PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 discussion thread

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Here it is, the discussion thread for one of the biggest tournaments in independent wrestling. PWG's Battle of Los Angeles (aka BOLA). Here you can discuss the participants and the card of this big yearly weekend in independent wrestling.​
    I'll update the participants as they are announced.​
    Personally. Ciampa, Gargano, Nese, Trent? and ACH have me fricking giddy. I expect regulars like Cole, Steen and Younger to be announced next.​
    Discuss Bola, scumbags.​

  2. Kyle O'Reilly ( if he gets announced) is going to win this thing, calling it.
  3. I see O'Reilly vs Younger happening sometime this tournament. Unless Drake wins the belt at Ten.
  4. I should attend one of these some time.
  5. Do it. Shows are entertaining and crowd kicks ass.


  6. Badass.

    How often do they have these shows? Also, link to a website?

    It depends on the show but I think they run roughly every 6 weeks or so. There will probably be a longer break between shows after BOLA since it will be a two day event. The shows are run out of Reseda.
  8. I'll look into it, thanks.
  9. Awesome to see so many new entrants, but I've been calling O'Reilly for this since ASW.
  10. You'll get to see Joey Ryan as well.
  11. O'Reilly is man number 8.
  12. Might be going to Ten, which looks awesome. So does this, guys like ACH and Ciampa have me pumped for BOLA.
  13. LOL so many people called it
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