PWG PWG dream matches

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  1. They can be re-matches or whatever also but keep it to guys currently on the scene.

    I'll start with Richotecht and Rich Swann vs The Young Bucks

    With PWG's style of letting guys do what they want this would be the holy shit match of the year.

    Super Dragon vs Sami

    2 psycho mofos getting at it Guerilla warfare style, Dragon has to have one more big one in him..
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  2. Tozawa vs Steen again. Tozawa has grown so much since last time. Or bring in Shingo to take on Steen.

    Otherwise Gargano vs some ROH guys. People he wouldn't get a chance to wrestle otherwise due to Richards screwing up the relationship between DGUSA and ROH.
  3. Gargano vs Steen
    Gargano vs Elgin

    Potential is there, shame Generico left he could have had some great matches this year as well :downer:
  4. Gargano and Steen have already wrestled up in Canada in January. I think Steen won dirty.

    Give me Steen vs Del Sol for the hell of it.
  5. Yeah I remember you posted a thread about, why the fuck haven't I watched this yet?
  6. - Samuray Del Sol & Ricochet & Rich Swann vs. Brian Cage & Michael Elgin & Kevin Steen

    - Willie Mack vs. Rich Swann

    - Super Dragon vs. Sami Callihan

    - Brian Cage & Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon & Sami Callihan