Other PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2013 (Aug 30th, Aug 31st)

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, Aug 29, 2013.

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  2. Steen and Taylor will be hilarious, I'm in for Gargano vs Willie as a MOTYC. That shit could be off the chain
  3. Gargano vs Willie will be good I think. Strong vs Fox is a sleeper for me and Nese vs ACH will be beast.
  4. Night one results:

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    PWG BOLA Night 1
    August 30 2013
    Reseda, CA

    More details pics & vids http://wp.me/p1rVA2-7FB

    Kevin Steen def Chuck Taylor via package pile driver

    Brian Cage def Tommaso Ciampa after a series of power bombs and a discus lariat

    Johnny Gargano def Willie Mack via GargaNO Escape

    Roderick Strong def AR Fox via Orange Crush Backbreaker

    Drake Younger def Joey Ryan via Drakes Landing on Legos that Joey brought into the ring

    ACH def Tony Nese via fisherman suplex DDT

    Kyle O'Reilly def Trent? Via cross arm breaker

    Michael Elgin def Rich Swann via Elgin bomb

    Adam Cole and The Young Bucks def TjP and Forever Hooligans via double super kick into a straight jacket German by Cole on TJP
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  5. Cole and the Bucks entrance night 1:
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  6. When is the DvD coming out?
  7. 40-50 days from today.
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  8. Night 2 results:
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    PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 - Night Two
    *Drake Younger defeated Brian Cage. Great opening match.
    *Johnny Gargano defeated Kevin Steen after he reversed an attempted Package Piledriver into the Gargano Escape and forced a tapout. Crowd was extremely hot for this and it was the match of the weekend thus far. William Regal was watching the match from the curtain in the aisle.
    *Michael Elgin defeated Roderick Strong via submission.
    *Kyle O'Reilly defeated ACH via armbar submission. Match of the night - even better than Gargano vs. Steen. Awesome stuff.
    *Joey Ryan & Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta defeated Willie Mack & B-Boy & Tomasso Ciampa. Great match with good balance of spots and comedy.
    *Michael Elgin defeated Johnny Gargano with a top rope powerbomb. This is just an awesome show.
    *Kyle O'Reilly defeated Drake Younger when Younger passed out in a guillotine choke.
    *Adam Cole & The Young Bucks defeated AR Fox & Rich Swann & Candice LaRae. Another fun match.
    BOLA Final:
    *Kyle O Reilly defeated Michael Elgin with a triangle choke to win the tournament. After the bout, The Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Kevin Steen formed a new heel group. Steen laid out Joey Ryan, Candice LaRae & Rick Knox with package piledrivers.
    An awesome weekend of wrestling.
  9. Steen is in the shit now, no man touches based god Knox and tells the tale.
  10. Looking forward to Steen vs mah man Gargano and mah man Gargano vs Elgin. Both matches said to be real good.

    As for the winner: SON OF A WHORE!
  11. Coolest news in my book out of this show is that Regal was there scouting during night 2. And the Gargano vs Steen match in particular as well :yay:

    And after watching the aftermath I'm warming up to O'Reilly since he seems to be creating a character. Something he has been lacking.
  12. DVD when?
  13. 3 years.
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  14. thanks for the info :s
  15. Holy shit that aftermath.
  16. Now now, this ain't Dragon Gate USA we are talking about here. More like 1 and a half.
  17. Trent vs O'Reilly should be good. Really like O reilly
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  19. Pre ordered, PWG > Life.
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