, Xander is all yours, but even if that happens, it’ll be your own funeral.’’

    Ashley drops his microphone and exits the ring via the middle rope and the steps. Yuri also turns to walk down the ramp, but Xander Wolfe hits him with the PWA Belt! Square in the back of the head! Yuri goes down in pain, and Xander lays the belt on the ground for a moment. Yuri stumbles backwards into Xander, who picks him up in the Fireman’s Carry position! Xander’s Sabre!

    Wolfe rises to his feet and smiles at the crippled body of Yuri. He picks up his title belt and raises it into the air, much to the disapproval of the crowd, before exiting the ring through the middle rope. As he makes his way towards the curtain, Yuri manages to get to his feet using the ropes to aid him. Yuri raises his fist at Xander and swears revenge under his breath.


    For once, a song that’s not by The Killers plays as D-Rott casually struts through the curtain, gold chains hanging off of him. He smiles cockily, showing a gold tooth, as the fans boo him into oblivion, already knowing about his racist mentality. D-Rott simply laughs and rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. He climbs to the top of one of the corners and raises and open palm, the infamous: ‘’Ghetto God’s Right Hand’’. He lets the booing sink in for a moment before he starts warming up for the match.

    And for once, a well known song is played as Qupid, The God Of Love, shakes his way through the curtains. He stands on the top of the ramp and shakes his hips, getting a good reaction from the crowd. He continues giving winks to various people in the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs up the steps and into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle, swinging his hips forwards and backwards this time.

    ‘Boop’ Forde talks about Qupid’s ‘’sexy’’ nature which is rather unnaturally loved by the crowd. ‘Burj’ pokes some fun about Maria fancying Qupid, but Maria holds firm by retaliating that Qupid actually has a thing for Arabian men. ‘Burj’ then proceeds to shut the hell up for the remainder of the entrance.

    And before the match even begins, D-Rott hits a cheap shot! A low blow between Qupid’s legs which sends him falling to the canvas. The referee, the experienced Evan Hayes, rings the bell as we get a slightly early start to the first match in Pro Wrestling Articulated history, and as we quite literally, Kickstart the show!

    D-Rott very quickly pins Qupid to the ground and starts the ground-and-pound. He hits a barrage of lefts and rights to Qupid’s head before releasing after a final headbutt. D-Rott jumps to his feet and walks around as he waits for Qupid to come away from the corner. Eventually, Qupid stumbles forward straight into a shoulder toss from D-Rott, who then applies a seated abdominal stretch. Qupid wiggles in D-Rott’s arms and eventually, he frees his arms and hits a hard slap across D-Rott’s face. D-Rott releases the hold, and Qupid capitalizes with a quick, flashy dropkick.

    Both men jump to their feet at the same time, and Qupid ducks a wild clothesline attempt from D-Rott, and goes for the quick crucifix pin! Qupid gets only a one count as D-Rott powers out of the pin. Qupid manages to stay in control though aswell, as he applies a headlock. D-Rott tries to get to his feet, but Qupid hits a judo toss and keeps the headlock applied, trying to get some rest. However, D-Rott manages to slip out and apply a hammerlock. Both men get to their feet and Qupid manages to twist out of the hammerlock and then twist D-Rott’s arm. D-Rott somersaults to undo the twist. He kips up and hits Qupid’s arm causing him to release.

    Without any waiting around, D-Rott hits a strong kick to the gut which sends Qupid into a hunched over position. D-Rott bounds off the ropes and hits a strong knee to the head. Qupid remains groggy in the ring, and D-Rott steps behind Qupid. Looks like he’s going for the D-Rott Driver! He lifts up Qupid...who turns it into a hurricanrana! D-Rott rushes to his feet, and Qupid hits a strong elbow to the face! Qupid whips D-Rott into the corner and charges, Piercing Elbow! Qupid stays on the apron as D-Rott stumbles out! Qupid springboards... straight onto the shoulders of D-Rott, who holds him in the spinebuster position! D-Rott lets Qupid drop to the canvas and keeps a hold of his legs...and applies a Boston Crab!

    Qupid tries to escape by turning The Crab around, but D-Rott sits down and applies all of the pressure onto Qupid’s back! Just when The God Of Love looks like he’s going to tap out, he gives a last desperate swing and manages to turn The Crab back around! D-Rott keeps a hold of Qupid’s left leg, but Qupid kicks out with his right! Hard shot to the jaw! D-Rott goes to ground near the corner and Qupid jumps to his feet! He looks to the crowd who cheer, and gives his hips another swing! He charges towards the corner, jumps over D-Rott and handstands on the top rope, going for the elbow he calls Qupid’s Arrow! But soft! D-Rott kips up to his feet and shoves Qupid over the top rope to the outside!

    Qupid hits the ground hard, and looks to be in some discomfort. D-Rott rolls out of the ring and picks up The God Of Love, before throwing him shoulder first into the steel steps! D-Rott shows no mercy as he picks up Qupid again, and this time sends him shoulder first into the ring post on the opposite side! Qupid bounces straight back towards D-Rott again, who finally bundles him back into the Squared Circle.

    D-Rott rolls into the ring and looks at Qupid as he gets to his feet. D-Rott bounds off the ropes...and hits his signature Flipping Neckbreaker! Qupid remains on the ground as D-Rott raises an open palm, much to the disenlightenment of the rowdy crowd. D-Rott steps onto the apron and then makes his way to the top rope again. He raises ‘‘Ghetto God’s Right Hand’’ one more time before bringing it crashing down onto the face of The God Of Love!

    D-Rott goes for the cover! 1-2-3! D-Rott wins PWA’s first ever match, defeating Qupid, The God Of Love in the process! Evan Hayes raises the hand of D-Rott, who immediately pulls away and threatens Hayes before taunting the crowd. ‘Boop’ Forde tells us about D-Rott’s gangster background, and tells the viewers to keep an eye on D-Rott.


    We return to our two commentators, ‘Boop’ Forde and ‘Burj’ Khalifa inform the viewers on ProWrestlingArt.TV that after looking through the Pro Wrestling Articulated roster; assuming that Mr. Steve Ashley was accurate when he said he had ‘’ginger hair’’, that Yuri Yamashita’s opponent in tonight’s main event will most likely be ‘’The Hardy Sham’’ Ethan Barnett. They notify the viewers that they will attempt to get an update from Mr. Ashley as the show goes on.


    A new theme song plays throughout the arena. Out plods ‘’400kg’’ Big Bruce Cooper, ‘’The Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet’’. He slowly makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring, his tree-trunk sized legs rippling with each thunderous step, and his cannon arm swaying forwards and backwards. He uses both hands to claw his way onto the apron before stepping over the rope into the PWA Ring.

    BBC retrieves a megaphone (not a microphone, a bright orange MEGAphone) that is tossed at him from the crowd and starts to shout through it:

    ‘’Ya’ll hear me, buckos! Ya’ll hear mah voice!’’

    The crowd immediately begin to boo at this overweight, overly obnoxious figure that is standing inside The PWA Ring.

    ‘’Yeah, boys. Ya’ll hear me loud and clear! Don’t yah!?’’

    The booing continues from our crowd.

    ‘’All ye small boys in the crowd, I’ll snap ya in half like a damn twig. Ya’ll with your scrawny lil’ arms. I’m the biggest man in this company, and I’m the biggest damn man in wrestling. That’s a fact, you hear me ya’ll? Damn right, sonnies! Nobody bigger or stronger than yours truly, Big Bruce Cooper’’

    ‘’I’m BBC, and there ain’t one, two or five people behind that curtain that can stop me! I’m just too big, darlings! I’ll break the bodies of your favourite skanks if I wanna! And guess what lads, I’m gonna do just that. Because there ain’t anybody back behind that curtain that’s gonna stop me! Is there folks!? Nah! There ain’t anybody ou-‘’

    Some of the younger members of the audience start bouncing up and down and fist pumping from the rave tune that suddenly plays through the speakers! Out from behind the curtain come two young, handsome and fit men who the commentators identify as Shannon Sullivan and Blake Sullivan. They act cool and rave all the way down to the ring, slapping hands of some of the fans reaching over the barrier. Shannon slides under the bottom rope while Blake jumps on top of one of the barricades and raves some more. Eventually, he joins his brother in the ring.

    The two brothers both keep their distance from Big Bruce Cooper as they are both handed microphones. Shannon is the first to speak:

    ‘’Really? Fattest man in wrestling? That’s the best that you can say for yourself, buddy? What about the sexiest men in wrestling? The fittest blokes in the business? I see talent like that every single day when I look into a mirror; I’m sure you can see too.’’

    Blake interrupts his brother, who is slightly hurt at Blake breaking the bro code.

    ‘’Yeah, bro! And what’s with all of this noise about nobody being able to stop you? You think we can’t stop you? Well, guess what buddy!? We do what we want after that mother fu-‘’

    Now it’s Shannon’s time to interrupt:

    ‘’...after that beat drops! We might look like a bunch of no life, forever raving, party animals; because we are. But we’re also amazing in bed, and in the ring as a matter of fact.’’

    Clearly sick of the noise coming out of the two of their mouths, Big Bruce Cooper takes matters into his own hands.

    ‘’What d’ye’wan, then!? You wanna match, small boys!? ‘Cause I’ll give it to yah! Wan’ it or not?’’

    The two party mad brothers bump fists and grin at eachother, and Shannon steps out onto the apron. However, before Blake can even prepare for the match, Big Bruce Cooper drops him with a stiff shot to the shoulder which sends Blake flying a metre away. PWA’s secondary referee, young Alexa Van Der Ewell, rings the bell early and gets the match underway.

    Blake scrambles to his feet but is unable to escape from the machine infront of him. Bruce presses Blake against the ropes before tossing him to the other side of the ring. Blake tries to get to his feet once again, but is met by a stiff right hand from Cooper, right into the kidney. Blake falls to one knee as Bruce lifts up Blake with one hand! From seven feet in the air, Bruce drops Blake and lets his body hit the canvas hard!

    [The match turns into a showcase for Big Bruce Cooper’s strength as he continues to man handle Blake Sullivan. He hits a number of high impact moves including a military press drop, back body drop and even a last call. However, Blake eventually recovers and starts using his speed to escape and tire out The 400kg Superstar. Blake uses quick bursts of kicks and slaps to wear down the big man. Eventually, he hits one of his signature moves, The Backstabber. This however, crushes his legs and he has to crawl to his corner to tag in his brother, Shannon, while the big man is still down. Shannon continues to work Big Bruce.]

    [However things start turning awry when he misses his signature Standing Moonsault. Bruce starts to take control again, and hits some more high impact moves including another last call and a Samoan drop. Bruce ends up taking Blake out of the match for a while too, when he tosses Shannon headfirst into Blake, sending them both flying to the outside.]

    Bruce exits the ring and goes to the outside, he picks up Shannon and tosses him into the ring before returning his attention to the illegal man, Blake. He picks up the party animal and throws him shoulder first into the barricade. He turns back towards the ring...and is planted by a huge plancha from Shannon! Shannon goes mental on the outside the of the ring and starts a rave, making most of the younger members of the audience jump up and down with their hands in the air. Shannon re enters the ring at 6 and waits for Big Bruce. Cooper manages to haul himself to his feet and rolls into the ring at 15, and Shannon starts kicking him while he’s down.

    Shannon continues this kicking fit, but the kicks start doing less and less damage. Instead of using his speed and running, Shannon just keeps kicking. This costs him as Bruce grabs one leg and lifts him into the air before planting him with the modified spinebuster! Bruce then bounds off the ropes and hits the 400kg Senton! Shannon is squashed like a pancake!

    Bruce looks like he is about to finish it now, as he lifts Shannon onto his shoulder and hits his signature 400kg Oklahoma Slam! Shannon writhes around in pain as BBC bounds off the ropes, looking for the 400kg Senton again, but Blake Sullivan springboards from his corner and hits Bruce with a powerful missile dropkick which stops Bruce dead in his tracks. The Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet stumbles back against the ropes. Blake bounds off the ropes on the opposite side and goes for a kitchen sink knee strike, but it barely harms Big Bruce. Bruce grabs Blake by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope with one swing of his huge body!

    As Blake hits the concrete floor like a tonne of bricks, Cooper turns his attention back to Shannon, who still looks crippled after that huge Oklahoma Slam. Bruce makes his way towards Shannon and then starts dragging him by one arm towards one corner of the ring. Shannon lies limp on the canvas as Bruce steps onto the first rope and then the second rope, facing away from the ring. He prepares for his 400kg Rope Assisted Splash, but Blake makes a surprise return and hits a strong Enziguri to Big Bruce’s head! Blake holds onto the ropes to support himself, and then springboards once again right onto Cooper’s back! Blake applies the sleeper hold! Cooper shakes and turns but cannot get Blake to release! Just when it looks like Bruce might start to lose consciousness, he starts bouncing on the ropes once again. Cooper jumps and hits the 400kg Splash onto Shannon! Blake quite literally bounces off of Bruce’s back from the impact!

    Bruce gets to his feet and with one huge left hook, sends Blake sprawling to the outside. Cooper turns back to Shannon and goes for the cover! 1-2-3! Big Bruce Cooper picks up the win against the two party loving ravers! ‘Boop’ Forde on commentary brings up the fact that apart from his huge stature, he doesn’t have much more going for him in terms of a fighting background or speed. ‘Burj’ Khalifa however, states that he would still not like the get in Big Bruce’s path any time soon.


    As Shannon & Blake try to recover from their recent ‘’compression’’, the arena darkens and a video package begins to play on the screen above the ramp. A dark, shady silhouette appears throughout the video in a jungle habitat, with all of the birds and animals fleeing in his wake. We never get to see this figure’s face. The package ends with the image of a broken, leather mask falling into views and a stern warning fading over it.

    ‘’Next Month, The Nightmare Is Unleashed’’

    Our commentators ‘Boop’ Forde and ‘Burj’ Khalifa both ponder who this mysterious figure could be, and create hype about his appearance next month. After hyping an appearance next month, ‘Burj’ Khalifa decides to hype an appearance for tonight aswell! He announces that Mr. Ashley confirmed Yuri Yamashita’s opponent tonight to be the hard hitting Irishman, Ethan Barnett. ‘Boop’ gives some insight into Barnett, citing his shady background as a traveller and wonders whether or not Yuri should take part. They discuss the matter, and conclude that they would rather see the match go ahead than have no main event.

    After this, the two commentators notify the viewers on ProWrestlingArt.TV that the next match will be El Muerta Negro versus the ever so ominous Wandering Widow.


    ‘The Sounds Of The Shire’ plays as the floodlights all focus down on the ramp and the rest of the arena dims to a pitch black. Slowly, a dark figure walks out onto the stage. ‘Boop’ identifies this masked man as El Muerta Negro, labelling him as ‘a dangerous man who brings death and dishonour to PWA’. This dramatic description makes ‘Burj’ laugh out loud, but ‘Boop’ warns ‘Burj’ not to underestimate the small man. As El Muerta Negro makes his way down the ramp, it becomes clear that despite his small size, he is built like a tank.

    The ‘Dangerous Man’ then climbs up the steps and solemnly enters the ring, the floodlights following him as the rest of the arena remains in darkness. He shows no noticeable reaction to anybody; just dead focus and concentration on the match ahead.

    ‘Raging’ plays throughout the arena as The Wandering Widow bursts out from behind the curtain with a bit more energy, compared to his dark, supposedly dangerous opponent. He jumps up and down, bounding across the stage before making his way down the ramp. He sprints towards the ring and slides belly down under the ropes, before flipping over off his head onto his feet.

    As The Widow makes his way to the top rope to hype up the crowd, ‘Boop’ Forde tells us that The Widow’s mysterious nature comes with the fact that he has no known history. There is plenty of rumours, such as the rumour spread on ProWrestlingArt.TV/forums that he has burns on his face, scarring him and forcing him to hide it. Once again, ‘Burj’ Khalifa is sceptical.

    As The Widow continues hyping up the crowd, El Muerta Negro hits him from behind! The referee, Evan Hayes rings the bell early for the second time tonight as a competitor has made an early attack! El Muerta Negro continues beating down The Wandering Widow in the corner with a series of mudhole stomps right into his face and torso! Eventually, Hayes starts counting and reaches a four count before El Muerta stops. He walks away for a moment, only to give a hard punch straight into the jaw of The Widow! Widow lies motionless in the corner as Evan Hayes tries to escort Muerta away from The Widow. Muerta is forced to wait in the corner as Hayes assesses Widow. Eventually, The Widow rises to his feet and despite a concerned tone from Hayes, he opts to continue the match. Hayes signals for the two to continue...

    [The match continues, with El Muerta Negro mostly dominating. Negro uses his strong style strikes to knock the life out of The Widow. The Wandering Widow does make a brief comeback using his own quick barrage of strikes, and even manages to hit his signature Inverted Frankensteiner. However, just when things look to be going his way, Muerta fights back again and eventually hits his signature Triangle Dropkick sending The Widow to the outside. Muerta continues to punish The Widow on the outside, sending him flying into various objects on the outside before throwing him back into the ring on the count of 14. (Note: Ring Out Counts Are 20, Not 10).]

    [Muerta continues his assault. The killer luchadore hits a huge shining wizard, before forcing The Widow into the corner and hitting some more strikes. Eventually, Muerta lifts The Widow to the top rope and hits a huge Air Raid Crash from the top rope! Despite the huge impact both superstars took, Muerta is up quickly. He gets The Widow back to his feet once again, only to floor him with repeated strikes. The Widow once again makes a mini-comeback, and tries to hit The Stinging Pulse, but Muerta manages to reverse it into a package powerbomb! Muerta then continues his attack]

    Muerta whips The Widow into the corner. Muerta taunts the crowd for a moment before charging and driving his shoulder right into Widow’s gut! Widow stumbles out of the corner and straight into the path of Muerta who lifts Widow onto his shoulders and hits a strong Oklahoma Sideslam! Muerta gets to his feet and hits his Killing Combination! An Elbow Drop, Knee Drop, Fist Drop and Leg Drop Combo, all hit in quick succession! Widow is given no time to recover as he is planted by move after move!

    Muerta stalks Widow from the corner and waits for the crippled luchadore to get to his feet. Widow eventually stumbles to his feet, and Muerta hits The Coup De Grace! A devastating knee strike right to the side of Widow’s head! He’s done!

    But it doesn’t look like Muerta is done. He wants more! He steps onto the apron and then moves to the top rope! He goes for The Black Death and connects! Corkscrew Moonsault right onto The Wandering Widow! Now this time Muerta goes for the cover. Evan Hayes does a quick three count and puts The Widow out of his misery. As Muerta leaves the ring, his damage done, two members of The PWA Medical Team, Jamal Maharaj and Kelechi Mvovo quickly move into the ring to tend to the crippled Widow.


    As The Wandering Widow lies limp on the canvas, the cameras cut back once again to our commentators: ‘Boop’ Forde and ‘Burj’ Khalifa. The two briefly discuss the brutality and harsh nature of El Muerta Negro’s attacks, and conclude that he is definitely a force to reckon with and one that all fans should keep their eye on.

    They then change topic to next month’s show: One Night Only – Canada. They receive word that the world travelled veteran and ever-so traditional and fair Guernica, will appear at One Night Only – Canada. However, they are not told who he will face (assuming he even has a match) or the circumstances of his appearance.


    The ring has finally been cleared, and the lights dim again as another video package is played on the big screen above the ramp. This time, four wrestlers are seen in the video. They are all together in a scene of flashing lights and flames, before leaving a message over a blank screen:

    ‘Anarchy is just around the corner | One Night Only – Canada’

    Burj wonders out loud who these four wrestlers could possibly be. However, Boop, knowing her PWA Fighters, recognizes them as Tenzi Vega & Tyson Snow, a team known as The Entourage (Of Extraordinarily Badass Anarchists) alongside Tesla & The Peacemaker, a sub-group of The Entourage known as Hydra. She says that they appear to be up to no good, but Burj remains optimistic, claiming that we will have to see them first hand before making our opinion.


    For the second time tonight, we hear Yuri Yamashita’s theme song played throughout the arena. As he makes his entrance in similar fashion to earlier today, ‘Boop’ Forde decides to tell us a bit of background information about the Japanese sensation. Yuri was a fast graduate from PWA’s Training Camp and is one of the youngest members of our very young roster! ‘Burj’ Khalifa states that it was some statement to challenge The Boss on his first appearance on PWA’s first show, and ‘Boop’ agrees.

    Yamashita rolls into the ring and goes to the corner, where he hypes up the crowd. However, he is quickly cut off by Ethan Barnett’s theme song, much to his annoyance.

    Up The Ra (Oh Ah)’ plays as Ethan Barnett comes out. His towering frame makes up for his strange facial features in terms of seriousness. As he makes his way down to the ring, ‘Boop’ once again notifies the viewers of his background, citing his travelling history and his dangerous tendencies, such as curb stomping and punt kicking in street fights and bar fights.

    Ethan stops half way down the ramp and stares down Yuri...and sprints into the ring. He looks like he’s about the lunge at Yuri, but he grins as he stops himself. Yuri retreats into the corner, but does not blink. The referee for tonight’s main event, Evan Hayes guides Ethan into his corner and checks Yuri quickly before calling for the bell to ring.

    Yuri and Ethan both start circling the ring as one looks to find a weakness in the other. Eventually, after a few false alarms, Ethan Barnett strikes first with a closed fist before quickly applying a headlock. Yuri hits a quick, but impactful atomic drop which causes Barnett to release. Then, Yamashita hits a dropkick to The Irishman’s back which sends him into the corner. Yuri quickly kips to his feet and charges towards the corner and hits a Pierce Elbow! Barnett stumbles out of the corner and Yuri prepares for a springboard. Ethan Barnett turns...straight into a springboard dropkick!

    Barnett hits the ground hard, and ends up retreating to the outside of the ring. He cracks his neck and knuckles to make sure everything is in order and turns to enter the ring...only to be hit by a huge Suicide Dive by Yuri Yamashita! Both men are left lying on the outside as the ref starts to count!

    [Barnett recovers quickly and starts using the environment to his advantage, using the barricade, ring post and commentary table to his use. He milks the count twice, at 13 and at 11 as he continues his assault. He goes for a curb stomp onto the concrete, Yuri moves into the ring at the last second.]

    [Barnett follows Yuri into the ring and continues to control the match, hitting hard strikes, targeting the head of Yuri. He also hits some high impact grapples, including a Snake Eye onto the turnbuckle and a powerful suplex (after he holds Yuri over his head for seven or eight seconds while taunting). However, Ethan then tries to go for a punt kick, but Yuri dodges and uses the element of surprise to floor Yuri with an Ortonesque Backbreaker.]

    [Yuri starts to get back into the match, hitting some quick, snappy kicks to the middle region. An athletic and impressive hurricanrana also catches the fans eyes, but it only gets a two count. Yuri keeps on hitting those hard strikes and even succeeds in hitting a hard kick to the jaw. However things start going pear shaped when Yuri heads into the high-rent district and goes for a flying Crossbody. Barnett catches Yuri and hits a huge backbreaker before taking a moment to gather his breath in the corner.]

    [Barnett returns to the match after a few moments and regains control, grounding Yuri and hitting some hard strikers to his unprotected face. After this, he gets Yuri to his feet and keeps on hitting him with his brutal knuckles before hitting a vicious clothesline which makes Yuri twist 270 degrees. Barnett even succeeds in hitting his signature curb stomp. However, when he tries to finish the job with The Barnett Buster, Yuri reverses it into a DDT. Both men quickly rise to their feet and Barnett goes for a big boot, but Yuri ducks it and goes for the roll up, succeeding in getting a two count.]

    [After that, Yuri starts making a comeback. He hits his signature comeback combination, a forearm smash, swiftly followed by a knee to the gut. He then ducks a wild clothesline and hits a hip toss before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a Running Flipping Senton. Then, in a highly acclaimed moment (judging by the huge crowd reaction), Yuri manages to drop Ethan onto the middle rope and hit the famous Tiger Feint Kick...]

    Yamashita decides to head for the top rope after that impressive manoeuvre. He climbs from the apron to the top rope. The Japanese Sensation waits for PWA’s resident ‘’Hardy Sham’’ to get to his feet before going for the Doragon Muchi, but Barnett catches him! The Irishman lifts Yuri from the powerbomb position into the high angle position! He’s going for the G.N.G.B! But Yuri manages to slip out the back door! Yuri goes for the roll up! 1-2-3! No wait! Barnett kicked out! ‘Boop’ & ‘Burj’ express their disbelief as Barnett rushes to his feet.

    Yuri charges at Barnett, but Ethan floors Yuri with a big boot! Yuri hits the ground hard and tries to make his way to his feet, but Barnett bounces off the ropes! He goes for the Curb Stomp, but Yuri pulls away and manages to strike Barnett in the gut! Yuri takes one step back...and hits the Shi Kikku! Barnett goes limp and falls to his knees! Yuri applies the front necklock and crosses Barnett’s legs! Yuri lifts Barnett up for the Shima Doraiba, but now it’s Barnett’s turn to take the backdoor exit! Yuri turns and swings wildly, but Barnett ducks it and lifts Yuri into the air! Barnett Buster! Barnett goes for the pin! 1-2-3! NO! Again, a late kickout!

    Barnett goes absolutely ballistic! He squares up to Evan Hayes, who warns him of the consequences of hitting the referee. Barnett turns back to Yuri and hits The Punt Kick! Yuri starts spitting blood out of his mouth as Barnett taunts the crowd! Ethan then turns to Yuri and for the second time tonight, goes for G.N.G.B. He lifts Yuri into the air, but Yuri twists out and hits an armdrag! Ethan rushes to his feet, only to be hit by a second Shi Kikku! Once again, Ethan drops to the floor and this time, Yuri wastes no time! Yamashita applies The Endorokku! Barnett has nowhere to go! He must tap out!

    The crowd boo as Xander Wolfe runs down the ramp. The PWA National Champion slides into the ring and breaks up the submission hold! Evan Hayes calls for the bell! Yamashita wins by disqualification! Xander looks up too late, but decides to attack Hayes anyways, hitting him with a hard right hook to the head which knocks him out cold! Hayes gets laid out, and it looks like Xander has Yuri all to himself!


    Ethan Barnett rolls out of the ring and out of sight as Xander Wolfe continues his beating on Yuri Yamashita. The Champion continues stomping on Yuri and ends up getting him in the corner. Nobody dares to help Yuri as Xander keeps on striking Yuri’s face and torso. Eventually, Xander picks up Yuri and starts raining a barrage of punches into his ribs. Yuri is shouting with pain, but manages to keep conscious, even after a hard right hook from Wolfe.

    ‘Boop’ decides that now is the time to bring up Xander’s boxing background as Xander gets Yuri onto the ground. Xander pins Yuri’s arms down with his knees and starts pounding on Yuri’s head once again. One of these shots makes a cut right above Yuri’s left eyebrow, and another hard hit busts his nose. His mouth continues to fill with blood which he continuously spits out onto the canvas.

    Xander rolls out of the ring for a moment and collects his PWA National Championship before entering the ring again. He lays the championship belt on the floor and picks up Yamashita. The Japanese challenger tries to fight back at the champion, and succeeds in landing a few knees right into the stomach of Xander. This proves useless though, as one punch to Yuri’s possibly injured ribs makes him fall to a knee and let out a roat of agony. Xander applies a front necklock and positions Yuri right above The PWA National Championship. Xander lifts Yuri and hits The Straight Jacket Spike DDT, planting Yuri’s head face first onto the belt, showering the belt in crimson.

    The taste and feeling of rushing blood (and possibly some adrenaline) seems to wake up Yuri a bit, as he quickly rises to his feet after that devastating move and starts delivering some hard kicks into Xander’s torso. However, once again, one shot to the ribs silences Yuri. After this, Xander picks up Yuri into the Fireman’s Carry position and, for the second time today, hits Xander’s Sabre.

    Yuri is left unconscious on the mat as Xander picks up his belt and holds it up for the booing crowd to see. The PWA Medical Staff, consisting of Kelechi Mvovo, Jamal Maharaj and Sergei Cislar, attend to both Yuri and Evan Hayes. ‘Boop’ Forde and ‘Burj’ Khalifa comment on the disturbing attack, before announcing that tonight’s show is over. They announce the dates for PWA One Night Only – Canada and wish all of their ProWrestlingArt.TV viewers ‘Good Luck’ as the scene fades to black.

    Booker's Epilogue:
    As per your usual BTB, this part of the show is for questions related to the writing of the show.

    1. Do I need to distinguish the heels and faces more? Are they too tweener-y or undefined?
    2. What are your main thoughts on my two primary promos: The Reward Ceremony and The Cooper/Sullivan Confrontation?
    3. Do you like the writing style for the matches (excluding D-Rott/Qupid)

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    Huh, it looks shorter when it's in the forum. Does the show need to be longer aswell?​
  7. Many impressive
  8. 1) yes, undefined
    2) pretty good work really. maybe have two big segments and a Darren Young/Bob Bucklund promo thing going on.
    3) They seem to be good
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  9. I'll read through after work there, bud. But I look forward to it.
  10. Great show. 10/10 would read/bang again
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  11. First of all, I am definitely a Qupid fan and I look forward to seeing more of this.

    Second, the match writing was good. I didn't have any problems following it. At most, maybe if someone is using a finisher that is a certain move, maybe state what move it is, since you have a lot of created guys and I don't know their moves. You did that sometimes, but other times I had to scroll up to double check their move. That is more of a nit-pick though, I liked the matches and they had some good spots.

    The promos were good and I look forward to learning more about their characters and how their feuds will advance.

    Also for the characters, you'll define them more as you go on. Since you have a lot of people you need to promo as, it should be no surprise that some may not be as "strong" for you as others. From what I can tell you are a good writer and I'm sure you'll get even better.

    And yes, yes I did answer those out of order.
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  13. Ayye nice but join The Underappreciated >.>
  14. ONOCanada2.png
    Pro Wrestling Articulated have released a statement on their website, ProWrestlingArt.TV. They have made a statement regarding the reaction of PWA: Kickstart and the plans for the upcoming One Night Only show in Canada:

    ''To The PWA Fans,
    We are delighted by the reaction PWA: Kickstart received. Our official numbers reveal that just over 8,000 people watched out show from all around the world. We thank the 141 fans who went to see our fighters live and we have sent you a package showing our thanks: A free entry ticket, available for use for any show between now and our Anniversary show, this time next year. Just input your 13-digit-code into the 'Redeem' section on the 'Order Tickets' section of our website and print your free ticket! We thank you for your support

    Next, we would like to announce that our next show, PWA: One Night Only - Canade, will take place in The Canada Games Centre. You can find the centre in Clayton Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Entry tickets can be ordered ''here'' at $8 for adults and $2 for Under-16s and for free if you wish to use your free pass! 200 seats have been allocated for the event, and it will take place on Sunday, August 21st at 8:00p.m Central Time. However, you will be granted access into the arena an hour and a half early

    At the show, at least seven fighters will make their debut. The Entourage (OEBA), consisting of Tenzi Vega and Tyson Snow, and Hydra, consisting off Hydra and The Peacemaker will both make their first appearances at One Night Only. Also appearing is An.E.Mal, who will be in singles action against the debuting D'Shawn De Niro.

    The Worldwide Sensation, Guernica, will also appear, although he is not scheduled for any in-ring action.

    The Sullivans, Shannon and Blake, will not appear at One Night Only as they recover from injury. The force behind their injuries, '400kg' Big Bruce Cooper, will face the debuting Jackson Finn.

    Finally, we would like to announce the stipulation for Yuri Yamashita's title challenge versus the reigning champion, Xandar Wolfe. We are pleased to announce that after Yuri's victory over Ethan Barnett in his #1 Contender's Match, Yuri and Xandar will face off in a Japanese Tables match! More information on this match will be revealed closer to the show.''


    Attached Files:

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  15. Ever wanted to know what our PWA Fighter's looked like? Introducing the first PWA: Photoshoot!

    (Note: My PS3 broke, So I only had these photos saved. I will try and recreate the other CAWs if it comes back, or else I may create JUST the faces in The Sims 3 or something like that)
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  16. where is Rick man
  17. ONOCanada2.png
    Coming this Sunday, 21st...​
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  18. ONOCanada2.png

    ‘Dare You’, the official theme song for One Night Only: Canada, plays throughout the Canada Games Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia as Pro Wrestling Articulated’s second show kicks off to 151 fans crowded into one section of the centre. A lights display flashes on the stage and a video introduction is played on the big screen above the ramp, before the arena lights up fully. The crowd let out a roar of approval.

    As usual, Maria ‘Boop’ Forde and Hazam ‘Burj’ Khalifa welcome the viewers watching the live stream on ProWrestlingArt.TV to the show. In similar fashion to PWA Kickstart, the two commentators give information that has been given to them about what is coming up in the show. They inform the viewers that The Golden Eagle, Guernica, who has taken The Americas by storm, will be appearing tonight; however the commentators do not know what circumstances will bring about his appearance.

    They have also been informed about a number of debuting fighters. An.E.Mal (who was revealed to be behind the video package shown at Kickstart) will be in singles action versus D’Shawn De Niro. The Entourage (OEBA) and their sub-group: Hydra, will also appear although they have no match scheduled as of the start of the show.

    Then, we are notified that The Sullivans will not appear tonight after the injuries they sustained at the hands of Big Bruce Cooper last month. Bruce, however, will face a debuting Jackson Finn match tonight.

    Finally, we are given a reminder of the stipulation for tonight’s PWA National Championship bout between Yuri Yamashita and Xandar Wolfe: A Japanese Table Match. ‘Boop‘ Forde informs viewers about the Japanese table, and the fact that it’s plastic support makes it tougher than traditional wooden tables.

    Once again, it takes a while for the crowd to calm down, but eventually the show begins.


    The crowd let out a chorus of boos as D-Rott comes out from behind the curtain. The California Gangster comes out clad with gold chains and jeans and rings all over both of his hands. He raises ‘’Ghetto God’s Right Hand’’ and receives more boos. He smiles, once again showing off his single golden tooth, before rolling into the ring, under the bottom rope.

    ‘Boop’ Forde gets a microphone, and D-Rott snatches it off of her, causing the crowd to boo and for ‘Burj’ Khalifa to start laughing hysterically. D-Rott waits for this continuous booing to stop but it keeps on coming. Eventually, D-Rott starts speaking over the boos:

    ‘’Shut up, God dammit! Shut the hell up!’’

    This plea for quietness only causes the crowd to boo even louder, a seemingly impossible feat.

    ‘’God dammit, you guys! You don’t know when to stop, do you? I’m right here in this ring, try’na make a point and you still won’t keep your damn mouths closed, can you?’’

    The booing keeps up, but eventually it dies down.

    ‘’Thank you. Finally, some peace and quiet in this world. No more unnecessary background noise coming from people who don’t know any better. You know, a lot of you people in the crowd share a lot in common with that bitch that handed me this microphone! Ya’ll fall under three categories: Hoes, skanks, and bitches!’’

    The crowd boo once again, and once again ‘Burj’ Khalifa starts laughing uncontrollably There is an audible slap of hand meeting face as ‘Burj’ lets out a hiss of pain. D-Rott continues.

    ‘’And then there’s the men in the vicinity. Pussies, who can’t handle niggas like me. People like that lame-ass Qupid, who swings his ass around all day before I get to kick it! Forward and backwards his hips go, until I put them down onto the ground. He walks around and thinks he’s a fighter, but in truth, he’s just a-’’

    D-Rott is interrupted by the sound of The Sexiest Man Alive. The crowd cheer as The Sound Of Sexy plays throughout the centre. After a while, the music quietens and a figure walks out from behind the curtain. It is Qupid, wearing a gleaming white tuxedo, complete with a white fedora. It is completely white, with not another bit of colour. He also has a white microphone in his right hand. He raises it to speak.

    ‘’There is no fighter here...’’

    The crowd cheer as Qupid trails off. Their hearts melt due to the soothing sounds of sexy that come out of Qupid’s mouth. He smiles as he raises the microphone again.

    ‘’It is I: Qupid, The God Of Love!’

    Qupid then whips off his pants, revealing his ring trunks. He then rips his t-shirt, revealing his toned si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack before tossing it into the crowd. He then makes his way towards the ring. As he walks, he flings his fedora like a Frisbee into the crowd. The God Of Love rolls into the ring and squares up to D-Rott, and Evan Hayes (who has recovered from the concussion received at the hands of Xandar Wolfe at the end of Kickstart) is forced to break the two up. He gets them both into their corners and calls for the bell. It looks like we have a match on our hands!

    The bell rings, and the two men circle the ring. Eventually, Qupid applies a headlock. D-Rott reverses this into a hammer lock, and then Qupid reverses that into an arm wrench, which then leads into a front necklock. D-Rott spins out with an arm wrench and goes for the clothesline, but Qupid ducks and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with the bridging pin. He gets a two count. Qupid tries to pick up D-Rott, but The Gangster tackles him into the corner. D-Rott then starts hitting some hard strikes to Qupid’s mid-section before sending him into a seated position with a hard right hook.

    D-Rott then runs to the opposite corner before charging and hitting a grizzly looking face wash. The Calafornia man then wastes no time in picking up Qupid and l hitting him with a hard chop, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a running elbow to Qupid’s beautiful face. D-Rott then bounces off the ropes again, jumps over Qupid who has turned onto his stomach, and then ducks under Qupid who has jumped into the air! Qupid hits a powerslam!

    [Qupid tries to take control of the match, but gets distracted with his sexually appealing taunts. Despite his strikes to D-Rott’s head and a nicely executed hurricanrana, Qupid cannot keep control of the match. D-Rott takes control again after he reverses a springboard Crossbody attempt into a gruesome gut buster.]

    [D-Rott starts to dominate with his fists, and surprisingly enough, referee Evan Hayes allows the match to continue despite the rings and gold chains all over D-Rott’s arms and hands. Eventually, D-Rott throws Qupid over the top rope to the outside. D-Rott then hits an axe-handle from the top rope to Qupid on the outside.]

    [D-Rott continues to beat Qupid on the outside. He sends The God Of Love into the over the barricade into the empty area just infront of the crowd. They brawl for a while before D-Rott hits a snap suplex on the outside. He milks the count at 18, but by the time he gets back out of the ring, Qupid throws himself over the barricade into D-Rott, stunning him.]

    [The two continue brawling on the outside, until D-Rott sends Qupid face first into the ring post, and then hits a running dropkick into Qupid’s head, crushing his head between the post and his boot! D-Rott then bundles Qupid into the ring and enters the ring himself at the count of 14.]

    D-Rott leans against the ropes as he waits for Qupid to get to his feet. Qupid rises, and D-Rott goes for the Flipping Neckbreaker, but Qupid moves away and D-Rott lands on his feet. D-Rott turns and goes for a right hook, but Qupid ducks and sweeps the leg of D-Rott! D-Rott crawls towards the corner and tries to get to his feet, but Qupid hits a huge Corner Shining Wizard! Qupid hops down from the second rope and then hits an STO! Qupid goes to the opposite corner of the ring before charging, jumping over D-Rott and doing a handstand on the top rope! He’s going for The Bow Of Love, but D-Rott kips to his feet and pushes Qupid onto the apron. Qupid manages to hold onto the top rope, but D-Rott hits a hotshot which sends him stumbling down the steel steps to the outside!

    However, Qupid then rolls back into the ring quickly. He charges at D-Rott and swings wildly, but D-Rott hits The Backdoor Entry! D-Rott gets up as Qupid writhes in pain. Qupid ends up getting up, straight into the arms of D-Rott! D-Rott goes for The D-Rott Driver, but Qupid sandbags, and hits a snapmare!

    Both men get back to their feet and D-Rott tries to charge down Qupid, but The God Of Love sends him chest first into the corner. Qupid quickly hits D-Rott with a forearm to the back before lifting D-Rott to the top rope. Spider Suplex! German Suplex off the top rope, and Qupid hooks his legs around the top rope to stay on the turnbuckle! Qupid secures himself and looks down at D-Rott and starts shaking those hips! He’s going for The World’s Sexiest Splash! He jumps, but D-Rott rolls out of the way! Qupid holds his stomach as he gets to his feet, and for the second time tonight D-Rott goes for the D-Rott Driver! He’s in the back suplex position. He lifts Qupid, but Qupid flips onto his feet! He goes for the roll up! 1-2-3!

    Qupid wins! He rolls out of the ring and tries to escape quickly, but a shocked D-Rott cuts him off and hits him with a hard clothesline on the outside! Qupid has won the match, but D-Rott wants to kill Qupid! D-Rott gets Qupid back into the ring and collects a chair. D-Rott slides into the ring and drops the chair. He goes for The D-Rott Driver for a third time, and it connects! Qupid lands head first onto the steel chair!

    As if that is not enough, D-Rott picks up the chair again...and climbs to the top rope with it! Instead of raising his right hand, he raises the chair. ‘’Ghetto God’s Steel Chair!’’, right to the unprotected face of Qupid! He’s done!

    Jamal Maharaj of the PWA Medical Team gets into the ring to assess Qupid as D-Rott heads down the ramp.


    We return to our commentators, ‘Boop’ Forde and ‘Burj’ Khalifa. They both express their disbelief that Qupid managed to pick up the victory against the odds; however they both agree that D-Rott is the stronger, more brutal fighter. They note the brutality of his post-match assault before concluding that they will see more of this feud in the future as it continues to rage on.


    The arena goes dark for a moment as all of the lights shut off. Some of the younger members in the crowd start screaming, but these screams a quickly wiped away by a huge round of cheers when a quote appears on the big screen:

    ‘’There are two qualities in a champion: respect and grace.’’

    This cheering becomes even louder as a famous theme song plays throughout the arena. Eventually, Guernica bursts out from behind the curtain! The Golden Eagle, who has captivated audiences worldwide, is making an appearance in Pro Wrestling Articulated!

    ‘Boop’ Forde talks about Guernica, noting that he is the oldest active competitor on the roster at 26 years of age. Despite all other PWA Fighters coming from The PWA Training Camp, Guernica was trained from a young age by his grandfather in Tijuana at Ica’s Lucha Libre. The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre is best known for his time in Next Generation Wrestling, but has signed on to make regular appearances in PWA.

    The Savior slaps the hands of outreaching fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He then enters the PWA Ring and climbs one corner, hyping the crowd some more, pointing to the sky. ‘Burj’ Khalifa hands Guernica a microphone and El Salvador bows to ‘Burj’ prompting a humorous conversation between our two commentators when he returns to the commentary table.

    Guernica begins to speak once Maria and Hazam stop their casual banter and once the crowd have calmed down:

    ‘Buen Dia, my friends.’

    Guernica’s usual opening is met by cheers from the fans.

    ‘It’s been some time since I decided to set foot inside a new ring, but today is the day that I decide to change that. In doing that, I have come here: to Pro Wrestling Articulated: Where the stars of tomorrow are showcased today, all across the Americas. I can show my ways to these future stars, and help them to become the best.’

    ‘Some of them don’t need help. I’m very sure that some of you have already come across a certain Asian fighter that shares some common beliefs with me. He goes by the name of Yuri Yamashita.’

    The crowd pop at the mention of their fan favourite Asian, who will be taking on Xandar Wolfe later tonight.

    ‘If there is anybody in this company who I can choose to respect right from the start, it’s Yuri. It’s not often that I meet somebody that shares how I think and battles to keep the traditions and purity of the ring. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.’

    ‘So, where me and Yuri share a common ally, we also share the same enemies. Unfortunately, that means that I must also move on and talk about another person in this business. A person who seems to fit the exact description of some of my past opponents. His name is Xandar Wolfe, an-‘

    Guernica is cut off by the large amount of booing that has suddenly started at the mention of The PWA National Champion.

    ‘Si, I know. It’s a sensitive topic. I must comment though, because Xandar’s crowning at PWA Kickstart was the exact thing I was supposed to prevent in other companies. ‘The corrupt owner taking over the company, giving the cocky champion an easy way out.’ Everything that I have hated in my career, once again comes before me.’

    ‘But I know that people like Yuri always come out on top of people like Xandar Wolfe. That’s because people like Xandar Wolfe ar-‘

    The crowd give off the biggest boo of the night (atleast until the main event) as Xandar Wolfe appears at the top of the stage. He stays at the end of the ramp and does not make any attempt to -go down to the ring. Instead, he takes a microphone out of his black-leather jacket and raises it to his mouth. He begins to talk to The Golden Eagle:

    ‘You know, Guern? Actually, before saying anything else, I would like to welcome you to ‘my’ ring, and congratulate you on your prolific career. You’ve gone around the world, and spread the word of traditions and purity, which is honourable, considering you’ve never won a single meaningful piece of gold in your entire lifetime.’

    The crowd boo at their champion’s total disrespect for a clear legend of the wrestling business. A soda can lands at the feet of Xandar, who takes a single step back before speaking again:

    ‘But as I said, you are currently standing inside ‘my’ ring. Since this ring belongs to me, it follows my rules. My #1 rule is that anybody who I deem unworthy of being in that ring, should not be in that ring. I think you fall under that category quite well, don’t you Guern?’

    ‘I think it’s about time you left; unless you want to fight?’

    The crowd pop at the opportunity of one of the greatest fighters in The Americas fighting live tonight infront of them.

    ‘Heh heh, I see it in your eyes! You do want a fight! Don’t you!?’

    ‘Yes!’ chants start breaking out in the crowd.

    ‘This is all turning out quite nicely, ain’t it? You know, it’s very convenient that you have come out here in your full ring gear, ready to jump into action at any time, in order to be the hero for these fans. So Guern, are you ready for your action? You want to be the hero? You want to save the day? Well, I’ve got a friend who is ‘very’...’pro-active’. He wants to fight whenever he can, so I think it’s about time he got what he wanted.’

    ‘Good luck, Guern. You’re going to need it against this guy.’

    Xandar turns around and smiles. As he heads for the curtain, a theme song starts playing throughout the centre.

    The crowd start booing once again as they recognize the theme song of ‘The Hardy Sham’ Ethan Barnett. Barnett and Wolfe share a glance as they walk past eachother, and Xandar gives him a pat on the back before going backstage. In the ring, Guernica starts warming up in one corner, getting ready for his match.

    As Barnett makes his way towards the ring, ‘Boop’ informs the audience that Barnett was quite annoyed about his loss to Yuri Yamashita at Kickstart, and that he looks to redeem himself in this upcoming match. ‘Burj’ agrees with this.

    Suddenly, Ehtan charges into the ring and lunges at Guernica, only to pull back at the last moment. Guernica doesn’t flinch, but he does retreat into the adjacent corner. PWA’s Secondary Referee, Alexa Van Der Ewell gets the two competitors into their respective corners before she calls for the bell.

    This time, Barnett lunges and keeps Guernica in his corner. He starts hitting some stiff, closed fists into Guernica’s midsection. Eventually, Guernica hops between the middle rope and twists onto the apron, away from Barnett. The Irishman tries to reach over the top rope to grab Guernica, but The Golden Eagle springs over Ethan’s head and hits The Sunset Flip! Guernica rises to his feet and hits a strong roundhouse to the side of Ethan Barnett’s head as he tries to get up. Guernica then bounds off the ropes and hits a splash, but he only gets a 1.5 count.

    Guernica applies a front necklock and gets Barnett to his feet. The Golden Eagle quickly transitions into an armwrench before Irish Whipping Barnett. Guernica goes for the spinning heel kick, but The Hardy Sham ducks it and hits a German Suplex. Guernica ends up in a seated position in the corner, and Barnett bounds off the ropes and goes for a dropkick to Guernica, but The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre jumps to the top rope (into the lying cross the top rope position), and Barnett legs both go either side of the ring post! Ouch! Guernica tries to get his balance on the top rope...and hits a double foot stomp onto Barnett’s sternum! The Savior pulls Barnett from the corner and goes for the cover! 1-2-2.2! Barnett kicks out!

    [Guernica tries to keep up the tempo with his kicks and slaps, but Barnett ends up regaining control. The Irishman uses his own strikes before hitting a big Samoan Drop, followed by a double foot stomp to the chest of Guernica. He gets a 2 count, but continues dominating with his fists. He hits some more high impact moves: A big boot to the outside, a tackle into the steel steps, and a DDT onto the concrete. However, Guernica escapes an Oklahoma attempt via the back door, and scrambles back into the ring on the 17 count. Barnett quickly follows.]

    [That escape turns out to be the turning point for Guernica, who hits his Guernica Special (Forarm Smash, Followed By A Shoot Kick, And Then Finally A Spinning Heel Kick), and starts a comeback. He hits a Japanese-style overhead arm drag before hitting three consecutive snap suplexes. However, when he goes for his Golden Savate Kick, Barnett ducks it and gets Guernica into a powerbomb position. Guernica counters with a Yoshi Tonic, but Barnett is fast to his feet, and ends up hitting a huge clothesline as Guernica returns to his feet.]

    [The tide turns again as Ethan Barnett once again takes control. He wastes no time in targeting Guernica’s legs, stomping on them at any free moment. After he impairs Guernica’s walking ability (for the time being), he pins Guernica’s arms down with his knees and starts Grounding And Pounding. Eventually, Barnett lets Guernica have some breathing room and lets him get to one knee, only to hit his signature curb stomp! Barnett tries to follow this up with G.N.G.B (Good Night God Bless, incase anybody was curious), but Guernica wiggles out and hits the Twisting Tiger Suplex that he calls The Tijuana Twist. He also applies the bridging pin, but only gets the two count.]

    [Guernica heads to the top rope and goes for The Dive, but Barnett rolls out of the way. Barnett quickly gets to his feet and hits a devastating punt kick to the side of Guernica’s head. This time Barnett goes for The Barnett Buster, but Guernica escapes after hitting a few elbows to Ethan’s head. He then hits a calf kick, which leaves both of them down on the canvas.]

    Both men are down on the canvas, and Alexa Van Der Ewell is starting her count down! If she counts from 10 to 0, this match is a non contest! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! Guernica has gotten to his feet with the help of the ropes! Barnett is on his knees and Guernica charges. Shining Wizard! Guernica goes for the cover! 1-2-NO! 2.75!

    Guernica gets up unfazed, and points his two hands to the sky. He moves into one corner and crouches, motioning for Ethan to get up. The Irishman slowly rises, and gets to one knee. Guernica goes for The Golden Kick, and connects! The force off that kick brings Barnett to his feet, but he’s groggy. The commentary team believes that he doesn’t know where he is at this moment in time! Guernica kicks Barnett in the gut and hooks his arms! He goes for Tijuana Thunder, but Barnett sweeps his legs and goes for the leverage pin! 1-2-3! No wait, Guernica kicked out! 2.999!

    Barnett has no time to be shocked as he quickly rises to his feet to finish the job. He goes for a wild clothesline, but Guernica ducks it! Barnett turns quickly...straight into another Golden Kick from The Golden Eagle! Barnett goes limp and falls to the canvas, and Guernica applies the Arm Trap STF! That’s Yuri Yamashita’s finishing move, The Endorokku! Barnett taps out, and the crowd goes wild! Guernica is our winner!

    As ‘Lord Of The Land’ plays and Ethan Barnett rolls out of the ring, Guernica celebrates. He goes to the two crowd-facing corners of the ring, and raises his hands to the sky in typical Guernica fashion.


    As Guernica celebrates his win, we return to our commentators. They discuss Guernica’s win, citing his trademark qualities and traits: skill, speed and technique alongside his passion, will and courage. They also note how he won with Yuri Yamashita’s finishing move, The Endorokku. They then move onto Ethan Barnett’s good showings, but hard luck in recent times. They conclude that Barnett has a future in this company, but he needs to starts getting the results to go his way if he wants to get any creditability.

    After that, the two then announce that they have just received word that El Muerta Negro will face the debuting Mystere Murphy, since The Wandering Widow is supposedly injured.


    The crowd start to boo as they recognize the theme song of ‘400kg’ Big Bruce Cooper. The Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet slowly makes his way onto the stage from behind the curtain, with his bright orange MEGAphone. He makes his way heavy-footedly down the ramp. He throws the megaphone into the ring before making his way up the steel steps and into the ring over the top rope.

    The boos continues as BBC picks up his megaphone and starts shouting through it:

    ‘’Yeah, ya’ll here me now, don’t yah!?’’


    ‘’Aw yeah, yah hear me! Loud and clear, buckos!’’


    ‘’Last month, at that Kickstart Pay-Pah-View, I showed ya’ll that there’s nobody that can stop Big Bruce Cooper! Not Shannon Sullivan, not Blake Sullivan, and not both Shakin’ Sullivans combined. Ya’ll saw that, didn’t yah!? Aw yeah, yah did!’’

    ‘’Yah see, sonnies, I’m the biggest man in wrestling. Nobody heavier than Big Bruce Cooper, 400 kilograms of brutality, yah hear me!?’’

    Boo Status: Loud

    ‘’Ya’ll still don’t believe me, do yah? I’m here tonight to show ya’ll that there ain’t nobody on Earth that can put Big Bruce Cooper down! That’s a fact, smallies! Ya’ll hear me!?’’

    As the prolonged booing continues, a new theme song plays. Out comes the debuting Jackson Finn from behind the curtain, with lots of energy. The Scotsman quickly makes his way down the ramp to a small number of cheers. Back at the commentary table, ‘Boop’ Forde informs us about The Scottish Purebread, saying that Jackson’s involvement proves that PWA’s Training Camp has influences all around the world, from The US & Mexico, to Asia, to Europe.

    Finn rolls into the ring, only to hastily exist it when Big Bruce Cooper tries to start the match early. Cooper shouts some undistinguishable profanity at Jackson, who circles the ring. Bruce tracks Jackson around the ring, but eventually Evan Hayes forces BBC into his corner. Jackson enters the ring and stays in his corner until Evan Hayes calls for the bell.

    As the bell goes, Finn bursts out of his corner and starts landing some kicks to Cooper’s torso. However, Cooper soaks up the kicks and shoves Finn, sending him flying to the other side of the ring. The Scotsman quickly picks himself up and charges at Bruce again, but he gets hit by a hard shoulder block. Jackson hits the ground hard. Bruce grabs Finn by his hair and picks him up, before lifting Finn high into the air and planting him with a Modified Spinebuster! Bruce then bounces off the ropes and goes for a quick 400kg Senton, but Finn rolls out of the ring before Cooper can hit it.

    Jackson takes a moment to recover on the outside, but doesn’t notice BBC get onto the apron behind him. Jackson turns, and Bruce throws his 400kg frame at Jackson! The Scottish Purebread is crushed under the weight of Big Bruce Cooper.

    [Cooper tries to get the count-out win and taunts the crowd, but doesn’t notice Finn enter the ring on the count of 16. Finn attacks from behind and continues hitting his quick strikes and manages to get Cooper groggy in the corner after hitting a stiff Enziguri. Finn steps onto the second rope and starts raining fists down on BBC, but BBC gets underneath Finn and gets him into The Electric Chair Position. Finn blesses himself as Cooper falls back and hits The Electric Chair Drop! Bruce then succeeds in hitting the 400kg Senton, and gets a two count.]

    [Bruce starts hitting some high-impact moves. He hits a Scoop Slam, followed by a Standing Splash, once again getting a two count. Bruce does not let this get to his head, and looks like he is enjoying himself as he grabs Finn from behind and hits a HUGE German Suplex, which sends Finn head over heels before eventually, he lands in a seated position in the corner. Bruce goes for the typical Samoan Hip Attack, but Finn once again exits the ring under the bottom rope. Bruce hits the turnbuckle hard and winds himself. Finn climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick, which sends BBC to the floor]

    [The commentators note that that was the first time all match that BBC went off his feet due to an attack by Finn. Finn applies some submission holds, and keeps switching them up. He first applies a necklock with his legs, before applying a Fujiwara Armbar, and then a sleeper hold. As Bruce ends up getting to his feet, Finn applies a body scissors aswell as the sleeper hold, but Bruce runs into the corner and squashes Finn. Jackson releases the hold, and as he stumbles out of the corner, gets planted by a huge Samoan Drop!]

    Big Bruce taunts the crowd after hitting that huge move. The crowd boo The Heaviest Wrestler On The Planet as he shouts insulting slurs at the audience. Big Bruce Cooper picks up Finn and throws him over the top rope. Finn holds on, and dodges a wild swing by Cooper. Finn springboards and leaps over Big Bruce Cooper. Mr. 400kg turns...straight into The Souvenir! Huge forearm smash by Jackson Finn!

    Despite this being one of Jackson’s signature manoeuvres, this only sends Bruce to one knee. Jackson taunts Bruce, telling him to fall down. Eventually, as Cooper gets back to his feet, Jackson runs and springboards off the second ropes! He twists in the air and goes for The Springboard Clothesline that he calls Sunset! But wait! Bruce catches Finn! He applies the 400kg Squeeze. Finn roars in pain and he has nowhere to go! He taps out! Big Bruce Cooper wins!

    Big Bruce Cooper keeps The Squeeze locked in as Evan Hayes starts counting him down. On the count of four, he transitions the submission hold into the Oklahoma position! 400kg Slam! Hayes tries to stop Bruce, but the big man drags Finn into the corner. BBC steps onto the first rope and then onto the second rope as he prepares for The 400kg Rope Assisted Splash...

    But who is this!? Shannon and Blake Sullivan have entered the ring. Blake has a bandage around his knees (after they were crushed under BBC’s weight following a backstabber) and Shannon has a bandage around his torso (after pretty much everything that happened to him at Kickstart). Shannon springs off the second rope adjacent to BBC, and hits a frankensteiner! Jackson Finn rolls out of the ring and gets attended to by Jamal Maharaj from The PWA Medical Team.

    Shannon and Blake surround Big Bruce Cooper, and Shannon hits his signature Standing Moonstomp! Big Bruce grabs his midsection as he rises to his feet! Blake thinks about going for a Backstabber, but decides against. Instead he holds BBC in place as Shannon hits The Superkick! Big Bruce Cooper falls into a seated position in the corner!

    Blake holds BBC in place again as Shannon climbs to the top rope! Assisted Jersey Shore Jump #1! Coast To Coast! Big Bruce Cooper rolls out of the corner as Blake grabs the top rope and checks where Cooper is. He hits G.T.L! (Gym. Tan. Laundry!) The two brothers fist bump and go to opposite corners of the ring as their theme song ‘Ravers Fantasy’ plays. They start raving, and the younger members of the audience rave with them!


    As the local disco continues, we come back to ‘Burj’ Khalifa and ‘Boop’ Forde. They talk about Big Bruce’s Cooper obvious power and surprising agility, and how he was able to manhandle Jackson Finn easily. Then they discuss The Sullivans, who were meant to be injured (as seen by the bandages on Blake’s knees and Shannon’s torso). They conclude that it looks like The Sullivans hold a grudge with Big Bruce Cooper, and that BBC isn’t going to back down from their challenge.


    The arena dims and a video package starts playing on the big screen. It shows El Muerta Negro’s vicious assault on The Wandering Widow at PWA: Kickstart. The video emphasises Negro’s hard-hitting strong-style nature and his killer instinct.

    The arena brightens up again, and we see El Muerta Negro already in the ring. Also in the ring is the debuting Mystere Murphy. Alexa Van Der Ewell waits for Negro’s theme song, ‘’The Sounds Of The Shire’’ to stop playing before she calls for the bell.

    Muerta and Murphy circle the ring for a moment before Negro bursts out of his corner and immediately floors Murphy with a crocked arm lariat. Mystere tries to quickly get to his feet, but Negro gets above him and holds him down with his left hand while striking with his right. After a few hard hits to the face, Negro goes for the small package, but barely gets a two count.

    Negro keeps Murphy planted on the mat as he continues bringing down lefts and rights. Eventually, The Assassinating Luchadore brings Murphy to his feet, bounces off the ropes and hits a huge dropkick which sends Murphy flying across the ring onto the canvas, under the bottom rope, and out of the ring. Murphy tries to recover on the outside, but Muerta bounces off the ropes and jumps to the top rope. Murphy turns, straight into a Shooting Star Press from the top rope! Negro lands straight on top of Murphy!

    [Negro remain largely dominant throughout the match and the result never looks in doubt as Muerta continues his assault on the outside. After sending Murphy to the concrete with a powerslam, he hits The Coup De Grace running knee on the outside. Negro milks the count on 17, and continues to beat Murphy. He hits a gruesome DDT on the outside to, before stomping on Murphy.]

    [Negro throws Murphy into the ring, but PWA Medical Staff Member, Sergei Cislar, attends to The Mysterious Murphy. Despite referee Alexa Van Der Ewell’s concerns and pleas to call the match a no contest or a knockout victory, Murphy gets to his feet and wants to continue.]

    [The very second Van Der Ewell calls for the match to start, Muerta gets Murphy into the corner and starts hammering him with closed fists and touch kicks. As the referee separates the two, Mystere recovers again. When Muerta goes back to finish the job, Mystere spits The Mystere Myst into the face of Muerta! The burning red mist burns off part of Negro’s mask from the nose down to his mouth. However, the killer luchadore wastes no time in replying by sending Mystere over the top rope and hitting his signature Triangle Dropkick.]

    El Muerta Negro raises his two fists, much to the dismay of the watching crowd. Muerta goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope, continuing to taunt. However, the crowd pop and Muerta turns his attention to a figure who makes his way down from the crowd. It’s The Wandering Widow! He hops the barricade and jumps onto the announce table! The two mute luchadores start pointing at each other, rising eachother up.

    Eventually, Muerta does a slitting-of-the-throat motion. He turns his attention back to Mystere, who is trying to crawl into the ring. He pulls The Mysterious Man into the ring and hits his Killing Combination: An elbow drop, a knee drop, a fist drop, and finally a leg drop! Muerta then goes back to the corner and climbs to the top rope. He stares at The Widow and points at him once again before making another throat-slit motion and hitting The Black Death! Corkscrew Moonsault onto Murphy! Muerta goes for the cover: 1-2-3!

    Muerta quickly gets to his feet. He lets Sergei Cislar attend to Mystere once again as Negro turns his attention to The Wandering Widow. The two start aggressively pointing and signalling at eachother (‘’possibly ‘speaking’ sign language, who the hell knows?!’’ comments ‘Burj’ Khalifa). However, no brawl materializes.


    Yet again, the camera cuts back to Maria and Hazam at the commentary table. They talk about the ongoing feud between El Muerta Negro and The Wandering Widow. They ponder how two mute luchadores who cannot say a word to eachother can have such hate for eachother. They both consider the situation ‘interesting’ and look forward to their next encounter. They also briefly discuss that Muerta seems a lot more dangerous than Widow, and that The Widow will need to be careful in future.


    As we return to the ring, ‘Mayan Drums’ plays throughout the arena. Out steps An.E.Mal, standing seven feet tall. His scars cover his body and he bears a leather mask, as he slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Maria ‘Boop’ Forde tells us that An.E.Mal is an unknown entity, and nobody is really sure where he comes from. He shows dark tendencies and is a fiend from the nightmares of even the toughest people. Strangely enough, ‘Burj’ Khalifa agrees with her.

    An.E.Mal enters the ring, and heads to his corner. Already standing in the ring is the debuting D’Shawn De Niro, supposedly a distant relative of Robert De Niro. ‘Burj’ wonders out loud if D’Shawn has the same talent as his distant relative from Hollywood. ‘Boop’ replies: “Probably Not...”

    Alexa Van Der Ewell takes charge of her second consecutive match as she rings for the bell. D’Shawn cowers in his corner as An.E.Mal makes a bee line for the poor man. The commentators sense a brutal beating in his near future.

    An.E.Mal grabs De Niro’s head with two hands and squeezes. D’Shawn shouts in pain as he quickly falls to one knee and then to both knees. Then, An.E.Mal lifts him into the air and throws him across the ring. De Niro scrambles to his feet and raises his fists, only to try and retreat into the corner when An.E.Mal comes back again. An.E.Mal shoves The Movie Star into the corner and starts bringing some monstrous chops onto De Niro’s bare chest. After 10 of these slaps, An.E.Mal throws D’Shawn to the other side of the ring once again.

    D’Shawn tries to roll into a seated position on the apron to get some rest, but An.E.Mal reaches over the top rope and grabs D’Shawn by the cranium. The Monster lifts De Niro to his feet, before grabbing his head with both hands again...and taking a bite out of his nose! There’s a cut on the bridge of De Niro’s nose! As An.E.Mal tosses D’Shawn back into the ring, the referee, Alexa Van Der Ewell, watches on without taking any action.

    De Niro gets to his feet once again, but An.E.Mal quickly lifts De Niro into the air before hitting a powerful Predator Press. The Nightmare then bounces off the ropes and hits a huge splash! An.E.Mal goes for the cover, but rolls away at two, deciding to continue to the fight. De Shawn shakes his head as he rises to his feet, and he stumbles groggily into An.E.Mal, who hits a huge Death Roll! Overhead-Belly-To-Belly Suplex!

    That move sends De Niro out of the ring and to the floor. An.E.Mal simply stands and waits, as Alexa Van Der Ewell starts counting De Niro out. In a possibly stupid decision, De Niro decides to re-enter the ring instead of quitting while he is ahead. On the 19 count, he rolls back into the ring and starts crawling towards An.E.Mal. He grabs at The Dark Souled Demon’s knee, begging for mercy. An.E.Mal lifts De Niro up by the hair, and quickly hits The Dark Soul Slam! Wrestling Hero Angle Slam connects!

    An.E.Mal decides against going for the cover, and once again simply stands and waits for D’Shawn to get to his feet. D’Shawn remains motionless on the floor, but An.E.Mal simply stares. After maybe a minute, De Niro twitches and starts rising to his feet. Tired of waiting, An.E.Mal springs into action and hits his second finishing manoeuvre, The Dark Soul DRIVER! Reverse Death Valley Driver!

    An.E.Mal goes for the cover. 1-2-3!

    The Mayan Drums play again as An.E.Mal stands. He stares at De Niro as he lies on the canvas, unconscious. Kelechi Mvovo from The PWA Medical Staff attends to The A-Lister as An.E.Mal exits the ring over the top rope and walks down the ramp without looking back.


    For the last time tonight, the camera cuts to the commentary table. ‘Boop’ and ‘Burj’ both speak highly of An.E.Mal’s in ring ability, and note the swiftness of his win.

    They then announce that they’ve been informed that The Entourage (OEBA) and Hydra have still not arrived at the centre, and it looks like they will not make their debut here after all. After this, they say that The PWA National Championship match between Yuri Yamashita and Xandar Wolfe is next.


    The arena quietens down as the fans eagerly wait for their main event.

    The Canadian crowd start to boo as Xander Wolfe walks out onto the ramp from behind the curtain. The PWA National Champion shadow boxes on the top of the ramp as the championship belt hangs from his shoulder. He then grabs the belt and raises it into the air, much to the disapproval of the crowd. Xander mouths at a few fans as ‘Boop’ Forde talks about his controversial crowning at ‘Kickstart’. ‘Burj’ believes that Xander is the right man to carry the company forward. Xander circles the ring and before entering, handing the PWA National Championship to the referee, Evan Hayes.

    The audience then start to cheer as The Japanese Challenger, Yuri Yamashita, bursts through the curtains with energy. Yuri moves across the stage before making his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans in similar fashion to Guernica (‘Boop’ Forde notes that Guernica defeated Ethan Barentt using Yuri’s Endorokku earlier today). He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and heads of to Xander, as the two confront eachother, getting a reaction from the crowd. Evan Hayes separates the two into their respective corners.

    ‘Burj’ Khalifa enters the ring with a microphone:

    ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a JAPANESE TABLE MATCH, and it is for THE PWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!’

    The crowd cheer. Evan Hayes moves into the centre of the ring and shows the championship belt to all four sides of the ring before retreating into the background.

    ‘The only way to win this to put your opponent through one of the provided Japanese Tables!’

    ‘Introducing the challenger: from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at 191lbs! YURI YAMASHITA!’

    Yuri walks into the middle of the ring and raises his two hands, shouting, hyping the crowd up. The crowd respond with a chorus of cheers for The Energetic Man From Japan. Yuri returns to his corner...

    ‘And his opponent: from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 247lbs, he is The PWA National Champion! XANDER WOLFE!’

    ‘The Pack Leader’ makes his way to the centre of the ring and raises a single fist, soaking in the boos. As he returns to his corner, ‘Burj’ Khalifa returns to the commentary table, bringing the PWA National Championship with him. Evan Hayes waits for the two fighters to get to their corners before calling for the bell! Tonight’s main event gets under way!

    Yuri and Xander circle the ring as the crowd roar. Eventually, Xander moves forward and starts hitting hard punches into Yuri’s head. Xander quickly gets Yuri into a corner and starts battering him with closed fists to the torso. Xander takes a few steps back and charges, but Yuri raises both feet into Xander’s head. Yamashita jumps to the second rope and jumps. Xander turns...straight into a strong dropkick!

    Yuri kips to his feet quickly, as does Xander. Yuri grabs Xander’s arm and twists it before applying a hammerlock. Xander takes a knee and pulls, dragging Yuri over his head. Both men rise to their feet again, but Yuri runs straight into the elbow of Xander Wolfe. The Pack Leader bounces off the ropes and lands a running splash! Wolfe goes for the cover, but gets a two count.

    Yuri quickly rolls away and uses the ropes to quickly lifts himself to his feet. Xander does the same on the opposite side of the ring. Xander is the first to recover fully and charges at Yamashita. Clothesline! Over the top rope and to the outside! Xander goes into hype mode on the outside of the ring as he shouts at the crowd, who boo Xander in return.

    [The brawl continues on the outside. With no count out, both fighters go at it for an increasingly long length of time. They trade blows, and the momentum shifts sides. Xander repeatedly smashes Yuri’s head against one of the Japanese Tables outside the ring, only for Yuri to shove Xander into the apron and start chopping him in the chest. Then, Xander ducks one of these chops, gets behind Yuri, and pins him against the apron; hitting him in the torso with closed fists.]

    [Eventually, Yuri fights out and hits a hard open handed slap to Xander’s face, before shoving him into the side of the announcer’s table. Yuri then leans one of the tables against the announcer’s table before lifting Xander to his feet and lines him up with The Japanese Table. Yuri hops onto the apron and leaps, hitting The Doragon Muchi; however the table remains firm. Yamashita then tries to tackle Xander through the table, but once again it holds firm.]

    [Yuri brings out a steel chair from under the ring and swings at Xander, but The PWA National Champion ducks and drops The Amazing Asian with a hard right hook. Yuri falls against the leaning table, and Xander tries to shoulder charge him through the table, but The Internet Sensation that is The Japanse Table holds strong. Xander gets frustrated, but Yuri fights back and sends Xander into the ring after hitting a huge series of slaps.]

    [Yuri takes a few moments to recover on the outside of the ring, but Xander gets up inside the ring. Yuri turns into Xander’s signature Suicide Dive, which sends Yuri flying against the side of the announce table. Xander applies a headlock, and tries to hit his signature headlock driver, but Yuri squirms out at the last moment. Xander turns straight into a Shi Kikku by Yuri.]

    [Yuri looks to finish the job using The Shima Doraiba, but once again, the table does not break. Yuri lies in shock as this table refuses to crack. Yuri runs to the barricade on the opposite side to Xander, before charging at Wolfe. Yuri leaps, but Xander catches Yuri, and lifts him into the fireman’s carry position! Xander’s Sabre!]

    [Avoiding the Japanese Table for now, Xander lifts Yuri to his feet and sends him over the barricade into the area where The PWA Production Staff have their equipment set up! Producers Drew Jackson and Jimmy King evacuate as Xander starts beating on Yuri with a camera. After a couple strikes to the head, Xander throws the camera away and grabs Yuri by the head, throwing him shoulder first into the side of the production van! Yuri clutches his shoulder in pain, but takes his eye off Xander. Wolfe grabs Yuri again and hits his signature Straight Jacket Spike DDT! Yuri gets planted head first on the bare concrete!]

    [Yuri is left very groggy on the floor as Xander snatches a cup of soda off a heckling fan. Xander shouts at Yuri, which seems to kick the challenger back into life. He starts hitting a variety of strikes on Xander, before hitting a huge clothesline which sends the two fighters back over the barricade to the ring area. Yuri lifts Xander and goes for the Shima Doraiba, but he doesn’t have the strength to lift Xander, who hits a suplex.]

    Xander looks very sore after that move, as does Yuri! Both men start crawling in opposite directions, and eventually, Xander gets to his feet and rolls into the ring. He lies on the canvas and it looks like he loses consciousness! Yuri takes a while to bring himself to his feet, but shows the battling heart that only the best fighters show! He rises and grabs the table! He slides the table into the ring before crawling into the ring himself.

    Yuri sets up The Japanese Table in the ring, and turns to Xander, who is still down. Yuri bends to pick him up...but Xander with the eye poke! Dirty Move! Yuri stumbles back against the table as Xander gets to his feet. Yuri swings wildly, but Xander ducks and lifts Yuri into the air! He’s going for a spinebuster-esque move, but Yuri forces Xander to let go after he hits a hard knee right to his sternum.

    Xander struggles to catch his breath and clutches his chest. Yuri takes advantage, and he hits a forarm smash, followed by a shoot kick, and then finally a spinning heel kick. That’s The Guernica Special! Yuri returns the favour after The Fan Favourite Luchadore used The Endorokku in his match with Ethan Barnett! This exchange leaves Xander struggling to get to his feet. Yuri signals...Shi Kikku! Xander stumbles backwards into the table, and Yuri lifts him ontop of the table! Yuri steps onto the apron and then onto the top rope! He’s going to win!

    But who’s this! Somebody enters the ring and strikes Yuri on the head! It’s not Ethan Barnett! ‘Boop’ Forde identifies this man as Tyson Snow! The Entourage (Of Extraordinarily Bad-Ass Anarchists) are making their appearance! Snow continues hitting Yuri before climbing to the top rope! He applies a front necklock and points at one of The Japanese Tables on the outside! He lifts Yuri’s arm over his head and hooks the leg! TWIST & SHOUT! TO THE OUTSIDE! THROUGH THE JAPANESE TABLE! IT BREAKS!


    The bell rings, and Xander Wolfe is awarded the match as he rolls off the table set up in the ring. However, another man, identified as Tenzi Vega slides into the ring. The crowd boo the terrorists who ruined this event as Tenzi lifts Xander to his feet and clutches both of his hands around his neck: VIVA LOS VEGA! Two-Handed Chokeslam straight through the table!

    Tyson Snow hits Twist & Shout from the top rope through a table on the outside and Xandar wins. However, Tenzi then Viva Los Vega’s Xandar through the table in the ring. Two more people enter the ring, indentified as The Peacemaker and Tesla, the two members of Hydra! The Peacemaker lifts Xander in the corner as Tesla goes to the outside to beat down Yuri Yamashita. The Peacemaker lays The PWA National Champion in the corner and moves to the other corner before charging and hitting Unforgiven! Yuri stumbles into Tenzi Vega who hits his second finisher, The Vegas Piledriver, on The Champion.

    On the outside, Tyson Snow and Tesla are either side of Yuri Yamashita. The (now unsuccessful) challenger charges at Snow, who hits his other finishing move: The Tuffuckin Kick! Yuri stumbles straight into Tesla, who hits The Tesla Shock! Double Arm DDT!

    The entire PWA Medical Staff come out to attend to Yuri and Xander (who rolls out of the ring), as Tyson and Tesla join Tenzi and The Peacemaker in the ring. They all put their fists together, much to the disapproval of the watching crowd. The show ends with The Entourage (OEBA) & Hydra united in the ring as the two commentators wish the viewers on ProWrestlingArt.TV ‘Good Luck’
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