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    For those who have never seen PWG or want a good steal on DVDs, defiantly wanna check out this deal! I got 3 of them last year XD

  2. Was looking about this earlier on actually. All I need now is to convince my dad.

    As for DVD's I was interested in: Seven, Eight, KurtrusselReunion 3, Curse of Guerilla Island and Failure To Communicate.
  3. Eh, I'd say get Guerre San Frontieres instead of Curse.
  4. I've actually already got Guerre San Frontieres somewhere in my computer.
  5. Ah, great show.
  6. Have yet to watch it, but I heard it was PWG's best show.
  7. Not gonna order from PWG directly. DVDs tend not to arrive.
  8. Really? I've only heard one experience like this.

    I've ordered from this 2 times and always get them fast and easy.
  9. On the verge of buying them.
  10. Tempted especially since its only 25 pounds for me, anyone know their UK delivery costs? thats usually how they hit you in the sack.
  11. you live in the states or outside? International orders tend to never arrive.
  12. I ordered TEN from the site and it arrived normal. Hopefully it's the same for tis.
  13. For this specific deal it's like 16 dollars which is like 7/8 pounds for you or something like that, it still comes out as a pretty good deal.
  14. Very good deal, How long does it last for? I don't have the cash now but will in a week or 2
  15. It doesn't have a specific end date, but better buy it soon.
  16. I'm us. Yeah, i can understand.
  17. For anyone not wanting to pay 40 and may just want one or two shows, or maybe other DVDs.. Highspots is doing 25% off all DVDs..

    keep in mind, they will more than lilely do 40% + off on Black Friday.
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